Discussion on Accommodo - Accommodation Travel Template

Discussion on Accommodo - Accommodation Travel Template

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We are having some problems on the home page width the mobile device responsiveness: the box “top accommodations” area is not displaying correctly. How can this problem be fixed? Also the “live demo” has the same problem too. Many thanks

We are not supporting this item now

hello, your theme has good potential but it seems to me abandoned. Are you creating updates? If I buy the theme, do I have your support? Thanks

Hi, no this template will not be updated due to low sales.

Hi there, beautiful theme, we would like to purchase it and we have the following questions….

Our Picks and Favorite Destinations https://cl.ly/2178ae992431 What is the page that should open after clicking on any of these location-based frames/ destinations? Is there a page sample?

Checkout pages https://cl.ly/a6b7f5e3100f Are there any check out Pages included on the theme? Otherwise, what’s the next step after clicking on reserve now, should a conversion funnel (stripe or woocommerce, etc) be implemented?

How is the calendar fed by booking availability data? Does it allow for third-party integrations?

I am new to ThemeForest, and simply want to confirm if the No Support Item means no support after purchase?


Hi, you need to contact this author https://themeforest.net/user/vergatheme

if i want to change the color of the theme to blue for example , is that possible

Hi, if you are familiar with the PostCSS, than it should me no problem. Or you can replace the default color #488f3e with your own.

I bought this and nice but on my-accommodations.html ….. the class=edit-options —does not show the line correctly and places all at bottom in IE-11 .. [Edit], [Reservations], [Reviews], [Delete] -- line are all at the bottom of page that looks like one line instead of being under each individual accommodation.

Hi, can you send us an email about that with the link to your site. Thanks

“Modal window not showing after click on “sign/register”” this issue isnt fixed on the current download. what do i need to fix it… I just bought this item.

Hi, we’ve answered you on the email.

Is it possible to add a 3rd level to the dropdown menu? For example: Pages > Admin > Edit Accommodation > Accommodation 1 etc.

Is it possible to add a 3rd level to the dropdown menu? For example: Pages > Admin > Edit Accommodation > Accommodation 1 etc.

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Hello, I’m very interested in your theme, and it looks that I have found exactly what I need. Could you help me check my question as below:

In details form could you help to add popup or a page when user click [Reserve Now] button, currently nothing happen after user click button [Reserve Now].

Thank you for your time.

Best regards, Trung

Hi, we are not supporting this item. But you can check Bootstrap modal https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/modal/#live-demo

Can you send me the CSS fixes for the home page search on tablet and phone?

Hi, we have stopped support for this template.

Hello support, Is it possible to have bookable prices for daily, weekly, and monthly tariff? Payment options also available? Can it be set to be soley single property management system for condo? Thanks send info at yensabaipattaya.com

Hi, this question for WP version. We are selling only a static HTML template.

Some problems on the home page. with a mobile device, they are not properly visalizzati the box “top accomodations”. How can I fix the problem? (Aldo on the ‘live demo’ There is the same problem) tnx

Sorry, rewrite: we have some problems on the home page width a mobile device: the box “top accomodations” area not correctly displayed As if the plugin does not work when the page loads. How can i fix the problem? Also the “demo live” have the same problem. Thanks

I have already sent two emails to the support but received no reply

Hi, we have been out of office. You’ve got an email with possible solutions.

I’ve just bought this. It looks great. Love all the features and that its built on bootstrap. Can’t wait to apply it.

contact.php / subscribe.php / daily_motivation.php / & zabuto_calendar.min.css appear to be missing from the download package. Can you supply please.

Hi, it9s our mistake. We need to update the documentation, because “contact.php / subscribe.php / daily_motivation.php” are not included as these are from another template.

are we able to buy a customization and installation package?

Hi, we are not offering any customizations.

Hi, I want to confirm that I can add angular js to this template , to integrate with my backend

Hi, we have no experience with the Angular JS.

nice work but I can´t find localhost settings thnks

Hi, there are no localhost settings. Just start your Apache server.


looks good but im little surprised about the fact you have forgottoten a reservation page, >> there is a “make rerservation button” but no page where users need to put in there details to make reservatin ?

Hi, thank you for your opinion.

you will make this ?

Yes, but not in the near future.

Hello, I’m very interested in your theme, and it looks that I have found exactly what I need. Can I please ask you couple questions?

Home page: 1. On the home page, is it possible to add destinations slider? Perhaps revolution slider? 2. How modules are organized, can show map be moved to the bottom of the page. 3. Same question for Destionations (Our Picks) 4. Sticky menu, is there an option for sticky menus?

Accommodation/Listing page 5. I like option for rooms/apartments on accommodation page. It is exactly what I need, but I need more options to it. I need to insert more details to it (number of rooms, bathrooms, pictures). Because I mostly have house with apartment units. 6. Can buttons “Reserve Today”, and “Reserve Now” be changed with pop up contact form? 7. Can reviews be removed, and to insert facebook commentaries?

8. What do you suggest for social plugin? 9. Is multilingual working? 10. Are you doing customization, for a fee of course?

Sorry for lots of questions, but I really like your theme. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


Hello, thank you for your interest. AS this is an HTML you can modify it as you need or you can hire a developer for that. Slider can be added, but you need to modify not only HTML, but also CSS file (especially styling the position) and a little bit of JS. There is no option for sticky menu. More details in the listing can be added into source HTML code. “Reserve Today”, and “Reserve Now” popup can be done with modal window. Multilingual is not working, it’s just a prepared dropdown. Unfortunately we are not providing customization works.

hi,has it chinese version? Thanks

Hi, this template use font “Lato”, but you can use any font with the Chinese letters.

also checkout date in the search form would be great. Please let me know if the above two (other comment) are possible as I am interested in purchasing your theme. Looks like a very good theme. Great work.

The same for the checkout date. You can replace the “Nights” field with “Checkout”.


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