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Great design! Good luck for sale!

Thanks ;)

I like it! Good luck with the sales. J

Thanks Juon ;)

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks :)

Congrats, looks wonderful :)

Thank you :)

Hi zerge,

Great theme.

I have a few questions: 1. is it possible to make a sticky post on the homepage? 2. is it possible to make a sticky sidebar on the homepage? (so instead of a post it shows a sidebar with most popular posts) 3. is it easy to add custom css? 4. is it possible to make the frontpage scroll down even further? (infinite)

Regards, Nino

It’s clear.

So is that a “YES” then? do you have an option for this or documentation? If so, let me know so i can purchase


Yes, it can be done. It’s undocumented feature, so I can help you with this.

very clean design! good job..

Thanks ;)

REALLY well done!! The load speed is awesome as well.

Few questions:

Social media on the left: I would like to have instagram, google and a few others as well. Is that out of the box, or do I need to change the php?

For articles, can I choose to turn off the left sidebar, right sidebar, or both, per article?

Also, would you be so kind to create an author page as well and make the author name linkable? And start the author page with a fixed block using the author description?

Can blocks (like ads) be redirected to a different page than the default?

Can the width of the theme be set wider, or perhaps simply full screen? Since the posts autofill, that might be a nice option.

And finally, can the block background color be set independently? If I use this theme, I would need to do that for notifications and similar posts.

Thanks! Tom

Hi Tom,

1. Do you mean this http://d.pr/i/oHYg ?

2. No.

3. It’s possible.

4. By default no.

5. After some customization.

6. No such option.

Hi Zerge,

I am too late editing my above comment, but perhaps the author content can be loaded in the left meta bar with an article as well?

Thanks, Tom

EDIT : oh sorry, just see that in several posts the author info is below the article. Somehow picked articles that didn’t have it, so I didn’t notice :)

I’ve seen a lot of good stuff hit the marketplace lately and this one is my favorite so far :) Nice work!

Thanks Joshua,

I’m very pleased to hear that :)

Hi,I just purchaged the theme & geeting problems when i make a post.where is your support link,i need support from you.please help me.


Send me a message through my profile http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE


First of all, very nice theme and well done!

Now regarding my interest to buy it, I would like to know some more info;

1. Is it possible to add a custom field in the post admin area and in the single post area on the left like where the tags are and the comments counter but than with for example company details like adress.. phone number.. link to website.. etc etc..

I would like to pay you more for some more custom options if possible.

2. Could you assist me to make this theme more like a directory with the above functions as extra options.

3. Is it possible to make 2 more extra pages like a landing page with mulitple search options like on a real estate theme where you can search for a particular item based on tags or something.

4. Is it possible to ad e-commerce based on the moneybookers e-commerce sollutions?

I know this are a lot of questions but it would help me alot if tou could reply to some. Let me know if you’re available for custom/changes.

Cheers and good luck with sales.

Hi David,

1. It’s possible.

2. Describe in detail what you want.

3. I think is easier to use special plugins for this.

4. Nothing is impossible :) but unfortunately I can’t give anything in this matter.

Hi Zerge,

I bought the theme and i’m working on it at the moment.

We already communicated about putting a sidebar in one of the blocks. (hope you can help me with that soon)

PHP PROBLEM : After installing your theme and after posting a post i got a PHP warning and i could’nt do annything..

FIX : I saw that you had a white space in the beginnen of this file “schortcodes.php” I removed that white space and now it works, but maybe you can remove that white space in future updates so other people don’t encounter the same problem

CHILD THEME : Is it possible to make a child from this theme?

How can should i contact you about the the sidebar workaround?

Regards, Nino

Hi Nino,

1. Yep, this bug already fixed.

2. Possible.

Send me a message through my profile.

When installing this theme on a localhost using xammp, I get many php errors. e.g.: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\[mylocation]\wp-content\themes\wp-accord\includes\shortcodes.php:1) in C:\xampp\htdocs\[mylocation]\wp-includes\option.php on line 563

Please help!


Just edit the file shortcodes.php (through Wordpress editor), remove space befor <?php

Example: http://d.pr/i/ty8f

Perfect! Thanks!

Great look theme!

Thanks ;)

Can you please give me an exaple of the code that should be in these two text fields that appear in the General Settings of the theme options:

1. Google Fonts Link Style sheet 2. Google Fonts Family

And what font do they effect? The body font of the theme, the H1 tags, the logo font? etc.???


Watch this short screencast – http://www.screenr.com/2kQ8

By default for h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6

BTW , befor use, replace the file header.php with new file – http://color-theme.com/assets/files/accord-header-php.zip

Hello, nice theme !

I need help please

1) I cant change my background… nothing happen when i save new background settings

2) I cant see top admin bar in my frontside


Thanks :)

1. Please check if your theme files are writable.

2. You can turn on Admin bar easily. Just remove from the file this code:

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

Many thanks

Hi, great theme

apologies if i’m being stupid, but where are the options to enable the carousel + sidebar on the homepage?



Unfortunately the new version is not yet approved on TF. I think after a couple of hours it will. Or I can send you the new version by email. Send me a message through my profile – http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE

Accord v 1.01 Available for Download [2012-09-15]

Hi how to put more of 5 images in the gallery post format?

Hi Zerge the gallery works well, but now image not showing on the homepage. Any Idea ?

Try to add Featured image for this post.

perfect ! sorry next time i will use my brain