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Best email template on here! It looks like all elements are “MC Edit” ready right? Cool Stuff

yes. thanks alot :-)

This seems to be some really cool stuff. I’m just unsure if it’ll work for me right now.

I don’t really understand what the issue is, but this file seems to get rendered differently for every mail account I check it on.

Googlemail for example just ignores some of the formatting leading it to render the first half of it indented as intended, then it squashes the rest to the left entirely, so that it just ends up looking really weird. It also seems to have some difficulties with the bit where you have the numbers in it, slightly below the “header” in the version 1 of this template. There it seems unable to render the whole thing. What it does do looks ridiculous.

1&1 webmail looks slightly better, but there the big social link bars come unglued and it renders lots of white space (different amounts as well) inbetween.

Outlook seems to work fine. I loaded the template into Outlook 2010 for testing and send it from there. I believe this might be an issue with Outlook 2010 rather than your template, but I’m not sure.

I can provide screenshots if you want to see this behavior.

Do you have any ideas for me?

I double checked it for you
and here are my comprehensive test results:
Inbox Previews
Gmail Preview
Outlook Preview

It works very well with all clients.

This is a great template and working with Robbie has been AWESOME!

Thanks Scott!

Hi Robbie (apologies if you got our message via the profile form but apparently noone has got them from us so wanted to make sure).

LOVE this file – each version in the download is the Mail Chimp one. Is their ea clean HTML version without those tags?

Thanks for the great file

Thanks. An InlineCSS within the “Regular” folder and A Mailchimp version in the “Mailchimp” folder.

Hi, thanks for the rapid reply – you can see here that both folders contain the MC version. Could we get an update.

Sorry to be a pain.

p.s feel free to flag this comment once you see the video – just wanted to make sure you saw we were not being stupid! Thanks agan