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If/when you update Academy, could you include a feature that lets the students view their certificates from their profile pages?

Or is this already possible?

There’s no such option, but I’ll consider adding it, thanks. Currently it’s possible to view the certificate with 2 clicks – by clicking on the course title and then on the “View Certificate” button.

Thanks for clarifying that.

I’ve designed some cool certificates today. Everyone loves them. Your theme rocks! :)

How can I make the search field wider? Like 300 pixels wide? (It doesn’t have to animate). – thanks :)

Please try using this CSS code snippet:

.search-form input:focus {

Brilliant! This works much better for my site. Thank you! :)

Hi … for some reason, clicking on a course bring up the lessons page right away.

It just worked until a few hours ago. Can you think of anything I could check to fix this?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you access to the backend because of all the Woocommerce and other settings which would expose member data.

I hope there is a way to get the fixed because right now, no one can actually take the course that’s already finished.


Here’s a link to the courses page:

It’s fixed. I tried to hide something and for some reason, the “featured content” got included too. It’s all good.

Hello. I am requiring a little assistance with the Academy theme. I purchased the theme over a year ago and the entire Course Management system has always been working great with no issues. However, over the past month, when someone clicks in to a specific course. For some reason, guests and/or logged in users can click on any Lesson without having to click the “This This Course” button. Normally in the past,

I’ve always remembered that you can not click through to any Lessons unless you hit the “Take This Course” button. I think most of my websites on my server are updating to the latest version of WordPress automatically, could this be the issue for why the functionality of the Course System has altered all of a sudden? As I haven’t made any drastic coding alterations from my side.

Many thanks. David

Hi, this is strange – if lessons are not marked as “completed” and your users have no editor role in WordPress they shouldn’t be able to view them before taking a course. Please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll check this issue.

Hi, it is possible to get paid per exam?

Hi, if you mean selling access to quizzes separately unfortunately there’s no such option – it’s possible to sell the whole course or sell multiple courses at once using plans.

Hello! Can we make one course related to 3 different membership plan? it looks like in course options we have only one options to choose.

Courses are linked with plans via the course categories. Each plan is related to a single course category (you can set it under the plan content editor), so if you add the same course to 3 categories of these plans then it will be included to 3 plans. If any of these plans is purchased user will have access to this course.

Hi, Is it possible for me to create a coupon that allows everyone to access the courses for free as long as they have access to the coupon?

Sure, please add a new coupon in WooCommerce/Coupons section. Also here’s a documentation section about coupons

I have a serious problem! Whenever the user shuffles the theme the page goes white and it is only with this theme, I need help urgently. please

Hi, I’ve just replied via email, please send more details for reproducing this issue.


I plan to make it as an online reviewer site.

Some questions have solutions like math and some have reasoning.

Is there an option that can show solutions or reasoning for an every questions? So that users can check the solution or the reasoning.


where can i see the demo for the quizzes?

Hi, if you mean quizzes there’re a few types of questions (single and multiple choice, short answer), correct answers are indicated when quiz is passed. Please sign in on the live preview and check this lesson with a quiz


I am interested in buying your theme. Could you tell me, do you have a gap fill quiz feature for essays as shown in the blue box on this website?

If not, do you know a plugin that can do this that is compatible with your theme?

Also, can you embed microsoft word documents using shortcode?



1. There’re single choice, multiple choice and short answer question types. Unfortunately there’s no fill-in-the-blank question type, it’s possible to implement it only with the code customizations.

2. It’s possible using third-party plugins, for example

Hello themex,

Can you tell me where (on which page) I should add the Piwik analytics code/script so that all pages are tracked? I’ve used a plugin but removed it because the site was not tracking since it’s installed in a sub dir of the website.

For now, I’ve put it in “header.php” right above the </head> tag.

If that is the best place (and it should be) then we are good to go. :)

As always, THANK YOU for your help and for making this incredible theme in the first place.


It depends on the analytics service suggestions, if it should be placed above the closing head tag then it’s set correctly. Also you can add it to the footer section by adding it in Appearance/Theme Options/General section.


I am considering purchasing your Academy theme to provide the frontend of online courses we run through my organization.

