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Hi, the pricing table is not displayed correctly on mobile devices. With other drupal themes found on themeforest when we resize the browser page, the pricing table is resized automatically. Is it possible to adjust the css files for displaying the pricing table correctly?

Hi, I have purchased 5pika drupal theme i wanted to know how to set the size of images for example width and height while creating the new slide?

Hi Sunilpal, how are you doing?

This depends by you, we recomend you to upload image size with 1440×500 px

Wish you all the best.

Anytime you need help please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Thank you so much

can tell me the way how to do that means i have created one slide by using New slide option but when i looks it in to mobile then the image does not re size by itself what to do for this?

Hi, In The revolution slider my images are not resizing according to the window size means when i see it on the phone slider images are not shown to me.


Images on Revolution Slider should be resided according to the widows size. We tested it. Please open an ticket here: and send us your website let us check it.

Thank you very much

Hi Inspiromedia, how is the update release coming? Looking for a release date . . . thx

We have updated theme yesterday, please find Change Log & Updates for 5pika theme on bottom of page.

Thank you very much

Hi, Can we add buttons in the revolution slider of the this theme?


Yes you can, go to elements > buttons and copy paste the code of button, in layer of revolution slider.

Anytime you need help please do not hesitate to contact me at:


inspiromedia, are you available for paid custom work on this template?, If so please let me know where to direct my query.



Please open an support ticket here: and describe us your custom needs!

Thank you!

Hi Is this them built with bootstrap?

Hi, Could you please tell me what you mean about High Resolution: Yes How i can use this feature?

Hi, In Slider Revolution, i can not drog and drop text captions, it is not working. could you pls help? thanks


Go to configuration> jquery update > and set the jquery version to 1.7, save configuration.

Also check in Appareance the default administrator theme should be “Seven”

Thank you!

Hi inspiromedia I want to make my site COMPLETELY multilingual, that includes the home page and the sliders, I have already enabled all of the modules that come with internationalization, I have created my slides with Revolution Slider in ENGLISH, what is the correct process to create my slides in SPANISH (second language) and have the slider switch languages when the language switcher is clicked?

In the blocks area I see Panel Slider View: Panel Slider

Refine Slider View: RefineSlider

Don’t see revolution slider.

thank you.


Yes, please read instruction in documentation how to translate any string in to any language.

If you need further support please email as at:


Ok, that’s happiness. I didn’t know I had to use strings to translate the content on the Revolution Slider. It works great, may be adding a little note in the documentation under Rev Slider, to translate slider content = use = Home » Administration » Configuration » Regional and language » Translate interface, find strings.


Hi friend, the support guys, replied your email.

Please if you need further support please email as at:


Hi inspiromedia; I figured out to translate strings to change the language of the Revolution Slider. I added custom html styling to the text to match the fonts and colors used on the site. Now the string comes up with the html code I used, when I try to translate the text within the html code I get:

The submitted string contains disallowed HTML:

Empeñe ó Venda
 &nbsp Su Oro

How do I get around this?


Custom html code can not be translated please use font style on slider and translate text.



The way you have implemented the Entypo icon through use of the “i” / tag is breaking the HTML5 status and all the rich editors will strip the tag from the code…

This is especially an issue in the boxes blocks on the front page – so my question is how would I/you go about changing the way the icon is displayed through a “normal” css class naming convention ?

actually even the comment field here stripped it when I wrote it as a sample !!!!

Hi friend

The i tag is the standard of Gumby framework, i did not created by myself, please do not ckeditor when you edit icons.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact me at

wish you all the best


Good morning, I bought 5pika and I have a question on the slider revolution. How do I show dots in the slide to change them? Thank you.

Hi, yes you can show navigation

1. Open file in sites/all/themes/pika/template.php and go to line 191

change this code
with this

3. Save file, and clear drupal cache :)

Please anytime you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at


Thank you very much! Now I have this problem: i have 3 slide but the first bullet give blank, the second bullet give the first slide and the third bullet give the second slide. No bullet give the third slide…. How can I fix? Do I have to delete all and do again? Do I have to delete the record theme_pika_settings in variable table in database?

You are welcome, please send us email at, and we will help you further.


I send you already an e-mail concerning your html validation issues. Would like to emphasize again that you should put this on your priority list to fix and to update your code accordingly.

Certain errors can be overlooked due to the DOC Type used.

But in many cases there are errors which should not happen, like the missing end html body tags, some missing div end tags. Have gotten it down from an original 95 errors down to approx. 30 errors which is still to much and not a good representation for a theme on themeforest. The version of Slider Revolution is outdated too and needs an update, don’t know if we have to buy a new version or if you intend to supply a new version.

Hello again,

I have fixed all validation issues. Now it is 100% HTML5 validated.

Theme will be ready for update on next day or two :-)

Thank you very much for your help!

Great update looks perfect now, probably one of the only Drupal Themes which validates perfectly. thank you again for your great support

Thanks, please anytime you need support do not hesitate to contact me.

Excellent template !

Excellent support !

5 stars ;)

Thank you very much :)

I just rated this theme with 5 stars! I bought this theme with no experience on drupal and i’m really happy with it the support team replied all my questions within minutes and helped me out throughout the whole process of installation and building my website.

This author is the best, believe me it worth it every penny.

Thank you very much inspiromedia


I am glad you like the 5pika theme, and thank you for rating with 5 stars, i appreciate it.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact me,

wish you all the best

Hi, I purchased the 5pika theme and everything is working great except that when I translate the interface and content to Arabic (multi-language site). The text is right to left but the side bar is still in the right (menu and block also should be flipped to the left). The logo is aligned to the right. How can I resolve that? Best regards.

thanks, but the menu also should be flipped in the left side ( menu items too ), the logo to the right and footer block reversed .. ?

Wich language do you use? Please send me your website link in


The site is still in local, what can i do ?


Is this theme compatible with IE8?

Hi! Did u solve the problem with tabs, which are not functional in Safari? U need to add some code there… like Tnx

Hey Anry, how are you doing my friend?

Please check the html code of tabs becuase i can see that the tabs are working great on Safari. See this url in demo website:


just try by finger and u’ll see

Hello. Just finished manually installing the theme into my existing drupal installation (because my webhosting doesn’t allow custom installations to be done), and I have one question. In the file that I got when I purchased this product, there’s a folder called (Update to v2.2.0 (09.05.2013)). What do I do with that, and were am I to put those files (if I’m to do anything with them at all).

I’ve tried asking this question of through the support e-mail and they never answer my question with regards to what to do with those specific files.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks… otherwise, it looks like I have it installed and working. Looking forward to building my site. Don’t want to start however until I’m sure that my installation is complete.

Just received a reply from support on this… Apparently the release version they’re selling right now contains that version. Those files are only for people who have an older version and want to upgrade to current. Thanks support.

You are welcome friend, we all ready have answered your 6 emails within 16 hours ;)

Have nice day!

Do you have a demo of the commerce part? I like to see this before I buy the theme.

Hi friend,

Sorry my friend, but i do not have yet the demo version for commerce part.

Please send me an email here:, and i will immediately replay you with some screenshots from my local server.


Has anyone deployed this theme on their site that they’d like to share? Would like to see what other people have done with the theme on their websites… Anyone interested in sharing a link to their sites so we can see their handiwork?