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Hello Zerge, in a previous post there was talking about child theme option, you wrote that it was something you would take with you in an update, as I recall, is there news about this?

I would also like to hear whether it is possible to sort the contents of the page with buttons like these, Most viewed -> 7 days, 14 days, 30 days View random post

Regards Lars Denmark

1. Very soon.

2. No, not without development work.

Hello Zerge,

I actually think about your theme as the new design for my blog. But before I buy it, I want to know something:

Is it possible to integrate a review system?

I want to write something about a product or website and then I use some criteria with points oder percentage to rate or review it. And I need unlimited criterias.

If it is not possible, however you know a plugin what can do this?

I hope you understand what I mean, something like that you can see here: http://themeforest.net/item/gonzo-clean-responsive-wp-magazine/full_screen_preview/2415788</>

Greetz from Germany


Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Yes, you can use third-party plugins for this. Unfortunately I can not recommend a specific plugin. Find more here

Thanks for your fast answer.

Another question:

Can I see in the backend how many likes and views each post have? Or must I look every time in the frontend?

You can see only views in the backend. Look at this http://d.pr/i/3Bzi

Hi Zerge,

Is it possible to disable the mobile version ? And also the text at the bottom of the home page that allows you to switch between the desktop version and the mobile version?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the theme.


1. Yes, you can disable responsiveness. Just need to remove all Media Queries from the files: style.css and \css\bootstrap-responsive.css

2. For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

Love the theme. I have a number of questions though.

1. I want to add some additional blog pages which are just feeds for specific categories – is this possible?

2. How do I take out the word ‘carousel’ on the carousel banner?

3. When assigning a featured image for a post when the user views the page it displays the image really large – is there a way of controlling the size of the featured image displayed within a post?

thanks in advance


Thanks :)

1. You need to create additional templates, like template-home.php and change parameters for query_posts () function. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/query_posts

2. Just remove Title for Carousel widget.

3. Try to in the functions.php:

add_image_size( 'single-post-thumb', 653, 9999 ); //653 pixels wide (and unlimited height)

Changes will apply only for new uploaded images.

Hi i am impressed with your theme.. I have a question, Can i use this theme for a video blog? I found videos in your theme preview and the size of video is small, can we increase the size?


Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Yes, this can be changed easily.

Hi.. i want a suggestion from you.. I have looked at some of your other themes also.. I liked Accord, Crossroad, and Crumble… my blog will be primarily have video in every post and description for it… I liked certain features in each theme… Which theme suits me best? reasons? Thanks :)


Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

I deactivated plugin but still the first warning exists.. i asked for help in forum, They replied “The theme file (mentioned in the error) was using $wpdb->prepare in insecure manner. Changing following did the trick. The warning was earlier being issued by wordpress since it now wants developers to parse variables securely instead of directly parsing in the statement. So another argument is a must in $wpdb->prepare call in such cases.

For example you can change $wpdb->prepare( “SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = $id” ); to $wpdb->prepare( “SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = %d”, $id );”

Can you help?

Accord theme not used such method. I think the problem with you Extended Categories Widgets plugin (see Warning) – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/missing-argument-2-for-wpdbprepare?replies=5

This is a great theme, easy to use, beautiful and the author provides friendly and prompt support!

Thank you for your feedback! ;)


I have buy your theme and want to know how can I use the big posts on home page?

Also I want to use them together with the sidebar.

Hope you can help me.


Markus from Germany

Hi Markus,

Try to change width for #blog-entry .post-entry in the stle.css. For example:

#blog-entry .post-entry { background-color:#FFF; border:1px solid #e7e7e7; width: 381px; padding:15px; position:relative; }

Thanks a lot for the fast help.

Now I have two another question.

1.) Where can I change the output of the date which is show on the home page?

2.) How can I sorted the home page after the date of the articles?


