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cannot drag image layer and HTML layer in Slider edit mode. Why?

Hi please go to configuration > jquery update and set jquery version to 1.7 and Save configuration.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us at,

wish you all the best


  1. how to add a little arrow to know if there is submenu or not in menus.
  2. how to add subtitle in menus .
  3. how to edit views from front end not from admin panel.
  • and sorry if my question is so simple but it is my first theme in drupal.
  • thanks alot for your beautiful work,
  • hi please send us email to Thanks

    why did you tell me to send email to support , if support will tell me that there is no answer ?


    1. in Add-Layer: HTML/Text: is there also a solution to use PHP inside?

    2. I want to theme nice

    tags. Ho i can get access to thes tags in general?


    Hi Sagei

    In Add-Layer: HTML/Text you cannot add php code inside.

    Thanks, please if you need further support do not hesitate to contact us at


    there are some difficulties with multilingual support. 1. Footter blocks can not be translated.(cyr) 2.Rev Slider does not support cyrilic fonts. Using google cyrilic fonts thrue html tags makes them unresponsive.

    Hi friend

    Please go to Modules and navigate to Multilingual – Internationalization, enable module Block languages.

    For second question, send us your webiste url, at our email

    Many thanks ;)


    Wonderful design with great support

    All the bell and whistles for my new website without any knowledge of CSS or any coding. Be aware that any changes of the FEATURES BLOCKS should be done with PLAIN TEXT Editor. What I managed to mess up, I got super help to correct it. I am very happy that I invested to buy my design from inspiromedia company.

    First of all Thank you so much for this great comment! I am very happy that you have builded your new website with 5pika theme. I worked for about three month on this project and my top goal was to develop a theme, where our customers have opportunity to create their websites with an easy way and fast. I will add more features and will support 24/7.

    Thank you so much :)

    How to close or disable main menu block?


    You can disable by going to modules and disable menu module!

    Please if you need further support send email to:


    thanks alot,

    Hi, First of all, really like the theme. Second I am trying to make it completely multilingual, including the home page. So I want to create 7 home pages for the 7 languages. The way to do this is by making the block holding the slider language dependent, correct? So I define 7 slider blocks and show each one depending on the language selected. But how do I define the 7 sliders that goes into the blocks?

    Hi friend

    Thanks for purchasing 5pika theme. I understand you. You have to translate blocks titles and contents.

    Go to modules and enable Block translate and content translate modules.

    About slider, please send us email here we will help you further.

    Thank you

    Thanks for a subject! Everything is clear and qualitatively made.

    You are welcome, anytime you need help please do not hesitate to contact me at


    Hi, I couldn’t see any image when I click the add background image from the Revolution Panel. It is also not showing any image on the Gallery and Porfolio page. How can I get the images to show up?


    Hi Olu

    Please open an support ticket here:


    Hi ..

    Can I make a node including the image gallery, mean I want to make a post/node with gallery under by a texonomy term.

    Hi friend

    Sorry for the long time to answer your comment, but I was in vocation.

    Yes you can create easily node gallery, theme support s unlimited galleries.

    Thanks for your interest.

    thank you very much

    Please take a check my email that I contact from ur profile. I bought this theme in this morning. Thanks

    Good day Ardian,

    Great theme! I have a few challenges (For the record I installed the theme with demo content):

    Firstly, I am unable to display a website background of my choosing, the image uploads but it does not display. What is the cause? It seems not to be permissions related as everything else seems to work fine, and the permissions on the folder look correct.

    Secondly, for the contact map I would like to type the full office address, however when I do this it affects the code which is automatically generated from the business address. I notice though that the map defaults to the United States when it doesn’t recognize the address, so I am wondering if it is possible to change this default behavior so I may get the map to point to other co-ordinates or another location such as Barbados.

    Thirdly, how can I change the patterned background image which appears immediately below the slide show? I want to make it transparent, so that a website page background of my choosing can be visible through that region. Alternately if necessary how can I select a different image for that region.

