Discussion on Ace — Responsive All Purpose Wordpress Theme

Discussion on Ace — Responsive All Purpose Wordpress Theme

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Hello, we have been using your theme for sometime, and now suddenly all of the sidebars are loading under the main content of the pages. Can you help? http://hollywoodmarkets.com


currently I can see that sidebars on your site are on proper places. If you still see this problem, please, create a topic on our support forum and clarify, in which browser do you see this issue.

How can I hide “related posts”

no I mean the “RELATED” and “RELATED PRODUCTS” at the bottom of the page. above the gray “Let’s Connect” footer

For some reason when I visit https://ciarbny.org/shop/both-columbia-course-fellowship-course/ I get redirected to the home page, therefore I can’t see the page live. But as I can see from the screenshot – it’s not native theme block, it looks like it comes from some plugin or code customization, so, you should address this question to previous developer.

Where can I find the demo xml file? I’m getting trouble with the demo importing


you can find demo xml file in the ZIP package which you download from ThemeForest, in the ‘demo_content’ folder.

hi, can’t see the mobile menu button (3 lines) and social icons on mobile anymore. I tried to modify the item menu png, change the background color.. but nothing append. How can I fix this problem? thank you


please, make sure that all files of the theme are not modified (you can just reinstall the theme). If it doesn’t help, please, contact us via support forum and provide your site URL.

Nevermind. Thanks

I am using the “Welcome to Ace” page as my home page, and the slider has disappeared from the top. How can i get it back?


please, make sure that when you edit the page correct slider is chosen in the “Choose the slider” option http://grab.by/RgVY

If it doesn’t help, please, contact us via support forum or contact form, provide your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

It looks like this theme is going to be licensed freely under the GPL (https://github.com/mantisbt/mantisbt/pull/805 ) – is this correct, that the theme is now available to be used free of charge under the GPL ?

“Ace” mention in the repository you refer is not related to this Ace WordPress Theme – it’s a different thing. It looks like some kind of Admin Template exists with the same name (Ace).

PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘file’ in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/ace/functions/aq_resizer.php on line 142

PHP Warning: getimagesize(logo3.png): could not make seekable – http://logo3.png in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/ace/header.php on line 68

I have update to the latest version, but still got errors


please, reach out to us via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ) or support forum ( http://support.olevmedia.com/ ) and provide temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

Having a problem with this fatal error code :http://mynewdev.com/pomona/3020-2/ Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/hostpuppies/public_html/pomona/wp-includes/query.php on line 28

none of the home pages display properly

the fatal erro was caused by a plugin conflict

i cannot locate the demo sliders. i imported the demo data and the xml file and it is not pulling the layered slider or the revo slider slides


sliders were not included into demo content, but if you need them, you can download file http://support.olevmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/acesliders.zip unzip it and import JSON file.


How to get only one sidebar by default on every page of the site? Including main page, categories, tags, posts etc. I want to have two sidebars on the particular set of pages only.

Yes, you can give my any advice. I am a developer.

To set ‘One sidebar’ as a default when you create new page/post open file functions/post-meta.php, line 17
"std" => '',
'options' => array(
    '' => __('Two sidebars (on small screens second one goes below the first)', 'om_theme'),
change it to
"std" => 'one_sidebar',
'options' => array(
    'two' => __('Two sidebars (on small screens second one goes below the first)', 'om_theme'),
then, do the same in the file functions/page-meta.php

Thanks a lot! I’ll try that.

Hi! Thanks for a great theme! I really like it!

I got a problem located at the /ace/tinymce/popup.php. When I’m trying to get shortcode in the post editor screen I got empty popup window. I’ve looked at the apache’s error log and found: Failed opening required themes/ace/tinymce/popup.php/wp-load.php.

Please, don’t use this way: $tmp = explode( ‘wp-content’, FILE ); Because there are cases when ‘wp-content’ is renamed by the admin to something else. It’s my case.


thank you for notice, we don’t use this way any more in our themes, I suppose we will update this piece of code in this theme also.

Hi guys, I want to add a search bar to my header. It’s not there now. Is this an option somewhere?


there is no option to add search bar to the header. There is a ‘search’ widget exist, which can be added into sidebar or footer widget areas.

But if you need to add search bar exactly to the header, I can advise you this solution: install plugin “Search shortcode”, add shortcode [search] into “Theme Options – General Settings – Intro text line” field, then open file wp-content/themes/ace/header.php, line 53
<div class="intro-block"><?php echo $intro ?></div>
and change it to
<div class="intro-block"><?php echo do_shortcode($intro) ?></div>

Hello, sorry for my English . What I want to know is how is done to put a only one sidebar in categorys . thank you!


sorry for delay with answer. There is an option “Theme Options – Blog Options – Archive/Category Options – Pull sidebar/slider settings for Archive/Category pages from page”, which you can use to achieve it.

It was that! thank you!! :)

Hi, is there a way to make it not responsive, i mean fixed width, because at larger screens it looks huge! smaller layout looks better.



it’s possible to remove a piece of code from CSS file and disable layout for wide screens.


I like to be able to change the color scheme if I use this theme, do you have a theme documentation that I could have a look at? I need to know what exactly can be changed in the settings. Thanks!


Great theme! Would it be possible to have one small sidebar at the left and one at the right? So instead of 2 at the left or 2 at the right it would be nice to have a widget left and a widget right and in the middle the broader text field or shop. (like bar:1/4 – middle: 2/4 – bar:1/4)



Hi Pieter,

unfortunately there is no option to have one sidebar at the left and one at the right.

I need your help! I’ve installed woocommerce, and the plugin works fine. But I only see 10 products per page – 12 products fill the whole site.

Please check here: http://art-design.de/mueller/ausstellungsstuecke/

How can I change it?


I’ve found and changed it myself!

Hi – layer slider came bundled with this theme. How can I update. I asked the Layerslider author, and he said I should go through the theme author


new version of Layer Slider will be included with the next theme update. If you want to receive updates for this plugin from plugin`s author immediately after release you should buy a separate License.

Hi there, I’ve a problem with the portfolio!

Please look here – all demo-portfolio items are installed: http://art-design.de/wohntrend/portfolio/

But if I click on one of this portfolio-items, I get this: http://art-design.de/wohntrend/portfolio/schlafzimmer/

Why? Please help!

Another question:

The portfolio is loading two-times. How can I change it?



two-times loading: it’s a collision with visual composer, to fix it, open file functions.php, line 342
wp_enqueue_script('isotope', TEMPLATE_DIR_URI.'/js/jquery.isotope.min.om.js', array('jquery'), false, true);
change it to
wp_enqueue_script('om-isotope', TEMPLATE_DIR_URI.'/js/jquery.isotope.min.om.js', array('jquery'), false, true);

as for the 404 page: try to navigate to “Settings – Permalinks” and just click “Save changes”.

If it doesn’t help, please, write us via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ) and provide us temporary access to WP-admin.

Hey mopc76,

thanks for your support!

If I change the permalinks to “Standard” – it works. If I change to “postname” the error appears again.


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