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is it possible to turn off prices and cart and use the theme as simple catalogue?

Hey! Yes, with the catalouge extension for woocommerce this is possible:

Hi Kreisi,

The developer left and we cannot contact them. I need to update my Abundance theme to 1.8.1 for my WooCommerce 2.0.12 to work properly. HELP. Here’s the website link balinisports [dot] com

Thanks, diosahkc.

Hey! I would recommend to contact themeforest support about the issue with any information on the previously used account you got. I am sure they can help :)

Cheers! Kriesi

Hi kreisi. Appreceiate your prompt response. I can’t join the because it requires me the license no. Of the purchased theme. I have every log in credentials though to prove im the website owner. What’s te support email. I am really looking for an immediate help.

I understand. I hope themeforest acts fast since I cant help unless you got a valid purchase id. Once you got that you will be able to download the theme again without problems or additional costs here:

Is there any plans to make this a responsive theme?

Wondering if this theme has a Enquiry Cart option – such that I can add a product to the cart for enquiry only – no purhcase or checkout.

Also, can I click a prod image and open a lightbox – from the grid (thumb) view, not a large (preview) image? And is it possible to have the lightbox show an image AND some product details, and then slide (with nav arrow) to the next prod/image – from within that lightbox panel?


Hey! Guess what you are looking for is this woocommerce extension:

As for the lightbox: unfortunately none of that is possible, sorry…

hello Kriesi, with the update of wordpress 3.6 comes this message at: blockUI requires jQuery v1.2.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2…

how to solve?

Update to the latest theme version and also update to the latest woocommerce version and the error should be gone ;)


WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

I would love if you could make it responsive! :)

Hey! Sorry there are currently no plans to do that :/

how to limit blog word size? right now it’s showing everything in the blog

Does it come with file.xml ?

better. it comes with a option in your admin backend that lets you import the dummy data and also the theme options. no need to mess around with an xml file. ;)

Wow, Im buying this baby. Thanks


I’m not an expert, but know a little bit of CSS & HTML…

Pre-purchase questions: Is it possible to remove the Login and Cart symbols from the homepage, so that it only appears in the Store section?

Thank you!

hm yes, a few css changes and this would probably work. if you need help with that my team can guide you trough the process :)

Hi! I would like to purchase this Theme but i have a question, is it compatible with this plugin for multilanguage web site ?

Thank you, Veronica.

Hey Veronice! Yes it is ;)

Hi there,

i was trying to look inside your forum about twitter plugin not working but don’t quite understand it.

It was working fine until recently when the latest tweet is not showing up. It’s showing super old tweet and i have no idea how to fix that.

Would you be able to look into this?

Hey! The twitter api that was used by the plugin is deprecated. twitter now requires a much more complicated approach to activate a plugin that fetches the feed so we discontinued the twitter feed plugin and instead added support for

Would recomend to simply update to the latest theme version and install and activate twitter widget pro

I originally used this theme at version 1.7 with WP 3.5 and WooCommerce version 1.6.6. If I upgrade to the latest version of WooCommerce 2.0.18 will this version of the theme still work with the update? I see their is an update for WP 3.6 so I’m curious if there was an update for Woo 2+? Thanks, Kriesi!

Hey! I am afraid I cant really tell. The theme might work fine without an update but since we always test latest theme version against latest plugin version I cant say what happens if you use the latest woocommerce but an older theme version.

Only thing I can say is that if you run the latest version for both you should be fine :)

Is it possible with this theme to copy the parent theme settings to the child theme like you have in some of your other themes?


Hey! The option is currently not available in abundance, sorry…

Is there any way to move the options using SQL? I have a client who had another developer purchase the theme and I want to make changes but would rather do it through a child theme. However when I activate the child theme, the settings for the site get wiped out. I thank you for any help you can offer.

if you are comfortable with editing database tables directly you can search for the “avia_options_abundance” entry in your wordpress options table and rename it. for example if your child themes name is “madebypaul” change it to “avia_options_madebypaul”

This theme is not mobile or responsive correct?

Thats correct :)

Last update shows 7 Aug 2013, but change log only goes ups to 2013 April 17th – Version 1.9 Can you update change log please?

Hey! Will do once I find some time. you can view the changelog also in the versions.txt that comes with your download ;)

Ok, fair enough. Thanks …

In my web I need uploading an image in the heading (not in the background). Is it possible? I love this theme but this is a very strong condition for me.

Hey! Not sure what you mean. mind sending me a screenshot or a link to another website that does what you want to do?

Hi, are you planing do update that theme to responsive?

I would really apreciate


Sorry, there are currently no plans to do that, simply because it would need some major rewriting of the whole html source code :/


I am interested in your Abundance theme. I already have a wordpress website but with Wordpress 3.7.1 last update and woocommerce 2.0.19 . Is there any problem to install Abundance theme on my wordpress and woocommerce versions ?

Thank You.

Nope, abundacne should work fine wth the latest versions of both :)

Many Thanks ! I really love this theme.