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Nice theme but no typography , elements ( slider,list,toggle,tables etc ) ? I would buy, but I need those elements to speed up work!

Thank you for your comments. Typography will be available in our next update. All the best!

Hello! Update is up! :)

how long until the next update bud?

I asked you if the contact form was working on the site you designed, you supplied a non working contact because there was no php file wriiten for the page

Hello nightsoldier. Please note that a contact form cannot function in an HTML template. All you need to do is to integrate the provided form and our HTML template into a php script (CMS), then the form will be 100% functional.

If you face any issues or need help, please open a ticket on our support page and we’ll take care of it for you.

All the best!

I`m aware of that, which is why I asked if you had sorted them into a working form

Thank you!

Hi, Question, How do I add mutiple galleries? So if i have to add galleries like wedding, headshots, grad, corporate and fashion. how do i do that? And each gallery will have multiple images. Please help. Also, how can I add more images on the slider? please advice. Regards ImageCare

Hello and thanks for your question.

Regarding the multiple galleries: This needs additional HTML/CSS coding as the theme was only designed to have one single portfolio gallery. So it was not designed to have multiple galleries.

To add more images to the slider you need to do the following: Open index.html with an editor and go to the line that says Inside of this ID, each slide from the slider begins with To add a new slider, you need to completely copy and paste “da-slide” class, together with the interior corresponding DIVS, and then you edit the texts and the image. Then you simply upload the image on the server in images/slider

That’s all! Hope this helped.

Cool ! Very good work !;