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Hi there!

And thank you for a great theme! I wonder if you could help me to have 4 columns with events only under the slider? This is for a theatere and they would like to post only the events on the frontpage. Now I cant seem to remove the “latest news” bar which they dont need.

TY, Alvilde ;)

Hello there, can you open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com and we’ll be right there :)

Hello, The front page of the events list shows events only in daily order. If you have multiple events on the same day, how do I get them to appear in chronological order?

Hi there! Thanks for the comment! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there asap! :)


Is there a way to show the event hours in a 12-hour time instead of 24-hour?

Thanks, Jose


How can we add Instagram and Facebook widgets for the footer?

Hi there! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to answer all your questions :)

Hi, I’m hoping you can advise, we have brought the Acoustic theme and are using it to build a ‘events promotion’ website. I note “events” are displayed via a widget in list format in sidebar etc but was wondering it would be possible to display the events in boxes with image under the slider similar to the videos?

Currently we have had to adapt and use the ‘video’ boxes to display events which sort of half works i.e. its great having a video associated with each gig/event we are promoting, we have to use the “Read More” button and we have to add all the event details, ticket sales button etc on the video page when it opens. I realize the video boxes aren’t made for this purpose which is a shame because its ideal. If only the video/posts had all the functionality of the ‘events’ it would be great

So is there anyway of creating ‘events’ that display in boxes like the videos do? and have them stick in a specific order on the home page. When clicked on these would take you to the event with all the necessary event functionality.

Sorry I know this is easy to ask and probably a nightmare to do but I have to ask and of course it may already be possible and I’m just missing something. It would make the theme so much more usable and versatile.

I can show you a screen shot or grant you access to the site so you can see what we’ve done so far. The problem is we have to duplicate the event/ gigs we are promoting twice, once using the bastardiazed video box method and once using an “event”. The ideal thing would be a merging of the two methods.

Hope this makes sense to you and hope you can help. Loving the theme it was the only one we found that came close to our requirements and believe me we looked for days.

Yours Hopefully, Andy Jones, Malvern, UK

Hey Andy, if you can copy paste this in a new ticket on our official support channel we’ll help out asap! http://cssigniter.ticksy.com , thanks I appreciate it!

To anyone reading this, I’d just like to say the support CSSIgniter has given me has been second to none, professional and friendly. A lot of what was sorted was via private messages but was top quality support, punctual and I always got a posative response. Thanks Vasilis… you guys rock!! There I said it. So anyone thinking about this aspect no need to worry they got it covered. Andy Jones, Malvern The UK.

Hey Andy, thanks so much for your kind comments, so much appreciated! Please never hesitate opening a ticket if you have any further questions! Glad to help!

Hi there

I’ve been looking for a theme with the music buying features Acoustic has for some time and I’m hoping you can let me know a bit more about it.

I’m looking for a theme I can use with Dokan from Wedevs https://wedevs.com/products/plugins/dokan/ which is a Woocommerce Multivendor plugin. The trouble with Dokan is it has absolutely zero customisation for music.

The ability to buy an album (or just selected individual tracks from it) and play/preview the tracks is key so Acoustic is perfect for that.

However, how much of that functionality can be configured by the site’s main admin and then made automatic for the multivendors? All of the Dokan functionality for a vendor to add a product is handled in a simple frontend form where vendors can upload product images, digital products etc… (here is a screenshot of the add products screen https://www.dropbox.com/s/8g51jtrjpweaae1/dokan-screen.jpg?dl=0)

Vendors on the store would need to be able to add music files (digital products) using that frontend and end up with a product that looks like the one in Acoustic with ‘Buy Album’, ‘Buy Track’ and ‘Play Track’ options https://www.dropbox.com/s/gysf3b1qas7y5e6/acoustic-screen.jpeg?dl=0

Do you think Acoustic can be compatible with this? If not out of the box, how much dev work do you think it would take to create the necessary hooks?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thanks for your interest.

I’ve never worked with Dokan but I will give you thorough analysis on how Acoustic works so that maybe I can shed some light onto your question.

Acoustic comes with various post types, one of them is called “Discography”. Another post type is the “Product” post type, which is provided by WooCommerce (Acoustic is styled specifically for WooCommerce).

Each post in the Discography post type (let’s call this an Album from now own), has its own tracklisting fields where a user can manually add songs to them, here’s how it looks: http://d.pr/i/1gvgX

The user can supply a playable mp3 (which would be a preview version of the mp3 you’re selling) and there’s the possibility to provide manual links (which will be the URL of the actual product).

Now whenever you publish an Album which has a tracklisting, we’ve built a special shortcode so that you can display that album’s tracklisting wherever you want.

The process is this:

1. Create an Album, fill in the tracklisting. 2. Create your product, enter that album’s tracklisting in the product description via the shortcode. 3 (optional). Go back to the album and paste the URL of the actual product in the custom link so that the tracklisting can point to the product (if you need to link it from somewhere else).

So if you’re planning on having different vendors they would have to have access to the Discography post type so that they can add albums along with their products. This can be achieved by using a User Role plugin, and restrict your vendors to having access to the Discography post type, and ability to edit/view only their own Albums.