    Fourthly, I cannot get the theme to display the sidebars, I switched the theme to boxed (this worked) but when I selected either left or right sidebar this setting does not stay activated after saving the setting. I therefore cannot save content to the region, when I do it does not display on the page.

    I also cannot get content to display in some other regions, for example the content region.

    Please assist as soon as you can.

    Best regards

    Adrian Millington

    P.S I sent this message to support over 3 days ago.

    I realized a few minutes ago that the below problem referenced above is a slightly different issue. The issue I just found is that I cannot get the sidebars to display on the home page (<front> page).

    ================Fourth Issue============= “Fourthly, I cannot get the theme to display the sidebars, I switched the theme to boxed (this worked) but when I selected either left or right sidebar this setting does not stay activated after saving the setting. I therefore cannot save content to the region, when I do it does not display on the page.”

    Hi friend,

    Sorry for the long time to answer your email, but i was in vocation. I replayed your email.


    Wouldn’t it be effective to create a forum or searchable area of issues so we could access it?, in stead of sending individual queries to support?

    I’ve been waiting for an answer to a question I sent for over 2 days now.

    Hi friend, thanks for your suggestions, we are working on it and soon will be online.

    Also, sorry for the long time to answer your comment, but i was in vocation.

    To be honest I sent you an email before two days, but something went wrong with my Gmail mobile. I just replied your email please check your inbox now.

    Thank you very much!

    thank you very much

    My install did not come with CKeditor or any other WYSIWYG editor. Current Drupal version is 7.23, the install comes with 7.22


    depends on type of installation profile, we included Ckeditor, please see if it is enabled in configuration/modules

    Please if you need further help contact me via


    a great theme with plenty of features and options, and last not least nice customer support

    Hi dear friend

    Sorry if i did not answered your email in time, but i was in vacation, we all need vacation sometimes!

    Every time i got an email from my customers for helping them i tried to do my best. Sorry if i could not help you with my instructions!

    Please any time you need help, email me at

    Wish you all the best Thank you!

    When will you release the update with search box and Drupal 7.23?


    This week will be released new update of theme also will include a new features: shopping, widgets, bug fixes etc



    something important is missing in your theme. your theme need register/login links in the header od the website. Look at the top of the norma theme it haves a login and register link that change to my account and logout when the user is logged.

    is it possible to add user links in the header of the theme? it will be good to have these links for members that don’t want to use the user menu block.

    sorry for my english :)

    Hi please add a user block from Structure > Blocks in to desired region.


    p.s If you need further help please email us here:


    I am installing the 5Pika on an existing site and I have even moved the pika folder to sites/all/themes folder and adjusted the Jquery to 1.7 – but the admin settings for the theme is not working – anything that has to be clickable does not work – fields, buttons etc works

    I am running on the latest version…

    Please direct me to a fix – a video or doc that can tell me what to trigger !

    Hi friend,

    Please change your default admin theme to seven! If still you got difficulty open a support ticket here:


    Hi Inspiromedia, where do I change the patterns on the theme?, Is it directly on the CSS file?

    Can you also please post here as soon as the theme update is available?

    thank you

    Hi friend

    You can change patterns of theme easily by going to Appearance > settings > 5 pika. Select tab “Layout” and click on Boxed layout > Patterns.

    Please anytime you need help do not hesitate to contact us at:

    Have nice day!

    Can I install the 5pika Drupal theme first on my local computer and after developing whole website can i move the same theme to live hosting means there is no problem with that?

    Hi friend, yes you can install local and move in to hosting server without any problem.

    See this great tutorial, i just found on youtube:

    Have nice day

    can i develop my website on different PC at a time locally so that my site get developed fastly using 5pika Drupal theme with regular license.

    Hi friend

    yes you can develop your website on your local pc fast and easy. And when you finish development you can move on your public domain.

    Thank you!