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I am the third buyer of this template (only the third…)

I do like how this vCard has been coded! Clean and respectful of current standards web. Really good job!

I wish you a lot of sales :)

Hi Odepia,

Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the template.

All the best, jezh


Love you look of this template and I am very interested!

Only questions is (I am a newbie and apologies).

I’m assuming this is a stand alone set of files? ie does it need a CMS , DB, PHP , ASP, etc?

Thanks :)



Well, I’m not sure what you really mean, this an HTML template only, there’s no CMS functionality and the PHP used is for sending the message from the contact form.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards.

Hi Jezh,

Thanks for the swift response :) Cleared everything up and much appreciated.


Really nice looking template. I’m coding my own personal portfolio now, and I really wish I would have took mine in a similar direction as this. Nice job!

Hi Great theme ! Clear, Clean and easy to use Thanks

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Awesome work Jezh!

But a little request here: Could you do this for Wordpress as well?


How can I solve the problem of Turkish characters


..! ;(

How can I change the navigation on the work page in Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 etc… instead of using previous and next?

I like your theme! Awesome work!

I have a question for you. I just want to make this theme wider. How can I do that without getting any problem?


Hello !

I would like to buy this template but I’m wondering what system I should use. I know it’s a HTML template so do I must use it on Wordpress ? Blogger ? Tumblr ?

I guess each platform has its own specificities…

Thanks in advance.

Hi nzebiri,

you don’t have to use a cms platform to use this template. You can easily add the content by editing code using text editors such as Notepad++

Adding content is pretty straight forward, and much of it is covered in the help file provided with the template.

Best regards, Ivan

Thank you for your answer, Jezh ! So I guess I just need to edit the files and then publish them to the web.

Sorry for being a pain, but how do I do that ? I am a newbie.

Hi nzebiri,

Don’t worry at some point everybody started out as a “newbie” ;)

Just download Notepad++, open the files and edit the code. Replace the “lorem ipsum” text with your own, replace images with your own, links etc. To learn the basics go to http://www.w3schools.com/

When you’re done with editing use a FTP Client (like FileZilla) to upload your files to the web. I’m sure you can find tons of tutorials on the web on how to do that.

If you need any anything, shoot me an email through my profile page.

Best regards, Ivan


Quick question, I’ve been using this for more own portfolio for about 6 months now, and am getting some great results. Thanks for doing such a good job :)

My only question would be do you know a way to integrate Google Analytics onto it so I can see how people are using it?

I’m using analytics already and it’s picking up when people are on the site I’m just not getting any information like visit length, tabs clicked on etc…

Many thanks, Gyp

Hi Gyp, I’m happy to hear you’re finding 4Hire useful :)

As for Google Analytics, I never used them that much myself. All I do on my live sites is put the Google Analytics code and I retrieve ton of information but I never got too much into details so I really don’t what could be the issue (if there is any)

Best regards, Ivan

I changed my username in the twitter js file but it’s not working on the site. Also, the contact form works, but I’m getting A LOT of spam…is there anything you can do to help cut back or prevent some of the spam that comes through?

So it appears the tweet.js isn’t finding the proper URL . I’m seeing “Statuses” instead of “status” and even when I change that, it’s not getting the correct tweet URL (think …0001 is the actual tweet URL but this JS is displaying/calculating …0009 or something other than 1).

Please help. I really don’t want to ask for yet another refund because a theme is broken.

Hi SynGamer, I am terribly sorry for such a late reply.

The plugin I used for displaying tweets needs a bit of tweaking to work as there were some changes in the Twitter API (I’m guessing) .

Contact me through my profile page (via email) so I can send you the modified script.

Best regards, Ivan

What if I want to buy this theme but no nothing about web development?

Can you tell me who I can hire to set up the v-card drop in my copy/text and set it up on my host/server so I don’t have to do it?


Corey Los Angeles, USA 805 /722-8340

Question for you:

I want to buy your theme.

I have ZERO knowledge of coding and html and web development. Lucky I can blog on my free wordpress site.

If I buy the theme, can I hie you to set this up for me? Drop in some text/copy, my little headshot and skills where all I have to do is provide the FTP to the host/server?

If so, please let me know what you need from me.


Corey, FLorida, USA 805 /722-8340

How do I change the background images?

And, I would like to be using Google Analytics within the website, adding tracking code(s) etc. Is this possible?