This is the simplest I can think of, unfortunately there’s no automatic way of doing this without some serious coding (i.e. implementing the tracklisting functionality directly to the product).

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the thorough and superb response. I have communicated with the plugin author to see if they can help me integrate it with the theme based on your feedback. I hope they can as the two combined would be perfect for me.

Thanks again, so much!

No worries, anything I can do to help let me know

ok..I LOVE your theme its what im looking for exactly! ive been searching all over for this but im a bit of a noob … do I need a wordpress.com or worpress.org or does it matter? and is their a backend editor thats easy to use so i can uplaod video music and change things? thank you so much cant wait to purchase

Hey thanks for the kind comments! :)

This works on a self installable WordPress installation which is available through wordpress.org. That means you need to download it, and install it on your server.

WordPress comes with a very user friendly backend editor where you can manage your content, add videos, etc :) Everything you see in the demo is manageable by the backend.

Hello, My news page is empty, how can I theme plate like home page without latest media, just like demo site. I use page side bar but all widget stay on right of page. Tnx

Hi there! thanks for contacting us! :) If you could open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to help!

already i open ticket for this problem on https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/

Thanks! We’ll be right there :)

Hi there, pre-sale question… Do you have a demo of the audio preview? I cant find an example on the shop page. Also the demo doesn’t work 100%, I click add to cart from the discography and it just opens up the audio.

Also, does the shop support digital downloads?

Hello! The audio preview is based on the [tracklisting] shortcode which you can see in a discography post http://www.cssigniter.com/vip/acoustic/discography/sonny-rollins/

I’ll make sure to add it to the products, thanks! The “Buy Track” link is a dummy one, you can link it to your products.

About the digital downloads, yes absolutely, WooCommerce supports it 100% :)

Hello, Is it possible for the users to “save as” the large version of the photo? http://www.cssigniter.com/vip/acoustic/galleries/set-of-photos/ Thanks

Hello, yes, we can help you via our support to do it :)

Presale question: will it be possible to create an artist profile page with information related to the artist? I need to be able to add much more information per artist than the sample page shows. I am thinking bio, events, albums, tracks, contact info and social media widgets.

Thanks Hector


I am waiting on an answer to a question I posted several hours ago. I need to have this question answered before I go on with the purchase. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to go on a different direction. *The following is my query: will it be possible to create an artist profile page with information related to the artist? I need to be able to add much more information per artist than the sample page shows. I am thinking bio, events, albums, tracks, contact info and social media widgets.

Thanks Hector

Hello! Sincere apologies for the late reply.

The artist’s template of Acoustic is comprised of the main content and a dynamic sidebar where you can add any widget you wish.

That said, you cannot attach events or albums to an artist directly, but you could use the Event and Tracklisting widgets on each artist separately by using a plugin like “Widget Logic”. So if you have “Artist A” you designate specific Events and Track widgets for that artist alone (using the Widget Logic plugin which allows you to do that). This applies to social media widgets. For the bio you can use the main content and you can also insert discography (tracklisting) items in the main content by the use of shortcodes.

It all comes down to how many artists you want to have, if they are too many the above solution might not be manageable (consider you’ll be having 1 or 2 maybe 3 widgets for each artist).

does this theme work with the polylang plugin?

Hello! Yes it does! :)

Does this the come with the ability to do digital downloads?

Hello, yes it does, WooCommerce supports digital downloads :)

The zip’s file included documentation says the theme files includes the PSD for the theme, however, it does not.

Where can I get that in order for the designers work with previsualizations of the theme?

Hi, pre sail question. I like your theme but I’m looking for a theme with a vertical menu. I image my layout in three column, can I put it on the first column on the left?


What you’re describing could be possible (place a Menu widget as your main menu on all the sidebars), but in pages where there is no sidebar (for example here: http://www.cssigniter.com/vip/acoustic/artists/ ) this would not be possible at all and you’d need to add a sidebar yourself (and to every page that doesn’t have one).

In general it’s possible to do but it would require a bit of WordPress and coding knowledge.

..Hello Dear author? I have some doubts about your template 1) The álbum manager is integrated with woocommere.. can I sell one track using my gateway of payment for example? 2) Can I embeed radio streaming in your players .. What Can I do if I want have one or more Radio station ? 3) Can I use a masonry display in your álbum galery or other method to filter álbuns by 4) Whats is yours upload formats? Have you intagration with soundcloud..also? Cheers Ivini

Hello! Thanks for your interest in Acoustic!

1. The album manager is not exactly integrated with WooCommerce but you can link your products with an album via links or a buy button on the track itself that can point to the product (song or album you’re selling). You can most definitely sell tracks and anything you need. For the payment gateway you must check if WooCommerce supports it via a third party plugin, otherwise you’d have to custom develop it.

2. As long as the radio stream outputs a playable audio format such as mp3 yes you an add as many streams as you want.

If you check here http://www.cssigniter.com/vip/acoustic/discography/sonny-rollins/ instead of tracks you’d have radio streams.

3. Unfortunately masonry is not supported by Acoustic, you might want to check the Chords theme of ours or Dubstep which have this feature.

4. The audioplayers support mp3 and soundcloud is supported yes :)