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Looks great !

I’ve used one of your themes before and I’m sure this one is also excellent.

Good luck with the sales..

Cheers !


thanks ;)

great work as usual :)

thanks a lot!

Couldn’t resist being the first to purchase, don’t need it right away, but looks great. Looking forward to using it and sampling woocommerce soon on a new project when it comes up.



Thanks for buying! Have fun using the theme ;)

Hi Kriesi,

I’m very fond of your work, always awesome.

By the way, it’s the first time I’ve seen such a successful eshop under WP. Two thumbs up.

I also have a few questions :

1. As for the shop, is it possible to add options for each item such as size, coulour… with an impact on the price ?

2. Is VAT integrated ?

3. Are special fonts (accents) set up so that I can use it in my native language (french) ?

Again, very awesome. Wish you made thousands of sales. Good luck !



1.) Yes 2.) Vat management is integrated, yes 3.) No special fonts by default, so french will work fine. the backend lets you choose from several special fonts if you want to, most of them support french as well ;)

Ahh Happy so much !!! I have waiting your new work and cannot tell you nothing ! I not possible do better that this theme , also e-commerce …....wanderfull !!! So good developer you are !!!

Here now is already time to go to sleep, today morning for first Cofee’ and after buy your teme !!!


thanks for the kind words :)

Cofee’ already take! teme already buy !

Good that you have chose this wp plugin for ecommerce give so many options also for payments , not only paypal


This is so great! I love it and will definetely use it on a future project.

I would like to know though… why woocommerce. There are so many other ecommerce plugins that are much more mature than this one. Please let me know what where the thoughts that made you decide to go with woocommerce.

Keep up the good work.


Several reasons:

first of all woothemes approached me and asked if I want to give the shop a try and if I have any suggestions.

while I was developing the theme they were very helpful when I had problems and also integrated a few of my suggestions, which means I can forward customer requests and they eventually will make it into one of the next releases. Getting this type of support from any mature plugin creator would probably not be that easy.

second reason is that i think its a blast to work with. its easy to use if you want to set up a store and for developers it offers state of the art wordpress code so you can merge shop and theme without ever touching a single woocommerce file :)

Really appreciate your prompt and honest reply.

Dear Company Kriesi,

please, I would like know , if with the color picker I can also transformer the teme in dark skin ! Change the whaite colore of content. Because I see the inherit color and not like prefer gray like this of themeforest ( this page ) that inherit

Thanks so

the content are is by default always white. you can change that by editing the css value directly but there is no option in the themes backend for a dark color scheme at the moment

Thaks for answer ! for editing css value not problem ! sorry, before I forget to ask one more question : if is possible enable ( insert video ( youtube and myself video mp4 ) . Don’t speck about enable in the e-commerce but in the a page for the customer see live the products that I selling

blog posts and default pages do support videos. self hosted as well as youtube, vimeo etc.

ecommerce products dont support videos

Looks fantastic as usual! Good luck with sales :)

thanks :)

Are images handled with Tim Thumb script? Can the commerce features be used for digital downloads? or modified and geared more towards a membership site?

images are handled by wordpress thumbnail function which means, all necessary images sizes are created on image upload.

digital downloads are possible, yes. there are a few membership options built into the plugin and since those member features are handled by wordpress default user system you can of course add forum plugins or similar membership features :)


looks great! pre sale questions:

Multi language support ready? Can be used without the shop module? Any chance to have elegant image frames (curved with shadows)? Do you offer fast support?

Thank you

Yes, theme comes with a po file to edit

Yes, the shop module is not mandatory

Yes, add to the class ”.thumbnail_container” a css border radius and a box shadow and you are done :)

I try ;D Most of the support is handled in my forums which are at You should never wait more than a day for a reply, most of the times we are much faster (of course depends on your time zone)

Thank you for your fast reply, you have a new buyer :-) cheers

Awesome looking Theme!

I do have a couple of questions before I purchase:

1. Does this product support multiple state taxes (US)?

2. I sell large & heavy products to my customers, so the shipping weight varies heavily based upon which state it is being sold. I need to add a particular shipping premium on different products that go to different states. Is there any possible way to calculate shipping with taking product Weight and particular a particular (US) State being shipped to into consideration?

