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Hey. i’m having trouble with installing your theme. Just go to appearance >> install theme’s & upload zip-files. Im suffering an error when it’s 100% uploaded.

What next?

Hi Nsdnayz,

This is html theme, so it doesn’t work with wordpress. You can set up and customise the pages with any HTML editor and then just upload the HTML contents on to your server.


Hy timymc,

where can i download more icons of the style used in this theme? I am looking for a home-symbol for my adress at the bottom.

Are there more icons available?

Thanks for helping… Jochen


These icons I’ve made myself in photoshop from the preset shapes. I can make home icon for you later tonight. Send me a message so I get your email address and I’ll send it thru.


Hello I have a question: € symbol in h2 h3 h4 h1 tags are not seen as well as letters with accents (à ò ) , how to resolve?


Thanks for purchasing my theme! By default the cufon font replacement files just have the basic Latin alphabet. I have prepared 2 new files which support foreign characters as well as symbols; This will fix it for you!

Step 1: Download the files from: http://timymc.com/updates/js.zip

Step 2: In the zip file there are 2 files that belong in the /js folder of the theme. Please replace the old ones with these new ones from the downloaded zip file.


Man I really do love this template, and thanks for the quick reply to my last question. Here’s a question for you: I see that vimeo and youtube files can be easily played, but what about vzaar? I tried just typing the link, but it doesn’t work. If I change the html code to the embedded info they give me, I no longer have the nice thumbnail effect that you designed. Any ideas?

Thanks again and keep up the great work!


Please send me a message with the video link and I’ll look into it for you.

Thanks :)

Hello! I`m portuguese …sorry the bad english :)

One question:

In part of the images….when i click on image…shes open… in boton of the image there is a black border with a X to close the image…

My question is…how can i make the black border thiner? thanks ! :)


You should be able to change the thickness in the prettyPhoto.css file in the css folder. Look at the rules for the “dark_square”

I’m currently travelling now, so I dont have my own computer with me to check it out exactly which rule it is, but you will find it in that CSS file.

Thanks :)


This looks like a GREAT theme. Nice job!

Just two questions: Can the slide be made to NOT loop continuously? I just want the images to rotate through once, and then stop on the last image.

I’m going to need to integrate Greybox plugin in the gallery (so that the images, when clicked on, load HTML in the Greybox. Any conflicts with your theme that you are aware of?



Hi Inkdifferent,

With the NivoSlider it can be made so it stops after all slides have played. The following code just needs to be added to the slider’s javascript in the head tags:

slideshowEnd: function(){} //Triggers after all slides have been shown

With the Glide slider it would be possible, but I’m not sure exactly how. And in regards to the Piecemaker (3D flash slider) I couldn’t find anything about it in the documentation, so it probably can’t be stopped. There are no conflicts, which I am aware of with integrating the Greybox. But I cannot provide support for such customizations.

I hope this helps :) Enjoy the theme


Sorry…one other question – can the background image (top half of the screen) be changed? I’d like to change the Choco Theme from light/gradient brown to white.

Sorry for all the questions, but I’ve purchased too many themes only to find out the tweaks I want to make aren’t feasible.



Hi Inkdifferent,

The background is just one image (well one for the home page and one for the content pages), so you can make new versions of them in Photoshop and use the existing ones as a guide. Once you make the new version you can just overwrite the default one, but do make a backup in case you want to revert. The theme comes with the PSD version of the backgrounds and I can send you another PSD file if you want with the uncompressed versions after you purchase.



Thanks for the quick responses!


After you buy please rate :D


I just realized I’ve been looking at the HTML version of this, but need the WordPress. Is the code to stop the NivoSlider the same for the WordPress installation?




Yep you can do it in the WP3 version too. The following line needs to be added to the javascript of the NivoSlider:

slideshowEnd: function(){} });

In the header.php file the javascript code for the NivoSlider javascript looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load(function() { $('#slider').nivoSlider(); }); </script>

Just replace the above code with the following code if you want it to stop after all slides have played:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load(function() { $('#slider').nivoSlider({ slideshowEnd: function(){} }); }); </script>

To learn about all the other customisations and options for the NivoSlider visit: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/

Please don’t forget to rate ;)


I just purchased and am in the process of testing it out on a dummy site.

Quick question – In your demo version, you have great spacing and regular font on your Homepage Title and Homepage Tagline.

