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The package contain up to 1.8 version for the carstore template. You do not have the updated version for 1.9. If you look at this page- latest update is in 2013. Magento 1.9 was released in 2014.

Hello, It’s compatible with magento 1.9. You can use on magento 1.9. If you have question or issue, you can contact us. We will help you.

The New Products and Best Sellers are not showing on my site. I have tried to re-index everything but they are still not showing up. Any suggestions?

Hi, You can set New products by attribute “Set Product as New from Date – Set Product as New to Date”. Best seller products display products when you order. If they don’t display you can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you.

Sent in a ticket.

I sent in a ticket. I am having an issue with a prototype.js conflict. It is not allowing the parts finder extension to work.

Hi, You can check your email.

Has anyone had an issue with prototype.js and the parts finder extension? I submitted a ticket but even the developers have no idea whats going on, but again, they couldnt even connect via FTP? Here is the error I am getting

TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating ‘element.attachEvent(“on” + actualEventName, responder)’)

Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you

Hi, I have tried but it seems that color swatches cannot be implemented in this theme.. If the swatches can be implemented, please let me know.

You can check your email. We will help you

Can color swatches to change product images be implemented in this theme ?

You can check your email. We will help you

Hi, i’m interested in your Theme but have a pre-sales question. It’s possible to integrate with TecDoc catalog webservice? TY

Hi, This function doesn’t available in magento. You need find and install an extension support it.

I just purchased this theme because it states on this comments page Magento 1.9.2, but after I downloaded and unzipped there is no 1.9.2 directory, only 1.6,1.7,1.8. Is this indeed 1.9.2 compatible and if so, please let me know how do I install the theme. Thanks

There is no email from Plaza-Themes with ticket information. The only email I received was from Yoosolutions last week August 7th asking for my FTP info, which Im not just going to give out. I will try opening another ticket.

I opened a new ticket and this is the ticket number the webpage displays to me “XXXXXX”. All X’s. and I cant access the ticket through your website.

You need provide your website info email. We can help you.

Hi Plaza-Themes

I am using this theme for my client, when I install quick start package, the footer layout is broken.

Could you please take a quick look on this?

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will help you fix it.

I have this theme and it has an issue with Paypal checkout Review. When PayPal send you back to the site it goes blank and does not complete transaction. I have checked and if I change theme’s it works

Hi, This issue doesn’t cause by our theme. You can check your configure.

You can check your email. We will help you solve it

Hello Team,

The theme looks good.

I want to buy this theme but before that i need to know does this theme use any third party extension which are premium? If theme used premium extensions can you please provide me the list of premium extension needs to be purchased to set the store like you show in demo version?

It is very urgent and need to start development soon. Please reply me ASAP.

Thanks in Advance.


Thank for your interested. You can use any third party extension. If you need help you can contact us. We don’t test all extensions.

Hello, I am having issues similar to some of the comments posted about paypal expresses review page being blank .com/paypal/express/review. Any tips on how you guys resolved the issue for them?


Hello, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you fix it.

hello, why you stopped updating the script? as I see there is magento 2.xx version?


We will update magento 2.0. But Magento2.0 is not suitable to deploy to production environment at present

works for version when updated magento 2


It’s compatible with magento We will updated it for magento 2

Hello you do the installation? How much do you charge?


You can buy this theme and contact us. We will install theme for you. themesplaza(at)

how much?

We will install theme for you free

You do the installation and leaves just like the demo?

Yes, after installed your website like our demo

Hi, the demo looks broken. All other pages except homepage links are broken, so i cant test :( When will you update to magento 2, within 2 months? :)


Thank for your interested. Our demo is working. We will update it for magento 2

Works now, thanks. Do you have any idea when it will be available for magento 2? Seriously need a bit of a date / month. Otherwise I have to look further :(

You can see other themes from us.

Hello there,

I was wondering whether you would be able to help me? As you can see here:

There are two ‘tabs’ called ‘Product Description’ & ‘Product Tags’ – How am I able to add another tab similar to description so I can input data via CSV just like the description and have it display in another tab?

I’ve already tried adding a new attribute which seems to have added the ability to do this, just not the tab.

Any help appreciated greatly.

Hello, 1. add tab you can see this link or contact us. We will do it for you 2. We don’t understand

hadlowj Purchased

when I create a ticket on your site it gives ticket number as #XXXXXX but when I click check ticket status it says its not valid?


You can check your email and get ticket id or you can contact via themesplaza(at) We will check and help you


hadlowj Purchased

I have sent you an email as I get no confirmation email with the ticket id in it so I guess its either broken or outlook spam filter is stopping it although I have check my junk mail folder and its not in there either. Many thanks

You can wait and check your email