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Hi Themex,

I have 3 plans and only 2 of them route correctly when I click on “Subscribe Now”

The plan options are set to each product and each category just like the others.

The other 2 plans route to the checkout page showing the plan, but the 3rd one routes to the checkout page showing the course?

Why does 2 work, but not the 3rd one? All settings are set the same as the other 2! I have also tried logging out and it still does not route to a plan like the others!


Ya2Sabe ..a.k.a.. You Already Know


Ya2Sabe Purchased


The issue was that I changed the published date of the course and plan. It seems that if the course was created after the plan it will not work. I had to make sure that the course was crated first and then the plan.

It work now!

Cheers Themex :)

Thanks for posting the solution!

I am being told that the theme needs to be updated to run with the new wordpress? Is this true and if it is are plans in place to upgrade?

It’s compatible with the latest WordPress version (4.8.x), I just forgot to change this in the theme description when the new version was released. Thanks for reporting this.


I need to learn more about the available functions before purchasing ;)

- live online course – distance learning and interactivity: Registered learners will be able to see&listen the instructor, ask questions, send&receive course related files, take exams&quizzes while instructor can use the portal whiteboard, evaluate the learners, etc.

- Social platform integration : Learners can post progress and/or related actions to facebook or twitter, collect points to be used for buying courses by posting, etc.

- is it possible to build a multi-purpose platform using this theme: pre-school, school, professional educations, standalone remote education section for universities (content management/administration will be done by the university) with different design and logon sections?

- is it possible to integrate with major offline content providers via standard methods such as xml, api, etc. or should we hire a developer for manual coding for establishment.



1. Please sign in on the live preview to check all front-end options There’s an automatic evaluation, it means that instructor can’t set grades manually – Academy checks quiz answers automatically and sets grades.

2. Unfortunately there’s no such feature.

3. It may be possible if you install WordPress Multisite and use the same database for different sites. It’s possible to set a custom logo image and other styles for each site separately.

4. If you mean embedding content it’s possible if third-party service allows embedding or there’s a solution for embedding this format.

Hi, when i click to “Take this Course” is redirect to fill my Billing information, but, im not login, i want to redirect to Register Page, like the demo, how can i do that? here is a little video showing what happen.

Please try completing the checkout process, this form registers a new account automatically so now user can register and purchase a course using the same form. If you enable redirect to the default registration form like it worked in the old versions then user will have to register, then find this course again, click “Take This Course” again and complete the checkout process.

Hello, I think I already found the problem, how did y config the Woocommerce page? on Settings > End Purchase > Options for End Purchase?

These options should be set by WooCommerce automatically after you install it, it will import “Cart” and “Checkout” page and set them in this way Please don’t set “Register” page as your checkout page because users will always see the registration form and will not be able to purchase anything.

Hi I can’t remember my support username and password. How I can use support system? As it shows, that my auth. code is in use.


Please reset it using this form This form requires your username or email address.

Hi, when a person get the registration email the whole text is in the same line (no paragraphs, it doesn’t look good) and the activate link is not clickable in many mailbox (only gmail is ok).

How can I change these two things?


This field accepts HTML markup, you can design the email layout using third-party services and then paste the HTML code, or use simple HTML tags:

<p>First Paragraph</p>
<p>Second paragraph and a <a href="%link%">%link%</a></p>

Thank you. This is what I need :) By the way – the theme is really great!

Thanks, glad you like it!


I want to do two things:

1. Set a global starting date for a course (every student starts the course on the same date)

2. I also want to have courses that can be started at any given moment. Students have access to the first lesson. With or without completion of the previous lesson, the next lesson should become available in X days. The amount of days between each lesson should be set per lesson or per course.

Are these things possible? Thanks!


1. Unfortunately there’s no such option, but you can publish all lessons on the same date, it’s possible to schedule publishing. So it will be possible to subscribe but there will be no lessons until the course date. Also you can automatically publish lessons one by one.

2. Sure, there’s a delay option for each lesson, for example if you set “7” in this field then subscriber will see this lesson in a week after taking it.

Do you provide detailed instructions how to achieve such good page speed results? The current live demo called demo 7 (in one of the screenshots) does not score the same.


Please let me know what you mean about the demo 7, there’s a single demo preview for this theme. If you mean the live preview there’re no specific instructions, live preview works on a basic hosting plan and uses the default WordPress settings.

hi there, I had installed your theme and found this error. Fatal error: Class ‘WC_Payment_Gateway’ not found in /home/tacsg/public_html/wp-content/themes/academy/framework/classes/w.c_.gateway_.skill.feature.php on line 12. can I know how to solve it? the site is and I am just a developer hired by the client to fix his site.

