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Fresh and very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you )))

Thank you )))

Thank you )))

Clean and nice :) Good luck, first item towards great milestones :)

Thank you :)

Congrats! Welcome to Themeforest!

Thank you :)

Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

Nice color scheme and overall great work ;)

Thank you :)

thank you digitalscience :)

Nice looking template ! GLWS :)

thank you mate :)

Beautiful theme!GLWS :)

Thank you man!! :)

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

don’t know what is happening.

Hi, Arfolio is a Static HTML template, not a WordPress Theme.

That’s why This package cannot be installed on WordPress.

We are creating a WordPress version of Arfolio. Will release it soon on ThemeForest.


sorry didn’t read thanks

Cant view the template, your hosting has expired

Thank for update. We are checking this, Hosting will be renew in few minutes. Thanks

You can check the demo now))

Nice design, I like it too. ;)

Thanks sike ;)

Good job! GLWS!

Thanks mate :)

Good job , welcome to ThemeForest :)

Before I purchase Id like to know if for the portfolio section,the only option for each item is a link?

Would creating a new page for each portfolio item be the best bet with this website?

Can you please describe in other words? I can’t understand what is your question. Thank you for interesting in Arfolio :)

Bonjour, I bought “ARFOLIO” lately. Super thème !! I want to add the navigation Dropdown Buttons that is 100% height and which closes all alone by clicking again on the button. Excuse my English is not very good. Thank you, Christian

Please check your email. You question has been answered. :)

Thank You ! « Five Star for You ! » – Je le recommande à tous mes amis français recherchant un thème « Pro » et performant. Il est facilement modifiable avec beaucoup de configurations possibles. Également un bon soutien après vente. Bravo à l’équipe !

Superb item, well done;

The prveview is not opennig.

The demo is live now. We are back to now. We Apologize for the long delay.

It is not yet open.

Can you please try now, It’s opening now:

Please remove this item from sale or provide a demo. One or the other.

The demo is live now. We are back to now. We Apologize for the long delay.

php for contact form ?

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question. :|

as active the contact form, always comes a php file, which is linked to the contact form, or otherwise it works “

Our template doesn’t come with a PHP file, It’s static html template. But I hope our team will add this feature in next version soon.