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here we go: Work in progress, some parts still need some more content. Personally love the versatility of the 5pika Drupal Theme. Items can easily moved or modified with no difficulty at all. Its the first time that I work with Drupal and could not be happier with the 5pika theme.

Thank you very much for your kind words :)


I am running into an error with the slider:

1. Add Layer:Image

2. Says “New layer Image is created successfuly!”

3. However, no new image layer is visible

4. Site then has this error:

Notice: Undefined index: properties in pika_preprocess_page() (line 225 of /home/thegkol2/public_html/
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in pika_preprocess_page() (line 225 of /home/thegkol2/public_html/
Notice: Undefined index: properties in pika_preprocess_page() (line 231 of /home/thegkol2/public_html/

Thanks for the help!


Hi Tarmo,

These bugs are fixed now on latest updates we made.

We cannot help you further, since we cannot verify your account as a purchaser!

Please take our apologize!



I am receiving the exact same error as above!

Appears to happen randomly.

Hi, recently we made an update of 5pika theme and these bugs are fixed! Please update theme via themeforest.

Thank you very much

Having problems with the “Portfolio”.

The Portfolio “Category” selector buttons (like the ones shown on the live demo site) don’t show up for the categories I have created, even through there are pages pointed to those categories.

Nowhere that I can find in the documentation mentions these category buttons.

Also, when I select “4 column portfolio display” in the Appearance settings, when I go to the portfolio on my site, I only get 3 wide.


I can see that you have created your custom view portfolio. You should make a duplicate also the portfolio categories block and include in header in this view, please take a look at original view.

The columns in portfolio should work!


Can you please be more specific with regards to what needs to be done to get the category buttons to work in the portfolio. Your comment didn’t make any sense to me…

I’ve created a test install on my PC of your demo version (just so I could see the code), and I still cannot find where these buttons are set up. More specifics are needed please.

Further to your reply on the columns in the portfolio, it appears that they function in the demo version, however, they do not function in the manual-install version of your theme. See the comment below…

Thanks, looking forward to your reply on both of these issues.


There seems to be a discrepancy between the “manual install version” and the “demo” version of this theme that was provided to me when I purchased it with respect to how the portfolio works.

The manual install version is using different spacing of the pictures in the portfolio. This is why when I select 4 pictures wide for the portfolio in my manually installed theme, it only shows three wide… It’s because the last picture on the row is wrapping.

When I examined the thumbnail elements between the demo install and my manual install, the demo install is shifting each thumbnail over by 20px.

For example:


Pic#1 Pic#2 Pic#3 Pic#4 0px,0px 240px,0px 480px,0px 720px,0px


Pic#1 Pic#2 Pic#3 Pic#4 0px,0px 260px,0px 520px,0px 980px,0px

Same thing happens with the second line, it’s also spaced wrong.

It appears to me that there is a code difference between the demo version and the manual install version of this theme.

Can you please advise of a solution?



Please stay on your support ticked that you have opened before.

We will help you further there.

Thank you very much!

So I take it you’re not going to answer THIS question…

Hi Thomas, we have already replied your ticket, please check your mail, see if got our email in junk folder.


Hi, I have 2 issues with this theme: 1- I am running the site out of the sub folder on a live server, when I change the $base URL on the setting.php the admin links as well as the javascripts break and give me an error page “Page not found”. (this issue I have only with this theme while the other sites running Drupal7 behaving OK)any fix on that? 2- The pager for the “View: Our work: Our work” block slider shows up on top right of the page while when I log in as an admin shows up on the same slide? After viewing the source via firebug the div tag for the pager is outside the view div tag, if that helps to identify the problem and the fix

Thanks Omar

Hi Omar

Theme does not support sub-theming please us the original theme files.

I will fix the Pager on next update, thank you very much for your help, i really appreciate it.

Please anytime you need help contact me at

Thank you very much

Hello, How could i add the sidebar on the front page as well? (With the slideshow)

Hi, hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately theme does not support sidebar in front page.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact me at

Wish you all the best


Well it started out promising … but when i started creating portfolios they never showed properly, always with a lot of padding and 1 column less then stated in the theme settings. Contacted support, told me i had changed the css… So i replaced the css with a fresh one: problem stays I started from scratch with a clean database and new install: problem stays Even every extra galley created is not showing properly: all pictures are in one column on the left side.

Maybe I’m overlooking something, but to me this theme is useless at the moment. All help or tips are welcome.

the portfolio broke due to an update in isotope, support fixed that but than the gallery was broken, again support fixed that, but then all the sites links were broken, again support fixed that but now the portfolio is broken … again. It has been 3 days since the last sign of life from support. Client is getting nervous. We’ve started over 5 times putting a lot of effort in a project that breaks all the time and are thinking of abandoning the project.

