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great and good job! bookmarked!

Thanks :)

- Ed

This is great. Are you planning an HTML version of it? Good luck with sales

Thanks Charlie!

I don’t currently have plans for a HTML version due to the fact that it will be a lot harder for the user to set up. WordPress makes it really easy for the user to setup and customise the theme.

- Ed

Thanks for the quick reply. I can work with WP – was just a personal preference thing. I am sure it will do great. Good luck

Fabulous work! Good luck with sales :D

Thanks dude, appreciate it :)

- Ed

As you say in one of your slide captions: awesome! Finally a new approach to the responsive themes, offering fullscreen images for the large-scale monitors.
Good luck with the sales.

Thanks for the praise, glad you like it :)

- Ed

Bookmarked to buy…

Question first though. Can visitors comment on the portfolio items?

reeeaaaallllyyyyyy…?? :-D *super large Grinch grin” how can I get in touch with you?

Sure! Send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, or to hello@edcousins.com

- Ed

Hi there mate!

Love this theme and bought it.

Followed the instructions, but all I get on the main slideshow area and the menu area is a loading sign.

- I’ve set up a home page and also set it up in settings -> reading - I’ve created a menu called Main Menu and set it as the main navigation etc.

Anything I am missing?


Thanks for the purchase :)

Send me an email at support@swiftpsd.com with a link & login and I’ll have a look for you.

- Ed

Great! E-mailed you.

HI, what a great theme. Just bought it!

2 questions:

1. Is there a way to get a header section(logo + menu) with no animation – just a fixed height on every page.

2. Where can I change the text “older entries” ?


I’ll go through this in my reply to your other email :)

- Ed

HI, I just sent you an email. All I wanted to know is where i can change the backgrounds for the different sections/pages? I will do it by myself of course.

Thanks for your support. Your theme is really very easy to use.

Hi Fred,

I replied to your email last night, and haven’t received a reply since then?

- Ed

Hello, is the blog template the only category template? Because when I want to put a regular wp-category – for example “Computers” – it brings me always back to the “Blog”page.

I need a normal wp-category and when I open an article it should be opend as “Computers” and the backbutton should bring me back to the appropriate category!!!

Am I missing something?

I hope you can help me out, I really need this basic adjustment!

Thanks in advance. Everything else is working easy and fine.

Hi Fred,

You would think it’s a basic adjustment, but it’s actually A LOT more complex than it sounds. I’m confident that I can sort a fix out for you though, just send me an email at support@swiftpsd.com

- Ed

WOW ! That is a Customer SUPPORT !

Sent you an email. Appreciate your work.

Again, another fantastic theme! I’ve bought 2 themes by Ed Cousins and both times I have been extremely impressed with the quality of design, simplicity of use and fantastic customer support. Congratulations on the new theme, good luck with sales! - Jack

Thanks for the kind words Jack :)

- Ed

Some cool features here. Good luck with sales!

Cheers dude, really appreciate it – I love your work!

- Ed

love the theme but wonder if you’d include in the update the answer to the question from Fredmad – can you disable the logo animation and menu? i’d prefer a static menu/logo if possible. really nice work.

I’ll add this to the list for an option in the 1.2 update :)

- Ed

v1.2 is now available, which comes with the option to disable to dynamic menu.

- Ed

Incredible. Love the theme!

I noticed this small issue before I purchased, but was confident it could be solved, and even more confident by the positive praise you seem to receive in regards to customer service…

This issue is on Firefox: if you click on, for example, “Contact” the page scrolls wonderfully and shows the contact section, however, the “Features” menu item is highlighted. Same as if you were to click on “Features”, then “blog” would be highlighted and so forth.

Any idea and chance of a quick fix?

Thanks and great theme!!!

Ok I see the issue, will get this in with v1.2, which I should hopefully be releasing in the next few days. Thanks for pointing it out :)

- Ed

No problem. Thanks for the exceptional customer service.

You’re always welcome! :)

- Ed

hi there..

i like this theme, but i’m noticing a major drawback on my computer. i’m using a Mac and I use my two fingers to scroll up and down every website, all the time.. and when I scroll down using the two fingers, the logo and menus resize and shrink… it’s really weird. don’t know if you’ve looked at your template on a Mac, but you should! it’s no good.

I think that may be what wendellbaker was referencing in his comment above.

Hi there,

That is actually functionality that’s built in to minimize the amount of space taken up by the header when scrolling, so that you get to see more content. I am going to add the option to keep it a fixed height in the next update though, which I’ll probably release in the next few days :)

- Ed

Two Questions:

#1. Having a difficult time getting the scrolling one page menu set up. In documentation, you state:

“If you wish to use the homepage functionality, then you must set the title value to one of the following:”

Is this referring to ‘Title Attribute’ or ‘Link Relationship’ or neither?

Once this is answered, I’ll decide if I need to ask a follow up question on this.

#2. Any chance of including a .xml file to import the content in the demo?

It would make setting up the theme so much easier. Even just think about considering it…


Hi Luke,

1 – It is referring to the Title Attribute. Apologies that this wasn’t clear enough – I’ll improve the description in the documentation.

2 – I’m happy to provide this on request :)hello@edcousins.com

- Ed


I’ll try it out and let you know if I’m still having issues.

Just emailed you.

Hi Ed, viewing a single portfolio item on the iphone is not perfect. There is the image on top of the wooden frame and then there is a huge black space before the text starts. Maybe this is fixed in the new version? Thanks, Katharina

Hi Katharina,

I’ll look into the issue, thanks for spotting it!

- Ed

All fixed, will get this in the 1.2 update which should be ready within the next 2 days.

Happy to provide this fix to anyone that needs it, just send me an email to support@swiftpsd.com

- Ed

Hey Ed, just so you know,you have the best support of anyone on themeforest (or anywhere else for that matter) that I’ve seen!

Thanks Noah, I’m glad the service is appreciated! :)

- Ed

What is the font you use in the preview?

If you go to Theme Options and press save, that should do it :)

- Ed

Nah, still broken. I sent you a username and password to my site

All fixed :)

Not sure how, but the Layout Manager got corrupted in your Theme Options. I quick reset of your options fixed that.

Let me know if you have any more questions/issues.

- Ed

Dude, you are the man, that was quick! You rock!

You’re welcome :)

- Ed

Hi Ed, there’s another little something viewing site on the iPhone. In the portrait mode the whole content seems to be “swimming” you can move the whole site left and right – everything is fixed if you view it in landscape mode. Thanks for looking into this. Katharina

Hi Katharina,

I’ll look into it, thanks for pointing it out :)

- Ed

Can portfolio show comments and add comment through ajax? I didn’t see the comments in portfolio.

Hi jcll,

It’s not possible as standard. Comments are only supported on the blog.

- Ed