Our instructors are already creating their courses on another application.

Using Academy, would I be able to do the following:

Create descriptions of each online course

Categorize and sort by categories

When viewing a description, allow student to register automatically for this specific course

Generate an email to our instructor who will process payment and run their course as desired.

Thank you. Your theme looks very nice and exactly what we have in mind. I’m looking forward to your reply and comments on the above.

Thank you for your reply.

One feature I don’t see on your documentation is the ability to categorize courses and then sort by category. Is this possible with your template?


Yes, it’s possible to view courses by categories, there’s a different page for each category and you can add them to the main menu.

Thanks so much for your assistance. We will be purchasing the Academy theme.

Can I put a video on the homepage?

Sure, it’s possible to embed video into the page content.

Sure, it’s possible to embed video into the page content.

Hi Support,

Questions section under the lesson not showing properly , can you please help me how to fix this issue.



Please make sure that there’s the latest Academy and WordPress versions, this issue may occur if Academy or WordPress is out of date.

i will check. Thanks.

Just wondering if it if there is a way to remove the featured image on select posts? I installed a plugin called Hide Featured Image which just adds a tick box to each post. I have used this on several other site, no problem, but it does not seem compatible with Academy. Any suggestions?

This is strange because Academy uses the basic WordPress function for showing featured images Please consider using the built-in “Remove featured image” option, it just unattaches the featured image without removing it.


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It seems the embeded videos included into the documentation don’t work anymore as the Screenr service has been discontinued. Is there any other place we can find the videos?. Thank you in advance.

Please make sure that Flash Player is enabled in your browser, Screenr has been retired in 2015 but videos should still work. Also you can view a list of all videos here

I made the changes in the ‘Theme options’ like adding logo, changing primary color and others.These changes were applied to the theme immediately.Then I installed ‘siteorigin pagebuilder’ and tried to alter homepage.Suddenly my website started displaying demo content inspite of having all the changes in ‘Theme options’. Is it because of pagebuilder?

Please make sure that you’ve changed button URLs in the home page slider, by default they point to the live preview since demo content is imported from the live preview. If you accidentally click on “Get started” button you will be redirected to the live preview with the default content.

If you purchased this theme using another account please use it for support questions, support is provided to buyers.


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Hi Themex, I like your theme very much.

I’m facing some issues on my website.

1.I tried to display products of particular category on my homepage, but products of all categories are displayed even though exact category id is inserted. I checked the blue plus icon under page editor if I can add products category shortcode using it, but couldn’t find ‘products’ option there. Here it is –

2.Wanted to test the checkout process with a demo product.On the checkout page, I constantly get an error that says “This field may not be blank” after I click on place order button. I’m sure I filled all the fields available on that page. Here is the image – After this, I found that the order status is cancelled on my test profile page -

3.I can add a product category to the main menu, but couldn’t set it as shop page in woocommerce. How can I put a product category as default shop page.

Please help me resolve.


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1. Deleted all unnecessary plugins and there are no strange plugins that could cause hidden fields on the checkout page.Not able to place order :(

2.’My Profile’ button on the menu changes to ‘Register’ while viewing other pages of the menu.

3. Can I show blog posts in Grid view? Where Can I find this option?

4.I wanted to sell the same course under a plan and also individually.For this, I made a duplicate copy of it. For one copy, the students section and curriculum are displayed( ), but the other copy which I set price to sell individually doesn’t display curriculum( ). Where am I going wrong?

1. Please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll check this issue.

2. It means that your site is cached, please make sure that there’re no caching plugins or caching solutions on the hosting provider side.

3. Unfortunately there’s no such layout option, but if you mean showing a few posts you can use third-party shortcodes like this one

4. Please try duplicating lessons, courses and lessons are different items and they are not duplicated with a course.


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Thanks for responding, just sent a PM.


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Hi i want to login in but i forgett my password and my username . How can i get them? didnt found a “forgett my password ” function


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Hi themex,

White space between the second and third products is missing, please have a look –


This issue was fixed in the latest theme version. If there’re customizations in the theme files please try updating just academy/woocommerce folder.