3. do you have a back-end demo I could try? Thank you PC

There are several options for taxes, shipping costs, weight etc. I dont have a demo installation but you can download the plugin here and test the backend on a blank installation and see if it got everything you need :)

Looks great! More WP ecommerce would be great.

Absolutely OK with miseld : more WP eshops such as this one (design and great features) would be great and save us headaches with Magento :-)

This wordpress theme does not exist, only Kreasi, he could make a masterpiece like this theme. I’ve never seen anything similar for wordpress as e-commerce, integration of a template full of options, among other things, and ‘a SEO ….....

I have no words, really excellent.

I have purchased many templates (ecommerce) here, but anyone and ‘easy and complete as this.

I conclude that the theme does not end up as e-commerce, but it can ‘be done all!

This theme has everything, really :inlove:


Is it possible to change the width and height for the product images? If i would like to sell prints – than I would like show a “landscape” image and not a cropped and square image, is that possible to change?



Yep, the theme demo is set to hard cropping images but you can disable that from your backend. that way landscape and portrait images are possible :)


nope sorry, no support included

Brilliant Theme!

State of the art Admin panel functions, having fun experimenting with the options.

Need some help with the following:

1- Trying to implement the “WP-Newsticker” into the frontage after the slider is not working properly. Do yo know about a compatible Newsticker?

2- Is there a chance to change the type of shadow for the 3d Piecemaker?

3- Regarding the the class ”.thumbnail_container” can you pls. be mor specific? It would be a leap step if this can be achieved with short codes.

Thanks & Best

1.) no never tried a newsticker plugin. What exactly isnt working? If you post me a link to a page on which you try to implement the newsticker I am probably able to help…


Here you can see some of the settings that can be made (check out the ones with thephrase dropshadow like DropShadowScale, DropShadowBlur etc) you then have to open the file helper-slideshow.php in abundance/includes and scroll down to the very bottom. adjust the numbers of the DropShadow properties to modify the final outcome

3.) i think I misunderstood your first request. i thought you want to add that shadow around product images. to add it arround content images add the following css rules to your css file:

.entry-content img{
padding: 4px;
border: 1px solid #E1E1E1;
border-radius: 3px;
-moz-border-radius: 3px;
-webkit-border-radius: 3px;
box-shadow: 0 4px 8px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);
-moz-box-shadow: 0 4px 8px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 4px 8px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);

Hi there theme looks great i have a customer that wants an online storee but does not actually want to sell anything on line, is there a way this could be used just to add products via the shopping cart but swith the cart off and not have prices,

so i no shopping basket and also turn off add to cart and pricing.

so i could just add a product and product discription with catagory?.

also could mega menu be integrated?.

if this is sothing custom thats needed could you do it and if so could you give me an idea of cost to turn the cart and pricing off ie so its like a shopping cart without a basket.

yep that would be possible. not setting the price will remove any add to cart buttons. There would probably a few places where a pice tag of zero appears but you can hide those zeros, as well as the shopping cart via a one-line css rule and you are set :)

No need to pay extra for this since its basically a one-line css statement like this:

.price, .cart_dropdown {display:none !important;}

Beautiful theme.

I do fashion affiliate sites and I am considering this theme because of the layout and style, but I have no use for the woocommerce plugin but would like the flow of the theme as is, but have vistors directed to an affiliate link at point page where the description is provided. I would of course need to edit buttons to say “Visit Brand” etc., along with a few other changes, very minor I assume.

Please advise, if the theme can be made available without the plugin, or is the CSS statement provided above enough. Also, I don’t see a placed where cutomers can email you for support, perhaps I have overlooked it.

Thanks in advance.


using the site as affiliate site would probably work yes. What you would need to do is to remove the add to cart button as well as the shopping cart (can easily done via css) and then edit one of the template files to create an affiliate link to the desired page.

This would probably require about 30-60 min of work if you familiar with css and WordPress. If you are not up to the task I could recommend a few freelancers how might want to do the job, since unfortunately I myself am not available for freelance work at the moment.

gr8 work…