1. Just change format for function the_time(‘F d, Y’);

2. Not quite understand the question.

Hi Zerge,

Happy New Year! I have had the theme now for 5 months and I love it!

Can you tell me how I can remove the date from the posts and the comments?

Thank you.


Thanks :)

Do you mean on the single post page?

Yes and the comment section

Remove from the single.php:
<?php the_time('F d, Y'); ?>
<?php comments_template(); ?>

Is there a widget for MOST LIKED post or somethng for sidebar? I can see most viewed but can see most liked.

Also can we make Secondary Menu permanent visible when clicked? I mean when I goto POST FORMAT in top menu and then click on VIDEO; the page is refreshed and I can see Video posts but the secondary menu is gone. Is it possible that when I click on secondary meny the page reloads and the secondary menu is active and visible?



1. Of course. Look here (left sidebar).

2. Yes, it’s possible, and can be easily changed.

Purchased. Lets see how much time will this take to set up now. Will rate soon :)

Thanks. If you have any questions just mail me through my profile


When creating a post, section where it says “Upload Images for Gallery Post Format” then “upload 3 images and save data”, while it has 5 field for uploading images. is it possible to have more than 5 images in the gallery in one post? How can I achieve that?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Eric,

For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer (or if you have some experience with PHP).

Hi Zerge,

I want to change the text on the badge for the post. Is this possible ? Have I to change the image ? Can you send me the .psd files? And can you tell me where I have to put them after I have changed the text?

Thanks in advance for your kindness and compliments for this fabulous theme.


Hi Benzo,

Badges sprites located here: /img/badges-sprites.png

Send me a message through my profile and I’ll send you PSD.

Hey! I’ve got Infinite-Scroll setup according to your FAQ, but it’s not working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My current configuration is in the following screenshot:



Show me your site.

Hi Zerge, So far your theme is doing awesome for my website! (howarchitectworks.com)

Just one thing, i’m not able to configure third party SEO plugin. I want to use ‘Wordpress SEO by Yoast’ but getting following error: http://drop.pr/fwfwli.png

And also the Tabs are not showing any input fields (screenshot attached)

Could you please let me know how to fix this. I really like this plugin.

Best regards, Abhishek

It is still not working…tabs are still not showing any input fields…please help

It’s means you doing something wrong. I need access.

Hi Zerge,

I’m very interested in buying this format, looks great! However, I do have 2 questions:

1) Is it possible to change the font (in specific, the font of the menu) 2) Is it possible to delete the upper row of (7) pictures in total?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Lize,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes, you can change it.

2. Of course. It’s widget, so you can easily disable it.

Hello. I installed the theme – from the correct folder – and got this message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/content/82/9443882/html/wp-content/themes/wp-accord/admin/index.php on line 22”

Please advise.


Read the FAQ

Hi Zerge,

I purchased and installed your theme, it works like a charm! While trying to improve pagination, I discovered that you provide instructions for the Infinite Scroll plugin. I followed every single bit of them, but it does not seem to work no matter what. Do you have any tip?

You can check out my website at http://www.soulme.gr.

Thank in advance! Kelly

Unfortunately it does not… What I see in my console is that I get a 404 error even though I have several more pages with posts. I guess it has nothing to do with your template. Thanks for the prompt response anyway :-)

Best regards, Kelly

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

I sent you the details. Thank you very much!

Hi Zerge, I wanted to know how can I center my logo in the header. I found your template exceptional and this is the last option I’m missing to get what I wanted.

Thanks in advance.

The url is www.chefaistasera.cz. I have also another question. How can I change apple touch icon of Accord with mine apple touch icon?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Benzo,

1. Add to the style.css:
#logo {    float:none;    display: inline-block; }
.top-block .row-fluid:nth-child(2) { text-align: center; }

2. Icons located in the directory /img/icons/

Thank you very much…

Hi, I just purchased your theme and trying to install it. However, I am getting this message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help!

Hi, please disregard my previous message. It has installed. Thanks!