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Does this theme support Russian language. All forms translatable to Russian?

how do I replace the abundance logo on the header and replace it with mine

Hi, i wish to purchase this theme, is it possible to have product rating stars and price range slider filter in this theme please?


Also i need multiple languages at top to select on with flag? is it possible?

Guys, it says in his profile that you can only get support here:

I would like to setup dual language can we do that or require additional plugin? if yes which do you recommend to fit this theme

Be aware this theme is NOT responsive!

i have posted questions in the support forum, but nobody seems to response to my issues, so i decided to post it here to see if i get a response:

1) Please go to and move mouse over my account right on top of the page, the only drop down menu shows is the “lost password”, but when i am logged in as admin, i can see all my drop down menus such as “change password, view order, edit my address and lost password”. Am i doing something wrong, please check. 2) When adding a product without going in into the description, the mini shopping cart does not calculate the price. Please check that as well. 3) I need to change text from “Related Products” to “Related Spa Services”, which file do i edit? 4) I cannot add multiple images to the product, every time i try to add images from the gallery or by uploading, nothing shows on the product page, the only image that shows up is the featured image. How can i add more images to the product. 5) How can i change abundance advertising area to have only one square instead of two. Thank you for your help.

Hi I am interested in switching to this theme due to endless problems with my current theme’s support. Do you offer a child theme or dummy download? Thanks

Hey! Dummy Download is included. In fact there is a theme option that allows you to import the dummy content with a single click ;)

thanks for the fast response! great news!

Dear Kriesi, I need support to my template Abundance buy in the past but still have some problems… - When i Use Caption Slider No button is available after fill out all - I cant translate Cart and Search Site and several other things… on the rightside above the template. See: I don’t want to change template to latest version because there are a lot of Products and work in it…. Can you please help/advice me… I love this and you’re other templates i bought from themeforest .. :-) Kind Regards, Peter

Any product link adds #tab-description to the url which moves the page to anchor location. How do you turn this off?

please update the theme to the latest version, that should fix the issue :)

Kriesi got no answer on my earlier request? how can i update Abundance without losing my setups and products?

Hey! If you didnt modify the theme files you can simply replace the old theme folder with the new one. Your database settings, products etc will stay the same, since they are not affected by the files

Hi Kriesi, thanks a lot for reply, how can i best do this replacement without any problems

The easiest way would be via FTP: then you just need to drag the unpacked theme folder “abundance” to the wp-content/themes/ folder and overwrite the old one.

If you are not sure about ftp, you can also simply delete the current theme and then upload the new version via the wordpress uploader. Your site will be down for a few minutes but its probably an easier approach. You can google tutorials on both topics, there are lots and lots out there :)

Hi Kriesi, i updated by ftp as told but have the same problems AS BEFORE! Cant change words as search site, cart and also get no Button in slider. I did all as told in your video/ manual etc. but still have these problems. I edit words in Po and updated but nothing happens…?? Please I need help because i will launched website next week see:

Kind Regards, Peter

I Find another solution (codestyling-localization.1.99.30) to translate and only have one technical problem:

I wont have a button with direct to page in Slider and have selected Slider Caption with small Image and Caption will appear Beside… I all fill out like right framed, Button Label and Apply Link to Label, but only text is there and no Button? Can you help me please with this problem

Hallo Kriesi,

habe deine Seite gekauft. SIt super, muss ich sagen, bin ttal zufrieden. Nur hab ich es nicht verstanden woocommerce gleich mitzuinstallieren, also habe ich mir das plugin neu heruntergeladen. Aber leider ist die seite jetzt halb deutsch halb englisch. Wie kann ich das ändern, dass es ganz in englisch ist, und wie kann ich den versand so einstellen, dass im warenkorb, dann die versandkosten anhand des gewichtes berechnet werden?

Meine Seite :

LG aus Wien dzenakl


How do i get the last update?


Is Abudance compatible with wp 3.5.1 in combination with the latest version of woocommerce. I got this comment:

Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme => at (see)

Is it possible for you to do this in a new update or is this something I have to do?

Thanks for you r quick response! regards


We purchased this theme & got some issue to change some thing on some pages, here is the our site links:

I installed the theme & Its working fine, but In my product category pages, there are some right side bar & some left side bar, I want to remove those from category pages, see the links of two product category pages. These are the wocommerce category pages:

Will you please help me to remove this from here. Where is the options to hide that on the product category pages ??

Waiting for any valuable reply!


Hi, After adding products to the cart … the cart is showing as empty when I go to static pages. And then the products I added show up again in the cart when I go back to a page with products on it.

If I click through to the cart when it’s showing as empty … nothing is listed on the cart page.

Any ideas what’s going on?


Tested on Firefox and IE

Hi Kriesi, is there a problem with your support page: I can’t have access to it!