Discussion on Academia - Education Center WordPress Theme

Discussion on Academia - Education Center WordPress Theme

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Dear Support Team, your template no longer supports Wordpress 6.1.

The page is no longer available. error unknown

Please update thanks

please create ticket at https://sp.g5plus.net

I am working on a website for our kids school. Someone else previously bought the theme and registered it, but I don’t think it’s getting updates anymore. I can’t log into the support forum because I don’t have the original purchase code.

Can you help us? Best Regards, -Ben

Sorry but we support for our customers only. So you have to create ticket on our help desk https://sp.g5plus.net . Thanks

I’ve purchased a license and created a ticket. Look forward to hearing from your support team soon.

Thanks & please follow on your ticket.

Please (please) confirm your theme is compatible with Woocommerce 6.8, I have a large site dependent on this and can’t upgrade without full confirmation. Love this theme, need to know we can update Woocommerce to current, from the old version your theme had. Thank you, will await word :)

In this case, I think you should clone your website then update to test before. I can’t sure 100% it can working as you want. That is the best solution. Thanks

I see only up to WP 5.8….Is this theme WP 6 tested? When is ETA for WP 6 update?

To be honest, I haven’t yet test with 6.0 but it have to compatible with it. In case problem/issue, you can create ticket on our help desk https://sp.g5plus.net for further support and fix it. Thanks

Thank you for the prompt response.

You are welcome. Thanks

Hello i want know if is possible add whatsapp and telegram button in header because i can’t found them in predefined social buttons and eventually which file i must modify thanks

To do that, you have to change our code. You can create ticket on our help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Your support time Expired, please renew for support faster. Thanks

Hi, how can I translate the APPLY NOW button for the courses? And once clicket I need to translate the LOCATION MAP – SHARE OUR COURSE – ENROLL THIS COURSE NOW Widgets ( DURATION – PRICE)

Thank you Raffaele

You can use Loco Translate plugin to do it, in case can’t, please create ticket on our help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net , our support team will help. Thanks

Hi there,

Just wondering if this theme supports SVG logo and icons??

Thanks, A.

Unfortunately, can’t use with it. Just support image type(png, jpg…), sorry very much. Thanks

We plan to use the temple to create surveys in schools but also to write blogs for students, etc. But the most important are surveys.

I have some important questions:

The survey has its own scoring system. Each question has a numeric value 1 – 5 Respondents’ answers are counted and a score is generated at the end of the survey / questionnaire.

According to the score, he will determine his result eg: 1 – 5 points you neurotic from 6 – 10 points you phlegmatic etc

The question is. Can I add a numeric value / score to each question? At the end, the form will automatically generate a result ?

The form has a lot of questions and therefore I need to divide the form into chapters.

The admin dashboard is also important. Classes will answer the survey questions. In analytics, I need to see the answers and the result of each student separately. E.g. John answered YES to the first question, no to the second question, etc. I also need analytics as the class answered. E.g. The first question was answered by YES 10 students, NO 5 students, etc.

It can be created on your template ? Example from a survey. Scoring system: 1 completely disagree 2 disagree 3 I agree 4I totally agree Questions: 1. I laughed and I made fun of my classmates: 1 2 3 4 2. I hurt someone in the class (hit, scooped, kicked, slapped) 1 2 3 4 3. I appear on one social network under different names 1 2 3 4 4. I intentionally damaged public property (I described something – wall, container, bus seat, torn, smashed) 1 2 3 4 5. I lied about what I did on the internet 1 2 3 4

Unfortunately, my theme haven’t got feature survey as you want, sorry for that and hope can find another theme fit for your project. Thanks

Little question If i translate theme with loco translate plugin updates of theme will overwrite translations made?

When you choose file store translated file => pls choose system store folder, don’t store in your theme or in Loco Translate plugin. Thanks

When you choose file store translated file => pls choose system store folder, don’t store in your theme or in Loco Translate plugin. Thanks

Hello, does this available on Elementor page builder as well?

