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I have a question before buying your theme. Is it possible to add ADS any size in the homepage? I want my ads look like post? I want to add two ads in the front page 250×300 and 250×360 and one in the header.


Yes, you can do it. But it’s just standard post with image (something like internal Ads). You can’t place, for example, Google Adsense.

Got you, if you add Adsense it will be great. Thanks and Good luck man!

May be in the next update, but no guarantee.

Pre-sale question: If I set a post as “featured”, will it stay higher in the page? Even if I add other posts, I want the “featured” posts to stay above them. Is it possible? Thanks

Hi nastyraul,

Yes, it’s standard WordPress feature (Sticky Posts).

Hello, it’s possible show more post in home page? Your example show one page and 3 link (1,2,3) it’s possibile show all the post?


Of course, it’s possible. This can be changed via WordPress settings.

Hi, i can’t set russian languge, i have set WPLANG to ‘ru_RU’ but nothing change! should i do something more?


You must translate your theme manually. For example via Codestyling Localization plugin.

Hi nice theme.

I;m interested in this

Is it possible to play videos & audio without opening the post? I don’t like pop ups either…

Thanks for your reply. On the page link you sent me one video plays in place while the other I have to open the post. Why is that? Is there a way to set the default behavior of all video & audio to play from the post grid? Otherwise it will be too many clicks :(

Yes, this can be changed via theme options.

Hi there, My posts are suddenly not lining up on my home page. Here’s my site – http://ritahubbard.com/home/

Can you tell me what the problem is? Also, do you plan any updates?

Thank you! Rita Lorraine


It seems some of your plugins cause this.

Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

Yes, we plan to release an update soon.

Hi, can you theme be like the layout of this website: inc.com Especially in these features: 1) loading infinite number of posts at the post level. i mean at the end of each post more and more posts appear as you scroll down. 2) can the header be fixed. i.e not disappear when you scroll down. 3) can the menu be just an icon. so when you press on it shows its content. just like in inc.com menu icon. 4) can i get the combination of black and white colors in accord? 5) can the posts appear in different layout in the grids layout in the home page, so for example i can feature specific post in full width. please refer to inc.com 6) can the ads be placed within the content as boxes.

hope to hear from you soon.



All these features are possible, but not without development work.

I’m really LOVING this theme – thanks for creating it!

Just to clarify – can I include ad code (like from adsense) as a widget to display ads in my sidebars of posts?

Thank you!


Thanks :)

Of course. You can use standard text widget for this.

Wonderful – thanks so much for your quick response!

Hello Zerge,

I have some questions about the theme before to buy it: Is it compatible with Wordpress 4? I’m asking because the last theme’s update was on 26 February 2013, almost two years ago. Is it possible to change the content background color? I’ve checked the Accord demo’s performance on my mobile phone and I realized that a Wordpress native gallery of one of the posts is not resizing correctly. Is there a way to fix the issue? Thank you!


1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Can you show a screenshot with this issue?

Hi Zerge,

Here is a link to the screenshot: http://imageshack.com/a/img673/3309/GXL1UN.png As you can see, the gallery images are not side by side in 3 columns.


It works as should. But this can be changed if needed.

Hi Zerge

A small question. How do you change the size of the posts on the homepage from small to big?

Hi. It already is set to “Excerpt “

It seems something wrong with your settings. I need access to WP admin panel and FTP access, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

I’ve send you a message. Thank you for the help

Accord 1.07 Available for Download [2015-04-27]


- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Fixed: Issue with Google Adsense in the header
- Fixed: Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
- Improved: Compatibility with popular plugins
- Improved: Pagination
- Improved: Comments
- Improved: Masonry layout
- Removed: Twitter widget
- Optimized: Speed site performance
- Optimized: Java scripts
- Updated: Java scripts



I just bought this theme. I want my website’s design to be just like the demo site. What option or setting should I choose?

Where can I find it?

Create a new page and select “Home + Big” page template in the Page Attributes menu. And then set this page as Front Page.

Thank you Zerge! I really appreciate it. :)

Hi Zerge,

I can’t seem to populate my carousel. The widget only displays the Carousel Title – not the post title and thumbnail.

Please advise. Thank you!


Your posts should have Featured images.

Hello Zerge, thanks for the update, but will upgrading overwrite the small bit of coding done to my site? Here’s my url – http://ritahubbard.com/home/

Hi Rita,

It depends on what the files was changed.

Wow, it’s been so long I don’t remember what was changed. But I do see where you helped me tweak some problems via email back in Jan. 2014. I’ll look thru those emails and see what we changed. Thanks for all you do. Your customer service is fantastic! :D

Can this be integrated with Woocommerce?

Yes. As any other WP theme.

Hi there, the header tabs and their sub menus which appears in horizontal form, can we make them drop-down menus?

You can see it on screenshot. The Menu can be changed vie Theme Options.

Hi, I have just purchased your theme. I am creating a Child theme to customize as per my need. But continuously getting errors of broken paths/missing files. Could you pls help so in few clicks I could setup my child theme?


I need access to WP admin panel and FTP access, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hi there, on my site’s old theme, I had embeded images into each post and had defined Featured pic for each post, as I installed this new theme, I am seeing featured image for each post along with image(s) in body of the post. Pls help me to remove the post’s image(s) and just show Featured image as thumbnails.

Also pls guide about defining sizes for thumbnails (small, medium and large) with 4 column layout. Thanks.


1. Can you show me this on your site?

2. Recommended size for your Features images at least 653 px by width.

Hi there, need help on thumbnails on your demo theme http://demo.color-theme.com/?theme=Accord 1. What is the size of square thumbnails defined for carousel? Where can we define this size? 2. Posts thumbs on homepage, actual images are shown here with redcued proportional sizes… so If an image is 1000px wide, it is reduced proportionally and showed on page which has an adverse affect on page load speed. Pls suggest where can we define thumbs so that actual size is appeared here and small image is shown and then actual image should be shown in post detail page. Thanks.

1. Some sizes can be changed in the file functions.php and some in Settings -> Media.

2. Yes.

Thanks, I am unable to find “blog-thumb” so I can redefine the thumb sizes, ones in Settings -> Media are already defined but can’t find this.. pls help

Just find in the functions.php:

add_image_size( 'blog-thumb', 302, 9999 );

Hi there, I know your theme is done in Bootstrap. I am trying to load a Bootstrap Modal window similar to this example (Click try this code) http://goo.gl/bxDO7r – Using the same code, unable to get this. Also this should load once across the site as I am using it for language selection. Pls help. Thanks.