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Do you have a pricing page?

Hi, the pricing table will be on next update, maybe tomorrow, Thanks

very good theme, thanks

do I have options to show the blog with smaller images on the left or on the right?

Hi Friend, hope you are doing well :)

If you think about the Block of Blog in footer area, yes sure it can be changed to right or left, i will give you this support for free.



I have sent you an e-mail 2 days ago, hope you received it. Regarding Drupal Commerce for this theme.


Hi Friend, please next time, if you want fast support send email to:, Our support is 24/7 ;)

We will take care for your issue now.


Hello, i sent a few emails about the problem with greek open sans characters that are not displayed in any Browser. Please provide an answer if this issue can be fixed.

Thank you,

Hi Friend

I was working on your issue, the open sans font from Google, now support Greek font, i will add soon this on next update of site and on your current site.


during installation on server, I got this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function node_types_rebuild() in /home/content/72/10411372/html/includes/ on line 7409

Not sure what to do. . I’ve already created the db and configured the pw and un and server.

Please download the latest update of theme, we just fixed some bugs, and added new features,



well done, nice theme :) Thanks for the update, but please give a short description on how to properly update it.

Thanks a lot! Cheers BJ

Tomorrow will be an video demonstration, Thanks a lot

With the new version I am getting a different error:

PDOException: SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘xxx’@’xxx’ (using password: YES) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of xxxx/html/includes/ what should i do now?

check your user, dbname, pass and host.

Great theme, I have two questions:

1.) Is an WYSIWYG-editor installed?
2.) Can I use it with an already existing drupal website?

Thank you!

Hi, this website has latest ckeditor but you can download and install WYSIWYG-editor module easily. Yes this theme can be used in existing drupal installation. Thanks, if you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us:


Thank you for the great theme! I do have one problem though. The dropdown navigation for the main menu is not working. The drop downs only show for the page that you are currently on, none of the other menu items have drop downs even if that item has child elements. Is this something you have seen before? Any suggested solution?

UPDATE: Uhhh, nevermind, feeling pretty stupid now. The answer was right in front of me. I didn’t select show as expanded for parent menu items.

Thank You

Hi friend

I am glad you found a solution by yourself. Please, if you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us:

I see you can do “left sidebar and right sidebar” is it an option to do left & right sidebar?

Hi friend, this theme has option to show only one sidebar, in position left or right.

Thanks for your interesting!

Wish you all the best.

Hello, I have sent you an email, about problem with RTL and Multilingual Function 2 days ago, I’m still looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi sorry but we did.not recive any email from you. please email us here:

I sent u an email, you give a feedback like this:

Thank you for contacting Inspiro Media Support!

This email is confirmation that we have received your request and a Customer Support Specialist will be working to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Sometimes we have a lots of help requests. But we make every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible (most queries are answered within 3-24 hours).


(I will send it again if you prefer)

Hi, we got your email on spam, sorry for this. Our Customer Support Specialist will be working to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.


Hello, I am quite new at drupal. just wanted to ask that how can i setup a home page?

I created a page “home”, put some html content inside of it and check the options ” Promoted to front page” and ” Sticky at top of lists”. In addition, I fill the front page area with my page “home” into configuration > site information > frontpage.

After all, i got a front page with only a slider but it did not display my content.

Found some modules to assign a spesific front page, however, this time, i colud not display the slider and also a title area apperared.

Could you please help me to solve this problem? thx

Hi my friend, please use instructions on documentation how to use this theme, If you install the demo version, it will be easy for you to understand drupal how it works. Any way we will be in contant to help you, please sent an email at

Suggestion – create a form with Q & A including SEARCH option, so we can find some answers to problems that we encounter, modification that some may want to do, etc The comments on this page do not help & the instruction manual is great but does not have all the answers one may have.

Thanks for your suggestion, i will develop soon an Q&A.

HI Great theme but I’ve run into a problem. When trying to edit a slider using your very cool slider tool, I was adding text and got the following error

Recoverable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in image_get_info() (line 126 of /home/jigsawhp/public_html/includes/

I can no longer visit this page? **/admin/appearance/settings/pika

I also now get this error when viewing the site as annoymous.

Recoverable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in file_uri_scheme() (line 200 of /home/jigsawhp/public_html/includes/

please help!?


This theme seems to be very easy to use and full featured, so I’m very interesting. Before purchase I would have some questions please.
  • is the theme propose a widget to display our twitter feeds on the homepage for instance?
  • do you think it would be easy to integrate the theme with sugar CRM/ online chat room as olark or evolve to an e-commerce site ?
  • in the elements, have you got accordeons
  • from your opinion, do you think I would be able to create a page as this one for instance, with large screenshots and explanations ? Viewing the demo, I had difficulties to imagine how I could do that.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Please open a ticket by sending email to: Our Customer Support Specialist will be working to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.


Hello, I bought the theme but for some reason the layout ios not working correctly. Buttons and other objects are not correctly aligned (at least in admin pages) and/or with a different sensitive zone that the one that appears.

I made a request to support, 3 days ago but I have no news.

I’m a lot disappointed, did anybody experienced the same issue and has any tips for getting the layout working properly?

Thanks in advance.

Hi friend

We are so sorry, that you had to wait for three days, on this weekend we had lots of help requests. We will be back to you within two hours with an answer.


Thanks it’s solved now thanks to your support.

I also remark that Revolution Slider requires JQuery 1.7 to work properly (with JQuery 1.8 I can’t drag&drop layers anymore).

Following my previous message, the problem was solved thankls to inspiromedia support.

The administration theme Seven shall be enabled and used as drupal administration theme.

Apart from drupal core, what additional modules are required for this theme. I am referring to standalone installation.

Just sending out detailed mail. It’s related to modules requirement

I have now compiled a list of additional modules (based on files in sites/all.modules directory) . Just in case someone else may need to have the list of modules in text form – which can be used in drush to automate install on existing site, apart from other changes / mods.

Here it goes

Thanks a lot :)

Why all of the button overlay is blue?


You can change that on Theme settings > style options: Link Color.

Please, if you have further questions send email at


You mean all of the buttons could have the same hover color only? how is that even possible? some of them are not easy to read after hovering the mouse over them. i’m using Google Chrome and i see that in you’re Demo, all of the buttons hover color is blue!

Hi! On the demo website presents different elements: indicators, forms, icons etc. How these elements can be inserted on the page? (where I can see the code that corresponds to a specific element? For example: in order to use the indicator “Alerts” (We are the Silence. And Silence will fall!) you need to paste the following code: ”...”) Or faster and easier? )) Thank you in advance for your reply!

Hi, we are implementing the short-codes on 5pika theme, and it is on finial development phase. We will make soon an update of theme with new features and all short-codes which will make this theme more easier to use and build unlimited various webistes.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us at, wish you all the best

Thanks a lot