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Demo link doesn’t work for me; I’m anxious to see this one!


You can refresh browser. Live demo working.

Thank you

Now it throws a 500 and a 403!

Works now! Very smooth theme!

Hi your theme is awesome maybe i will buy it, but can you add socail box in product details? Same your theme forniture store?

Hi design007,

If you purchase this theme we will add social box in product details for you

nice i will inform you

Thank you.

We are very happy if you purchase

How do I install on wordpress??


This is magento theme

and then what should I do?


We don’t understand what you want.

I am interested. Can you put the icons of “folow us” tweet, facebook …..??


Ok, We can do it for you. Where do you want the icon? You can contact :

Hi, i just bought this theme but the installation guide is very misleading and seems incomplete. Setting up the Magento shop was totally easy but installing this theme gives me the creeps.

“I. MA Carstore Quickstart package: This installation guide only applies for new installation.”

New Installation of the theme or the whole Magento shop?

“Step 1: Create new database and import database sample ( ma_carstore.sql or ma_carstore.sql.gz) in database folder.”

What database folder? How do i import the files? Just drag and drop?

I started with II. MA Carstore Theme for Magento, 1.4.2.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6

“Step 1: Please unzip package and upload the folder from the theme package to the root directory of your magento software using an FTP client.”

I unzipped the file “” and uploaded the folder directly into the folder where the shop is located and went on with Step 2 and 3. Nothing happened. If i open System – Configuration again i don’t see the theme anywhere. Also the frontend hasn’t changed either. Also i have no idea what Step 4 means. “Copy/paste from source files inside in content folder:?/content/Home Page/?/content/Static Block/ ” What exactly do you want me to do? Could you please write a comprehensive guide in better english? It is really frustrating not to make sense of it.


After, You install quickstart package with database sample ( ma_carstore.sql or ma_carstore.sql.gz) you have magento shop like our demo.

If you just use ma_carstore template. You need unzip and upload the file “”. If you can’t installation. You contact

Hi, can you please tell me how to move the newsletter sign up in the footer to the left hand column.

Many thanks.

Hi, the text box for the newsletter has been pushed out to the right can you help to align it?


If you want custom theme you just contact:

Hi, I am not after a custom theme I just wish to move the Newsletter sign up form which I have now done with your help, however text box is now out of alignment! It is to the right of the ‘Sign Up for Our Newsletter:’ text and I would like it to be beow.

Many thanks.

I’m installing the theme in an already installed Magento. But I’m having trouble finding the code for the Home Page.

I follow instructions in your guide but I did not found any code for the Home Page in /content/Home Page/ I just see images.

on the /content/Statick Block/ I see the Code and Images.

am I looking in the incorrect folder? I check though on the other folders.



The content of home page is empty. It call from xml file.

Hi, the theme are translation ready?


It ready for translation

@danieleonorato, questo non è un tema per WordPress e quindi non lo puoi installare su WP. (English: this is not a WordPress template).

This is magento template

I am having problems installing your theme. Please help install. I have tried both your quickstart and manually doing this and could not get this theme to display as your demo.


You can provide Cpanel account via We will help you.

Just sent you login info for the cpanel.


We have installed for you. You can check your web site.

Hi I Like your theme and planning to purchase it, but however before purchasing i have a few queries as below :

1. The demo theme display same search result for different keywords, is the search broken on demo website?

2. Will you be able to help me to put a facebook Like box at the postion where currently the ‘halogen light’ banner is displayed? (

3. Can you help me to put a social bookmark section as one of our friend (eks_br) mentioned above (ref : – image credits to eks_br)


1. We have fixed topsearch in the package

2,3. We can do it for you.

Thank you for your interesting.

Hi magentothem, I also have troubling with the theme installation.

I followed exactly the guide (although not very clear) but in the end we get a nice white home page. :)

I send you a message to with our access data. Thanks.


You go to app/etc folder and remove local.xml file. Then you reinstall with database you have import ma_carstore.sql or ma_carstore.gz.sql file.

I don’t use your database. We have already our database.

I have already sent an email to, with all data access.


I’m having an issue with the top sliding banner. The person who is installing it told me to say – “Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘latsrich_mgnt1.mag_banner3’ doesn’t exist”

Could you please address this issue ASAP and get back to me

Many Thanks


You can contact and send information of your website to

Hi Magentothem,

First of all, thanks for the great Theme!

I have a little problem with the Magentothem Apps.

I get a 404 Error when I want to change for example the Banner3 configuration in Magento > Configuration > Magentothem..

Can you help me out with this?





You must logout and back login. This error occurs because permission of magento.


The images are not appearing on the backend and frontend.

What do I do?

Thank you


You must upload media folder in content folder to your server. If you can’t fix you provide FTP and Admin account we will check it for you.

I sent all the data for you from our ftp access, send an email to support saying that is not working in Internet Explorer, I would like a solution. site:

Thank you.

Hi magentothem, I really like your theme and I’m thinking of buying your theme… but I just have a quick question in regards to your shopping cart – can I change the currency to EURO and also the language for all sorts of buttons and boxes etc. Thanks very much, D

Hi DeniseK,

You can change the currency to EURO and language easy. You just configuration in admin panel.