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the theme is of no use to me. i wanted to use it for my client here in india. everything is fine excpet that in india client donot want to use paypal or stripe. they want to use Payu payment gateway. i have tried too add their plugin but hten the payu does not shows up on the payment options page.please suggest a way out or refund the money as theme is of no use

Hello! Our theme and plugin are written base on Unyson framework. So you need to read through the documentation of Unyson to know how it works or how to customize it. To custom the payment gateway I think you need to edit the HT event ticket plugin that included in theme.


how to remove select a level and course paid selection from FIND YOUR COURSE ?

Hi! It needs to customize the child theme if you want to remove these field. Can you create a ticket in our helpdesk
I’ll send you the instruction.

Hi. I think about this theme, but tell me please what about wordpress 4.7? is this theme work with it? What about theme update? Regards

Hello! Our theme is compatible with the latest version (4.7). I integrate Envato toolkit plugin so you will get a notification and update theme automatically.

One more thing…. I have never use Visual Page Builder. Have you got any admin demo to check this resolution? What about front page of this theme? Can I bulid frontpage as I want, can I add new elements with page buldier or it is only two frontpages version available?

Hi! Sorry, we don’t have test site for admin demo. You can check out one of video tutorial here. With visual page builder, you can create more front pages as you want from shortcodes.

When I go to edit a Course, in Course Details, on tab Syllabus, when I want to select a lesson, it only show some lessons and not all, why?

Hello! Can you create a ticket in my Helpdesk with your site account? I’ll login and clarify this problem.

One of the worst theme that i tried dummy spacing, colour classes doesnt work, wrong positioning of elements, unchangable labels, it’s really bad done and no updates since june

Hello! I’m sorry to hear that but Have you create a ticket? I need to know more about your problem and help you solve it.

The Twitter widget in the footer doesn’t work, please check https://ajwadeducation.com/ to see what I’m getting.

Yes, but nothing is showing up. I tried adding @BashKOsman and just BashKOsman but nothing shows up.

Can you create a ticket in our Helpdesk and give me your site account(FTP account) to check your problem?


Dear Theme Maker, I want to purchase this theme but i need payment option for my country provided that is telenor easypaisa they gave me a wordpress plugin only is that will be compatible with this theme. Please conform me.

I’m sorry, we can not a not intergrade it with our theme.
Hope you can find another solution!

OK theme have through cheque payment option or i can define define my payment method in text or picture form for my users?

The theme doesn’t have cheque payment option. You’ll need to create your own form or text.


arditec Purchased


We are experiencing problems with the web construction tool “Unyson”, in text block, when we introduce line feeds, they look correct in the edition, but when we save all text comes together (without distinction between lines). Is there any way to solve it?



In this case, our developer need to check your site clearly to find out all the issues you’ve met and the reason that causes this inconvenience.

Please submit a support ticket at our support channel. Don’t forget to provide these information: Best Regards,

  • Your purchase code (to let our developer see that you’ve already bought our theme)
  • Admin account & FTP information (so, our developer can clearly look for the reasons)



arditec Purchased

OK, thanks.

Join Course not working in demo i want to see the complete process and then i will purchase this theme.

Hi! Sorry, we don’t have a demo site for the backend. But as you can see here, you can manage the user when you join a course in the backend.
Let me know if you have other questions! Thanks!

how to change custom post type name course to Assignment

Hi! It could be done via the child theme. Can you create a ticket in our Helpdesk? So I could give you the detailed instruction.

Hi! It’s not a problem from the theme. We have not optimized the speed from the server. And we don’t have any cache plugins that’s why it’s low score on Google speed test.

I’m new to SiteBuilder. ANd have a few WordPress website completed. I can not find how to select one of the 2 home designs for the Academica Template. Would appreciate a point in the right direction. Thanks!

That is not the issue. On the live preview of the Academica template, there is a drop down menu for Home. It shows 2 very different designs for Home1 and Home2. I would like my new home page to look like Home1. At the moment, the home page looks like an interior page template. How can I apply the Home1 template to my home page? It does not show Home1 or Home2 in the Template chooser for that page. It does show all of the other interior page templates like Course Type 1, Event Page, List Courses… but no Home page choices.

Can you create a ticket in our Helpdesk and give me the admin account to check it?

Do that now. Thank you for the prompt response.

Before I make a purchase I have few questions, which I would like you to answer.

1)Does this theme support RTL? 2)The current version only support paypal payments, no woocommerce integration, no coupon codes accepted. Right? Are you working on Woocommerce integration? Can we expect feature in near future? 3)I looked some other websites using this theme as well. Are you working on improving page download speed, at the moments it not very good. 4)I believe this is how the membership works at the moment, Free courses are unlocked to everyone but visitors has to register as well to enroll in free courses and paid courses lessons/content will be visible to students who paid via paypal. Right? If no, could you please explain how it works.

Documentation link https://themeforest.net/item/academica-education-center-wordpress-theme/15237871, isn’t working any more. Could you please fix this as well.

Thanks in advance.

  1. It supports RTL
  2. We only support paypal payment and have no plan to integrate with Woocommerce
  3. I’m sorry, the page speed depends a lot of by the image size and the hosting/server. You can increase the speed more by optimize them.
  4. Yes, you are right

  5. I’ll fix the Documentation link soon.

Best regards,

Hi haintheme!
Awesome theme but I have two concerns: 1) Theme with no updates since 2016 2) Any submenu is a mess, can’t be seen on mobile (iPhone 6s Plus) probably because of 1).

I tested on my Iphone but didn’t find the issue. Can you give me a screenshot? Thanks!

Thanks haintheme!
Theme is responsive after closing the Envato frame. Most of the themes don’t need to do this, but it’s fine. Thanks for your time and support.

You’re welcome and Have a great day!