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Beautiful work – really beautiful! Elegant, great variation of colour themes, great value too!

Thanks very much Sticker, this is my first theme for Theme Forest!


Nice work, love the template, I have one small question that is not listed in the PDF. How can I get the search form to work. I looked at the code and I think it needs the php part of it for it to work, am I correct. If so could you shine some light on the subject.



Hey BlackBee,

Thanks for the purchase and positive feedback. The easiest option that I’m aware of when it comes to setting up search on a website is the Google custom search.

I’ve now added an example of using it with this theme to the FAQ , please click here to have a look.

Let me know how you go and if there’s anything else :) Enjoy the Accentuate theme!

Hi Timymc,

I looked at the code but this seems to be for a google search engine which I really don't want. I was looking for a search field that searches inside my site but since I don't have a blog I think this might not be needed, but it's good to know how it works. Love the theme and super smooth and clean, I have tweaked it a bit with my own touch.

Hi BlackBee,

Thanks again for the wonderful feedback!! Great to hear the website is coming along well, I’d love to see it when it’s ready! About the search, I think solutions like Google custom search are an alright option, since they avoid having to set up a database. It can be setup to display the results on your own site.

To the best of my knowledge setting up a totally custom search engine on the site will require a fair bit of work with PHP and MySQL or another database and language. Click to view a PHP and MySQL Example.

Keep me posted on how the project comes along :)

Very nice look and feel, if this is your first site here I can’t wait to see your future releases.

Keep up the good work!

I could give feedback if i got the style sheet with the download it won’t activate on word press without it can someone send me a contact so we can get this resolved.

Hi Dopeboymusic,

All of the stylesheets (9 of them) are in the /css folder. Please note this is not a wordpress theme, it’s a HTML theme so you do not need wordpress to set it up. I recommend using Dreamweaver or something similar, when customising this HTML theme.

If you have any more questions please let me know :)

very nice item buddy, looks great :)

Hi TimyMc, just wanted to touch base with you. Do you have an email I can use.

Hi Blackbeedesign,

Feel free to contact me directly, timymc at gmail dot com

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Hi Timymc

sent you an email..

hi timymc, i like your theme very much. I like the theme on the choc- darkfooter.

However the background of the main body is black with different shades. I would like to change it to green. Is tt possible or too tedious???

Hi Kinhian,

The backgrounds are just two separate images (for home and for content pages) So it is quite easy to make new backgrounds, just open the current one with photoshop and make any changes you like to it and save it on top of the old one :)

Let me know how you go, feel free to message me too.

Have a project for using thsi theme – presume ok to remove copyright from footer?

Yes absolutely, remove/edit the footer as you please.

Nice Design and I’m excited to learn some new CSS .

Hi Tinymc Nice Design! I have purchased your template. Now I have a problem. How I can use German letters in it like “äöüß” it is really important please help me.

Hey Hulk123,

No problem at all, I sent you with new cufon files that support the German alphabet, check the email.

If any one else would like support for foreign characters please send me a message.

Thank you very much Timymc!!! It works!! You are the best.

I have a similar problem, I sent you a message tinymc. For me, I cannot put apostrophe’s in my paragraphs.

Hi, I sent you an email.

Love this design. Especially enjoy the 960Grid (just what I was looking for!)

I do have a challenge with the navigation showing up in IE8 . Will you take a look? http://www.premierdesignwebsites.com/Remco

The menu items that have a drop down disappear and a red X shows up. Now, the menu functions fine in Firefox, but I see this same hiccup in Google Chrome. I know it is something small that I am missing.

Thanks so much

Theresa 8-)

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for the purchase!! It looks like the path to the small arrow image has been edited on your site. Your HTML editor might have done this automatically when opening or updating files; it has made the path local for your pc not for the web server. To fix this you need to reset the path of the drop-down-arrow.png file.

1. Open js/superfish.js in your html editor

2. Replace line 17 with the following line:

$arrow = $(['<span class="',c.arrowClass,'"> <img src="images/drop-down-arrow.png" /></span>'].join('')),

The img src should be: “images/drop-down-arrow.png”

On your site it has been changed to:

” ../Accentuate-html-theme-v1.0/HTML/js/images/drop-down-arrow.png”

Let me know how you go with it :) Feel free to send me a message.

TimyMC- I recently purchased this temp. I just wanted to say that I would highly recommend your temps. The .pdf explanning the step by step items making up this temp was very helpful! Thank You!

Thanks very much for the excellent feedback!!

I really like this template. Really nice design, easy to use and to customize (eventhough i dont have so much idea about coding). Recommend this one! Thanks Timymc! Well done!


Excellent template, I love all the options. One question: how do you change the slider speed on the nivo-slider? It doesn’t appear that changing the custom.js file helped. Any ideas, or did I miss something?

Thanks again!

Thanks for the awesome feedback!

I’ve added the info about the NivoSlider to the FAQs.