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Haha, I love it! Very clever idea! :)

Battery Low!

Good luck. ;)

Nice idea , congrats :)

Very nice dude !! Good luck :)

Thanks for all the great feedback and purchases!

This looks like a rather interesting item, the clock looks familiar to that of the css-tricks tutorial.

what does chub mean?

i think its a great idea and good job !!! i think its amazing

Chub what does that mean ?

im sorry but this clock does not work when i tried it :(

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. Please let me know which browser you are using, and if you are still having problems please send in an email.

This item is listed as compatible with IE7 , IE8, IE9 , Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera and Chrome. For the clock to work properly it needs to be in one of those modern browsers. Hope I can help!

@jazzy607 It appears to work fine for me or at least the live preview does. I’m using the latest version of Firefox, which supports most of the latest HTML and CSS standards.

ok ill try it and let you kno what happens :) many thanks bro.

I sent you an email but never got any reply. I setup the Dynamic URL on BeeNames.com/portfolio/errors/Dynamic/. It finds the file when I enter an invalid link, but it doesn’t appear to be finding the CSS files.

I have /Clock, /Dynamic, /Style all under /errors/ but it isn’t finding the CSS files. Do I need the /Clock folder or only /Dynamic & /Style. but I still need some assistance.

OK. I figured it out. The urls in the /Dynamic/index.php are in lower case. Capitalizing the first letter found the CSS files.

Glad to hear you’ve fixed it – I always forget about the capitalisation issues! At some point I’ll probably update the package and remove the capitals from the folder names so that future people won’t have the same problem – thanks for pointing it out to me.

I really like like your idea, however I need it for my wordpress site. Is this compatible with it? If it is, do you provide instructions as to how to install it or enable it?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this works with Wordpress and have never tested it – although I’m assuming probably not (i.e. you can’t set it up using the Wordpress CMS – sorry).

You can still upload the 404 template to your server and use it the old fashioned way, which is explained thoroughly in the documentation of the template.

Thanks, I hope this answers your questions :)

ok, I figured. Even though I cannot edit the messages via WP plugin [unfortunately!] I can still use the php templates, however it won’t be as easy as I though. I will have to have my developer do it for me. Thanks anyway.

No problem – hope it all works fine :)

Can you repair the preview pages?