Hey there roelwelters. This is the same problem I had encountered, and here’s the scoop.

The problem is directly related to the latest update of the Views Isotope – jQuery Isotope module. If you have that module updated to the most current release, then the gallery and portfolio display will do exactly what you’re describing, specifically a 20px increase in spacing between thumbnails.

If you could back out of that module update, then the problem will go away. I made support aware of this, and they have confirmed that this module breaks the portfolio and gallery modules in that it increases the padding between thumbnails, thereby making the incorrect number of columns appear on the screen when that area of the site is displayed.

They don’t have a solution for it at this time other than don’t update that module to the current version.

I have advised support to do a mass mailing to all of their customers who have bought their theme warning them not to update that module, else, it will break their site (and nobody is going to be happy about that).

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much my friend, i really appreciate your help.

I will do my best to fix this issue on this week.

Thanks again!

Very nice theme and great documentation and support.

Thank you very much :)

Hello! Love the theme, I just have one problem with the slider. The picture in the slide looks perfect in the preview, but when I then look at the slide on the webpage it looks like this: What shall I do? Is the resolution wrong on my pic in the slide?

Dear customer,

We are no longer provide support via comment section, we have released an advanced support ticketing system. Please visit: and search our knowledgebase for any known issues or signup to report a new issue.

Thank you very much!


How can I enable the content and sidebar regions on the front page?

I put some bloks on sidebar and content regions, but it seems that sidebar and content regions are not allowed on front page. I would like to use the content and the sidebar regions on front page as it can be used on subpages.


Hi, hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately theme does not support sidebar in front page.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact me at

Wish you all the best


Dear customers,

We have released an advanced support ticketing system. Please visit: and search our knowledgebase for any known issues or signup to report a new issue.

Thank you very much!

Hello, i just discovered that the “i” tag for icons does not appear at all on chrome, even on your demo site, could you provide an alternative? Thanks

Hi, please do not use CkEditor when you edit icons, use the full html drupal text editor.


Hello again, the issue is that the icon on Follow us footer block is showing on the published page when viewed with firefox, but not with chrome.


We have tested the demo theme before we have published, please can you double check?

Please open an support ticket here: and i will help you directly with this issue.

Thanks friend :)

Hello, I am interesting to buy 5pika and i would like to know about rtl functionality. I have to develop an arabic website and i am wondering if 5pika support a full rtl system. For example, logo have to be on the right side, menu, blocks.. like a mirror of normal.

Thank you very much


Yes the site is fully RTL and multilingual.

Thank you for interesting.

although the theme is beautiful, but i had a problem with theming views exposed filters, they have ugly shape and un ordered specially when switching between rtl and ltr … and i asked the support , and they did not help !

and you can not close the main menu from theme settings, if you want to install tp mega menu for better menu style ….thanks for the themer but i hope he will deliver better support ..

and when you switch to rtl main menu is still lrt , the change affect only sub menus ..

Hello inspiromedia, Thank you for your great theme. I have similar question about Contact page . I have more than one office location to mark, for example how can i add 3 location on the map. Other question, i want show different phone number on front page and contact page , how can i input them individually. BTW, Could you please resend you replied Abeaudrian ’s email to me ? Thank you so much .


Hi friend

We have replied your ticket at


thank you , i have a further info at there.

When you plan to release a new version with bug fixes and drupal 7.25?

Hi dear friend

Yes we going to update the theme also to latest drupal core

Thank you very much!

Sounds good, but how long to wait for update?


We will do the best to update the theme soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi, I am checking link with broken links checker in 5 pika drupal theme and i found error on contact page like this and the status says not found link how can i resolve this and i am using your default contact page format. Please reply urgentlly.

Dear customer

We are sorry but we are unable to verify you as a purchaser. Please buy a regular license or login with purchased user in order to verify you as a purchaser!

Our support website is

Thank you very much!

I can’t add a new slide on my revolution slider as the new slide icon is not enabled. How do I fix this ?

Dear customer,

We are no longer provide support via this comments, we have released an advanced support ticketing system. Please visit: and search our knowledgebase for any known issues or signup to report a new issue.

Thank you very much!

More hassle from for a bugged out theme


The theme is tested before we have released, the errors may occur after you have installed third party modules!

Please send us a screenshot in our support ticketing system in order to help you and we are going to fix errors immediately!

Thank you very much