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I just downloaded the latest version & noticed the version number on the style.css says “Version: 2.22”. Is Ver 2.23 available for download / am I missing something?

Sure, but it’s distributed via the website, please register using your purchase code https://themex.co/support/topic/theme-updates-wordpress-5-5 or contact me via the form on my profile page and I’ll send you the download link.

Hi, post my Wordpress upgrade to 5.6, the tab functionality has become inconsistent. Please do help me.


We are working with version of Academy 2.8. and we are doing fine except with lesson questions.

The problem we have is that suddenly the question titles are not saved, just the comment.

Could you help us with this issue?


PD. We do not want to do an upgrade since we did some css changes on version 2.8 already.

Please try adding the required attribute to the Title input on line 804 in academy/framework/classes/themex.interface.php file.

Thank you!

We have two more questions:

As a user:

How do I delete or edit a question?

How do I avoid receiving email alerts to the comments of a question once I have send it and selected receive alerts?

Thanks in advance!

There are no such options at the moment, questions are basically WordPress comments and they don’t have an option to edit/remove once it’s placed.

I’m lurking for your theme. I tried to register on your demo website: Password must be not more than 16 characters long this is easy to change that? 1/ Can I translate this website and do you have pot file for the theme? 2/ my client have 2 courses to sell, and on paiement for lifetime. this is working with you theme? Thanks


1. Sure, I can provide a code snippet for this.

2. Yes, you can translate it via POEdit or Loco Translate plugin.

3. Yes, it’s possible.

This is a very good theme. I am working on similar education website (https://thecoachtrainingacademy.com/). I will soon change my theme into this perfect theme for education. keep up the good work.



We have a question about the password recovery process.

The theme sends an email to the user with a template with theme styles and a link for password recovery.

Two things:

1- That link leads to “wp-admin”. We want to know if it is possible for the process to be carried out from the website itself, without having to go through the admin.

2- Once we get to the admin, the link always appears as “expired”, so you have to request the password recovery again, receiving an email with a new link, but this email is sent with a wordpress template, no styles.

Is there a solution to these two points on the theme?

Thank you inadvance!

PD. We are working with version of Academy 2.8 and we do not want to do an upgrade since we did some css changes on version 2.8 already.


1. There’s no such option at the moment, it uses the built-in WP password recovery for best security. You can change the WP page logo to make it look like it’s a part of the website, or redirect users to WooCommerce password reset page instead.

2. This bug was fixed in recent versions, if possible send temporary WP access to support@themex.co and I’ll try upgrading the password reset function only, without changing other functions.

How do i delete my academy logo and tag my logo?

Please set a custom logo image in Appearance/Theme Options/General section.

Thank you very much

Sections below the slides

Where do I edit the sections below the slides?

The illustration is in the picture at the following link:



Please try editing the Home page in WordPress/Pages section.

Thank you very much

Top Experts

Where do I modify the Top Experts section?

The illustration is in the picture at the following link:



I’ve just replied on the forum https://themex.co/support/topic/top-experts-4 If you have any other questions please post them on the forum or contact me directly via email support@themex.co

Thank you very much

I want to create an online learning platform where the teacher charged to sell their courses on the platform

every teacher will get a separate subdomain I found the best solution is the WordPress multisite

Q1 : is the theme tested on wp multisite? Q2 : is the standard licence is enough or I need to get the extended licence ?

Sorry, there are no marketplace features in Academy, it’s perfect if you sell your own courses or have trusted teachers who can manage courses via the WP admin panel.

So you are currently not offering this theme anymore? Or how is it retired?


It’s not being actively developed anymore, there will be maintenance update only. Also, the paid support option will not be offered soon.


Matope Purchased

I saw here that the theme won’t receive any significant updates, other than maintenance ones. Is that temporary or we should start looking for alternatives?


There will be security and maintenance updates only, but the theme should be functional for a couple of years anyway (WordPress rarely breaks the backward compatibility). If it’s an issue you can try transferring your site to another LMS solution.

Please any update since 15 August 20. If yes, were can I get the updated files?

Please download the latest version here https://themex.co/support/topic/theme-updates-wordpress-5-5 You can find the changelog here https://themex.co/changelog/academy If there are any issues please contact me via email support@themex.co and I’ll send a direct download link for the latest version.

How can I redirect registration button to plans page?

1. You can link courses and plans via categories, for example you can add Gold and Silver course categories (and link each with a plan, under the plan description editor). Then if you edit a course and assign it to 2 categories then this course will be a part of 2 plans.

2. Please try changing this in WooCommerce settings, checkout registration is implemented by WooCommerce.

Thanks. I tried but not working. Where can I share my logins to help out?

themex Author

Please send temporary WP access along with the issue details via email to support@themex.co