Unfortunately, elementor version is not available at this time, sorry for that. Thanks

How do I update woocommerce outdated theme? If I buy the theme will it fix the issue? I am currently using Academia Child Theme Version: 1.0

If you bought it, please go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks


I was hoping to get an update or ETA on the Academia update to the Woocommerce standards. I really need to resolve the “critical error” issue with the theme. Thanks so much.

Oh hey,

I don’t know if this helps but if I do this the page will load:

// do_action( ‘woocommerce_before_subcategory’, $category ); // * woocommerce_before_subcategory_title hook // * // * @hooked woocommerce_subcategory_thumbnail – 10 // */

I also renewed my support :-) Academia – Education Center WordPress Theme Support now valid until 10 Apr 2022

Thanks for your help!

Thanks, please follow your ticket on our help desk.

Hi, I need to find this plugin: WP Instagram Widget, when I try to install it clicking on “Begin installing plugin” I have this error: Something went wrong with the plugin API.

Thank you Raffaele

You can go to https://sp.g5plus.net create ticket and leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, our support team will check directly. I just check, our theme doesn’t require it. So you can search on wordpress.org Thanks


Thank you for the constant theme updates over the years!

I have a few questions:

1. If I update the theme now is it compatible with WP 5.8 and WooCommerce 5.5?

2. Is there a way to implement an “Autocompletion” system so that the students know which lessons they already viewed and which remain to be viewed?

3. Also, when the students to go to their profile can they quickly access only the courses they enrolled in?

Thank you!

1. Please check version on item feature before update: https://gyazo.com/8c722e9d43dc17e927a6ac9ac0261c36 If not, pls carefully backup all code and database before update. 2. No, there isn’t. 3. Unfortunately, my theme hasn’t got feature like that. We use WooCommerce so user can view Orders menu in WooCommerce. That is at all. Sorry very much. Thanks

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Thanks for your information.

Hi may i know what is the different between your theme and everlesson? Is your theme consist of elementor? thx

To be honest, i don’t know “everlesson” so can’t say anything. And my theme doesn’t compatible with Elementor. Thanks

Hello, is this theme compatible with WPML and LearnDash? Thank you.

Thanks for your interest my theme. TO be honest, my theme can work with WPML but not sure with LearnDash because haven’t yet check with it. Any questions, let me know. Thanks

More helpful for you: I choose to purchase WPBakery plugin for ALL of my sites, myself, rather than use the included version or wait on updates. But every time I update Academia theme, your vc-functions.php (under includes directory) has set parameter to prevent some of the customization I desire. SO each time, I comment out this at lines 40-44, as follows:
//add_action('vc_before_init', 'g5plus_vcSetAsTheme');
//function g5plus_vcSetAsTheme()
//    vc_set_as_theme();
If you can simply allow users to have access to the custom css of js composer, that would be better for everyone. Customizer does not work the same way, so this is better for me, and probably others as well. Thanks for a GREAT theme!

Thanks for let me know. Our developer checked and answer that: we will remove it on next version. Thanks

Wonderful, thank you! :)

You are welcome. Thanks

Son güncellemeden sonra virüslü reklam çıkmaya başladı. bu güncelleme kaynaklı mı yok sa başka bir sorun mu var?

I think reason is not on my theme. Why? my theme reviewed by Envato and quality of code have well before approve. In this case, i think you create ticket on our help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, show me exactly problem. i will check directly on your website to find solution with you. Thanks

Just wondering if you have updated the deprecated jquery items? These: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated Theme: Academia academia/assets/js/main.js

jQuery.fn.andSelf() replaced by jQuery.fn.addBack() Theme: Academia academia/assets/js/plugin.js

jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated Theme: Academia academia/assets/js/plugin.js

Love the theme thank you :)

Thanks for let me know. i forward your issue to our developer team, they will check and update to ThemeForest(if error) soon.

New version released, please update to fix it. Thanks


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