Hi, please make sure that you have the latest WooCommerce version. If this issue remains you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it,

yes I had solved it. just need to remove some variable in that php file.

last woocommerce, there are no options in the orders section / orders actions. “new order – cancel – return – complete – waiting – being processed – customer notes etc.”


If you mean the back-end WooCommerce options they can’t be changed by Academy, I guess they moved order statuses to another place. Please check the documentation

Can i combine MyCred plugin with this theme? If yes, how to do it?

Unfortunately I can’t say for sure because I didn’t use this plugin with Academy, but if you mean integrating its options with the built-in profile page it may require code customizations.


trurion Purchased

So have any plugin has function same like MyCred to use with Academy?

Unfortunately I can’t recommend a specific plugin, any third-party points management plugin would require integration with Academy if you want its options to appear within the Academy layouts on the profile or course pages.

Hello, just received a notice that WooCommerce has a new update and it’s a big one. Can you please let me know when Academy has been updated and tested with version 3.2.1 of WooCommerce before we go ahead with the update. Thanks


Sure, I’ll test it before releasing the next version and will let you know.

Hi, i am going to buy this theme but i only need html files as site template. Is it possible to buy html files.


Unfortunately there’s no HTML version of this WordPress theme, you would have to convert it to HTML manually if you want to use it for platform other than WordPress.

Hi, how can I filter statistics by students and courses in Courses/Statistics section? Now it is possible filter only if student finished a course.

I need to know for every student which courses she/he has enrolled. Can I export this information in xls file?


Please select any student and/or course in the right sidebar on the statistics page. If you select both then student lessons and grades will be shown, it’s possible to export them to CSV file, it can be viewed and edited using Microsoft Excel in the same way as XLS file. If no lessons were completed information will not be shown, this section shows lesson and course grades.

I know how to do it for completed lessons, but I need statistics: active courses for every student (even if any lesson is not completed). Maybe it is a plugin for it? Your theme is really great but statistics are really poor. Do you plan to develope it?

The number of active courses is shown on the statistics page for each user If you mean listing these courses unfortunately there’s no such option, but there’s a workaround – it’s possible to view course students below the course content editor. By default statistics section shows the number of active and completed courses along with the average grade, if you select student or a course then lesson grades are shown. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll consider adding more options to this section.


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I left a post regarding ‘cart is empty’ issue and haven’t got any replies yet. Would you mind taking a look?


Thank you.


I’m sorry for the late reply, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours. Please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll check this issue.

What is your LMS plugin and is it separate from the theme?

If in future, I decide to change to a different theme can I still keep all of my LMS functionality, quizzes and courses and still keep the LMS plugin that is used with this theme?

Or is this not possible because the LMS functionality is fused with this theme?


All listed LMS features are built into the theme, it’s not based on a plugin. Only WooCommerce plugin is required if you want to sell courses, but it’s free. If you decide to switch to another LMS theme or plugin I’m afraid that you would have to export courses and import them again since the course formats may be incompatible.


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Hi, I am interested with your themes. But I am not sure with installation and multi language. Can I use it as another language? Thanks,


savuth168 Purchased

Hello, After I install your themes and import demo. It was error.

Please help to fix it. Thanks,


savuth168 Purchased

I found problem with wordpress version.


1. You can translate it to another language using this plugin If you mean using multiple languages at once you can try using WPML plugin.

2. I’ve just replied on the support forum

3. Please let me know if you mean some incompatibility issue with the latest WordPress version and send as much detail as possible.

Is it support HTML5? Can I use this theme on my other websites for that single license or multiple license required?


It has HTML5 tags in the page layouts. Regular license allows using Academy on a single site/domain per license

Are any LMS plugins required to make this theme work? What kind of reporting features are available? I would need a dashboard that tells me how long each user spent on each course with timestamps so I can tell who is taking the course seriously and who is just marking complete or skipping without really studying. Seeing how quickly they jumped from one course to the next would give insight into that in addition to the amount of time actually spent on page where they were active and didn’t just leave their browser open. Are these features available or is there a way to add them if not?


All listed features are built into the theme, third-party plugins are not required. Only WooCommerce plugin is required for selling courses, but it’s free. Unfortunately there’s no option for tracking the studying time, please check the available back-end options on these screenshots