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Great work, GLWS o7

Thank you!

Nice Work! GLWS :)

Thank you!!

Good luck with sales!

Thanks so much :)

Congratulation. GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Creative Theme, GLWS :)


Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

Thank you!

Congrats! Very Clean and Creative Theme… Good Luck With Your Sales ;) and Happy Envato Birthday!

Thank you so much :)

I’m very interested in purchasing, just wondering how i would insert my email address for contact form to go to, also, how to add my paypal details in etc?

Hi there! For email you change send to address in contact.php file. As for paypal, can you email me at info@yoktemplates.com with the specific details?

Nice, Will there be a Wordpress Version? If so, when do you think it will be out?

Hi there! Not sure if there will be or not.

I absolutely love this template. Thank you for this fantastic work. My question is do you have a way to modify the logo. I need to increase the size to present larger brand recognition for my client. The logo is a shape with silhouettes and text.

Basically, I need to know how to set the dimensions of the logo so that I can make my svg work.


Hey there! Can you email me this request at info@yoktemplates.com so that we can resolve this for you?

Just emailed you. Thanks

Taking a look now.

Amazing design. It’s featured on my website NGO & Non-profit website templates Best of luck for huge sell (y)

Wonderful! Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for the wonderfully designed template. I know it takes alot of work for amazingness. I’m currently editing this template for a nonprofit and they totally love what they’ve seen so far. Though, I’m having trouble working the prettyphoto lightbox plugin, the calendar plugin, editing the modal near the bottom. I’m trying to add prettyPhoto plugin to a newly created section, looks just like Modals section, and the lightbox is not appearing. I can’t seem to figure how to add any events on the Calendar plugin and I’m trying to edit the #become a volunteer modal by adding alot more fields, but the formatting keeps coming out wonky. It would be awesome if you could help me out on these items. Thanks. :)

Hi there—email me at info@yoktemplates.com with screenshots of your specific issues.

I just sent it! Thanks again!

Amazing. Wish it was a Wordpress Theme… but might be able to use it anyhow.

ywamer—thank you! I’ll keep you posted if there are any places to convert it.

Hi, im about to purchase this template and I was wondering if it was “normal” that there is a scroll bar on the bottom of the Website in the demo in themeforest. Also, in the blog-hero.html page, the filter for the categories doesnt seems to work, so I was wondering if it was programmed or just displayed as is.


Hey—scroll bar at bottom? Can you email me a screenshot? info@yoktemplates.com. The blog filter is for looks, no functionality built into the template.

Hi, i bought this theme but i am finding it difficult to change the google map and the address on the google map

Hi there! I’ll send you another email.

Thanks, i got it and i have effected the changes. Can i convert this theme to a wordpress theme

Great! To use for yourself or for one client you can convert it. I’m not sure your level of experience/expertise so it may require working with a developer.

Hi Author! Great theme by the way. Can you help me, I just bought this theme and followed all the tutorials how to upload demo data, but after I click to import and some time, it will show a message that reads : Page not Found, go back to Home. something. I also tried the manual setup of the Frontpage, it just shows header and the footer, does not show the sections after I also followed the instructions on the page template and choose as a section. Can you help me?

I have downloaded it, installed, and activated it. Please read my original post, I don’t know why you are referring me back to the download URL.

Because this is the comments thread for the HTML/CSS Version. Please post your question in the comments section of the WP version!

Inside of your count function in act.js, you need to return true instead of false. Then, all of your counters will increment instead of only the first one.

Bmzero. You are awesome, thank you! Updating prettyphoto, will also make that fix.

I have accidentally deleted the shortcode from the homepage that displays the events in the same fashion as on the demo. Please an you give me the code to re-insert? http://new.bwgbangkok.org/#home

Please zip the website and send it to info@yoktemplates.com

I didn’t realize i purchased the HTML version instead of wordpress, Is there a way to return this one to purchase the WP, Themeforest told me to contact seller to see if he will agree.

Hey! Sure, is there a formal process through Envato?

Love the theme. However im having some issues getting the google map to work in production. it works locally but as soon as it is pushed live it throws an error. Can you point me in the direction to resolve this?

Jarrett—will you email me at info@yoktemplates.com? Send link if you can.