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does this theme support chinese language and RMB for pay and Alipay ?

do you think this theme support kitchen cabinets sale online? like this site get the factory direct wholesale price for rta cabinets

@Mr Creative: your pictures are to small. That’s all there is to say.


Your theme is simply beautiful!

But before I buy it, can you please tell me if your theme is compatible with JigoShop ecommerce plugin?

Regards, Melvin Neo

Rather curious…before I buy it…the slideshow (with the CTA ’s on the right of the slider) Is that part of the package as well? I’ve seen a few people ask how to get that but I never seen a response from you. If it’s part of the theme IM SOLD !

I’ve seen this question asked by others, and so far no answer: My client is a franchised store which can show products online, but cannot sell them online. This is a beautifully designed theme, so I’m wondering – Can this theme be easily set to not show the “add to cart” option, or will that involve extensive customization of the template files?

This is a beautiful theme – well done! I have two suggestions:

1) Add the functionality to change the top nav menu background color, rollover color and font color.

2) Add the ability to remove the page title from the pages.


Kreisi.. 20 days with no support or answers here on your questions page. Hmm. please describe how to remove your footer copyright that doesn’t seem to be able to do this within the admin of the theme.

@Adwiz Easily to be done in Woo commerce… turn the cart function off, it makes a catalog then. ;)

Hi I am having great difficulty following the videos without sound. Can you tell me if there are any other documentation or videos with sound for getting started otherwise is a refund possible ?

Hello – I purchased your theme and the woocommerce required an update so I did it, but now my featured products do not display on the home page. can you give me directions to fix this? Thank you!

Dear Kreisi, want to purchase this theme. Problem is WooCommerce plugin. In their recent blog, they mentioned the tracking of their products with analytics code which is not supported by our privacy policy.

Here is the blog entry for your kind reference Increasing Our Analytics Footprint.

01. Since WooCommerce is derived from Jigoshop, is it possible to implement Jigoshop, instead of Woocommerce with some modification in your theme?

02. Your theme is very functional. Would you please consider to make a Jigoshop version or whatever you find better, so that we can have a choice.

The theme is preferable but unable to go with WooCommerce. Almost decided on to purchase your theme and some premium extensions from them. Wish, they could be focused with their present reputed business and not with this.

Your early response will be very supportive as we are in the middle of projects to take decision.

Thanks & regards.

If I want to have a drop down of different options before I buy, is it something that I can do.

i am having problem with this them, some of my images such as header images for post and pages are not showing

I am waiting for your response to michaelsinher2’s question (6 days ago) before I make a purchase – it says your theme has 5 sliders but the default slider that shows up on the live preview is a 6th one – and it’s the one that we want. Does it come with the theme?

1.Is this theme easy to change to your custom background image on frontpage?...2. Can you add a sidebar with content on frontpage?

@mcollins, thanks for the info. That’s great to know about woocommerce.

Hello..great theme this one…i am glad i bought it!

How can i get rid of the search bar and the social icons on the top right? I tried doing this from the widgets but with no luck..

Can anyone please help me? Thanks

when I surf the menu, I want to use the pictures directly ( click the pictures to surf the page) ?Thank you

Hi, I’m interested in using this theme for a site that is ecommerce/blog/directory. Each will have many categories & sub-categories. Do you think this theme could support a site such as this.

Also, is there a directory plugin that is compatible with this theme. For example, if I used the WP directory plugin would it be compatible with this or would it have to be a woothemes directory plugin?


Hi, I bought this theme but just read something that I hadn’t realized already. One of the reasons I chose this theme is that it runs on woocommerce. I already have a woocommerce plugin on my site with many products etc on it. I just want to change themes.

I read here that this theme come with a woocommerce plugin already installed. Does that mean it will be a different plugin than the one I’m already using & so I’ll lose all my data? If not,will all my products etc be automatically transferred. If this is not possible, is it possible to get the theme without the plugin, because I have found the transferring all the data, whether by xml or csv is not a simple job & is full of complications.