I set mine up (under “Mainpage Options” – but the spacing is way too close between the Title and Tagline, and the fonts are bold.

Where can I adjust this?





I’m having a very difficult time with this theme. The NivoSlider is jerky and does not execute a smooth transition at all. (Better on Chrome and Safari, but still not perfect – and Firefox is HORRIBLE ).


I’m using the WordPress version of this theme – and I notice you don’t have the NivoSlider example on the WordPress demo. Is this because it’s a known issue?

Please advise on how to overcome this issue. I’ve tried jpgs and png’s, and I’ve tried scaling the size of the images down in Photoshop – but I have the same problem no matter what I do with the images.


Hi Tony,

The reason there is no NivoSlider on the WP3 demo site is because we can only show one slider on the preview so we’ve gone with the Piecemaker for the demo site.

The spacing of the text should be correct without needing to adjust anything, make sure you have not disabled cufon font replacement.

I’m going to have to get BC to reply to you with all of this, he is the author of the WP3 version, so he’ll be able to help you better than I can. Until then jJust try putting some homepage and footer content in and the spacing should level out.

I’ll ask BC to reply to you asap, so just hold tight and we’ll make sure its all working smoothly :) Can you send me an email message via my contact form at: http://themeforest.net/user/timymc

That way we’ll be able to help you directly over email. Thanks

Hi Tony,

Your Nivo slider is working smoothly here so I have no idea what your problem is there.

Then the spacing issues you’re talking about: they’re basically there because cufon isn’t rendering due to some javascript errors. I think you’re experiencing those errors because you’re using the prettyphoto WP plugin but since that’s already integrated in the theme it isn’t working correctly.

Please contact me via email through the form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/BCProducties or use the discussion area of the WP version.

Thank you.

Regards, BCProducties

Hi Tony (@inkdifferent)

Just has a brainwave hit me – I can see one big issue now, as I looked at the source code on your site. You have added the main jquery js again. Even if you add a new jquery plugin, you should not repeat the main jquery script: the theme already has this now you have it twice.

Remove this extra include for jquery that you added:

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Considering this is the case I’m surprised that the NivoSlider is working at all. Just get rid of that line of code and see how you go. It might solve everything.


Hi tinymc,

I love my new site all thanks to you. Awesome template tinymc!

Question, I’m trying to add bullets onto my website and there not turning out right. I added <”ul”> followed by a list of <”li”> etc, and the font on my list turns out black instead of white, not the same size, and the alignment is off… Needless to say I’m a newbie :(. Could you kindly show me how to properly add bullets to create a list?

Thanks tiny!

Be glad to help, can you please send me an email from my contact form at: http://themeforest.net/user/timymc

Include your website URL or files and I’ll prepare some bits of code to send you :)

Hello again :) (and sorry the bad english again)

The template looks SUPER FINE on my imac 27, but today i tried to test the site in a pc portable with resolution 1200x…. and i didn`t like what i had seen.

All things looks too big in that resolution. There is any way to change the size of everything in one time? (like resolution) I want to put the whole template smaller! Mainly the header…(that ocupies almost a complete screen of portatble)...even if with that, it runs smaller in my imac 27 too…no problem!

Thanks again!


There isn’t really a way to resize an entire website except by using the browsers zoom feature. Check to make sure it is zoomed in at 100% and not more.

People have different screen sizes and resolutions, we can’t really change that. This template is based on the 960 grid which is the recommended width for a website by many experts.

I hope that helps :)

Great work! I have one question though. The search feature doesn’t appear to work for me (or even on your Live Action example for that matter).

I am assuming there is something I am missing in the whole process?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the awesome feedback! I’ve had a couple of others ask about the search feature, check out the FAQ :


Enjoy your week!

Hi, I am using the HTML version from your THEME …

I have one thing, i have done modifications and at the HOME , navigator it always shows highlight the first one (the index one)...if i am on other the page highlight the HOME ….

How can I change that??


The active link should have the extra “current_page_item” class in the <li> </li>tag.

In the html it looks like this:

<li class="current_page_item" />

If you want send me a message from the contact form at: http://bit.ly/deEPGq

Enjoy the weekend.


I bought the wordpress version of this. I am having some trouble. Is it possible to get my hands on this html version at no extra charge?



Hi Mark,

Thanks for the comment, I’ve replied to your email. :)