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Is there a way to simple use a static page as the front page and not use the slider at all? I’m struggling to get it to look right and would prefer to just use a normal page without it.

Sure, please remove all slides in WordPress/Slides section and slider will disappear. It’s possible to set any static page as front page in Settings/Reading section.

My users are having an issue registering for our site, it takes them to the Academy home page?

Hi, if demo content was imported please make sure that buttons in the home page slider were edited, since this content is loaded from the live preview these buttons are linked to the live preview. Please slides in WordPress/Slides section and change these links in the editor.

Hi, before buying I would like to know if there is a way to ask for registration – name and email – before entering the free course. And also if there is a way to generate a password for each student who wants to go for the free course.

And another, sorry. Have you developed the facility to hide the unsubscribe button after signing in? Thank you!!!


1. Registration is required for taking free courses by default, users should provide a username, email address and password.

2. Yes, it’s possible to hide it using options in Appearance/Theme Options/Courses section.

Wow! Thank you.

Is it possible to restrict course content till the amount is paid by the user.

Or any other option you suggest for payment in Indian currency.

This theme is integrated with WooCommerce for payment options so you can use any payment gateway available for this plugin, for example Payumoney seems to be available

Thanks a lot


Let’s say i have course – chapter 1 with all the learning materials etc – i would want the student to fully complete the learning for this chapter and pass the quiz before he could unlock chapter 2 . Is that possible ?

Hi, if these lessons are from the same course it’s possible using prerequisites, lesson content will be hidden if the previous lesson is not completed.


I would like to know how to change the background image on the course page to be a solid colour instead of the featured content background image. This is so that my client can make the description as long as she needs without having to worry about the image tiling. I also do not want her to have to specify a different image for each course. I would just like the background image for all courses to be a solid colour or a gradient.

Many thanks, Mia

Are the courses only admin generated courses or is there a way to allow members to create a course and we earn a % of their sales of the course on our system. Similar to a marketplace solution similar to how envato works here?

Hi, courses can be added and managed via WordPress dashboard. Currently there’re no marketplace features, it’s perfect if you sell your own content or you have trusted instructors.


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Hi, While participating of members, “name,surname form” is it possible that part of the capitalization ? (Is that all forms of capitalization – letter)

Hi, please let me know what you mean, if you mean adding name and surname to the course certificate please try using this keyword:


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hi, Names in this section should be large . Example “Steve Wonder” -> “STEVE WONDER”

If you mean name in the course certificate please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll make this change.


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hi….can you help me please…!

After i installed on my webiste, it doen’t work like this ( )

you can take a look on my website



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i have tried to open the other PS but the slider doesn’t rote. but if you sad when you checked it was rotating without any issues, i worder what is the isu.

Secondly, if you check page support on my webiste, contact form doesn’t show up. just submit, but there is no form.


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how do i add short code for the title of the course in certificate?

1. Please let me know what you mean, I’ve just checked your site and slider seems to work.

2. You can add this keyword to the certificate content to show the course title:


hi sir, Can your existing built in support multilevel membership? 1) level 1 – free 2) level 2 – sell individu courses – pay online and get to view that video courses online. 3) level 3- collect payment offline – and key in the user name and password into online system ,email our customer the user login and password- so our user can access all courses-set in level3 4) level 4- register and payment online – to access all courses set in level 4 5)renewal features needed. 6)What is the plugin suitable can be install in order to fulfill above requirement? Or any solution? Pls reply..Thank you

Hi, it’s possible using plans, you can add plans in WordPress/Courses/Plans section, then add different combinations of courses to each plan via the course categories and sell these plans. Unfortunately there’s no recurring billing in WooCommerce by default, but it’s possible using this extension


is there a way to add HTML5 pages (those contain web apps) to the courses?

Would they be secured as well?

Would a child theme be necessary?


1. If you mean third-party HTML and JavaScript code or embedding elements provided by third-party services (for example YouTube, SoundCloud, SlideShare etc.) then it’s possible.

2. I suggest using third-party services for embedding, it’s more secure than adding the source code to the lesson content directly. For example embedding YouTube or Vimeo videos is more secure than self-hosting them.

3. It’s necessary if advanced layout customizations are required and you want to overwrite the theme files.

which plugin is used as LMS Plugin on this one?

All listed features are built into the theme, so it’s like a plugin and a theme out of the box.

hi i have a course with videos and online text . 1-i want to assign 10 tutors to give out the course to 1o students in each class. so that the tutors can assess their class . is that possible with this system 2- i would like leaderboards for all students but also have filter by tutor 3-are there badges that can be won 4-the courses are all free and there is no payment involved 5-is ther back end reporting in course completion rate 6-is there an online messaging system where students can interact with each other and leave messages regarding subject 7-


1. WordPress allows setting a single author per item.

2, 3. Please check available options on the live preview, currently there’re no badges.

4. Sure, you can add free or premium courses.

5. It’s possible to view grades and quiz results in WordPress dashboard.

6. Students can add questions under the lesson content, currently there’re no private messages.

Hi there,

I have a question regarding the pricing feature: is it possible to charge a single subscription/one time fee for ALL courses I uploaded? Because I want to host a complete academy with a “flatrate” for all courses.

Thanks for your time

Plus, is there any kind of fraud detection system to prevent people from sharing their credentials with others for free?


1. Yes, it’s possible if you add all courses to a single plan. Please note that there’s no recurring billing in WooCommerce by default, but in case of a one-time fee it’s not required.

2. It’s possible to enable the built-in filter that allows using 5 different IPs per day in case if user views your site using different WiFi networks during the day, but it prevents sharing the same credentials with a lot of people.

Hi I would like to know how i can add content below the course thumbnail on the course description page. The section looks empty.


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It’s possible to add widgets or content to the right sidebar, left sidebar contains only the course preview and editing it would require code customizations.