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can i have 6 icons on the front page?

try to change col-md-3 container to col-md-2

can you help me to integrate google recapcha ? i have some difficulties on contact.php i need to verify that token with google, but i am stucked at 3+1 answer. Can you help me ?


Hi there, How do I add a search to the top navigation so it appears in desktop and mobile view. I would like it to be on the far right in desktop and bottom of menu in mobile. Can you help me with this?

hello…i am sorry but this is not included in the support, this is considered customization. all the best

regarding the first page the banner can be automatic resize base on screen size?

hello, the background slider and the boxes already are responsive. and it seems your support period has expired

is this theme/plugin even compatible with the new wordpress and newer themes?

Hi, can I custom your calculator with my own style?

if you are familiar with html + css…yes. all the best


I just bought your “Activity – Calories Calculators and Sport Activity” script and noticed, that when I use “Calories burned by activities” calculator and press “Calculate” button, the results show up only for a second and disappear resetting calculator values or results return “NaN” error value. An error occurs on both: local laptop installation and server installation.

How to solve this problem?

Best regards.

Hello…i am ansonika the author of activity site template. I have another customer that encounter your same issue…that you fixed alone. Can you please share the solution? It will be very appreciated. You can contact me also at mike@ansonika.com. thanks


. thanks

Calculators does not support cross browser

My country is not on the list of Paypal countries. Is there another alternative to paying with a visa card, not through PayPal?

Hello i think not. Try to ask to themeforest/envato support. All the best

I can add a other new calculator in this? so now are 4 but I want 5.. it’s possible?

Hi ansonika nice template, perfekt for me :-) but one problem with the menu (solution for user “arrowline) and the function with mouse over instead of clicking. This work not perfect. when i move the mouse outside left from the “standorte”, then the menu don’t close. when i go on the right side to “Angebote” it works fine :-) see example on: www.jumble.ch/mm/zh/ you have a tip for me. Thanks and gratulation to your portfolio. I think i need more from you.

can we have this in another language

i am sorry but you’ve asked how to install the widget version. on the documentation is explain how to do it. as i told you in my first reply this is an “html site template” not a wordpress theme

can you help me with the installation

What do you mean for installation? If you go here https://themeforest.net/item/activity-calories-calculators-and-sport-activity/8792981

and on the right column under the price, you can see that support does not include installation service.

but if something fast, i will try to help you or give some suggestions. contact me at support(at)ansonika(dot)com

can we edit this calculator. for instance instead of Weight can we have any other description. instead of calories any chance to have any other value like square meters or speed? thanks

Hi, I bought the plugin but while installing it keeps saying that a valid plugin is missing. What’s wrong?

hi, installing? note that this is not a wordpress plugin.it’s an html site template and a widget version for html web sites

thank you good pullings

Can this widget be included in my website which is a one pager html 5 site? does it need wordpress?

Does the theme only come in blue or do you have other colour versions too?

you can include in your existing html site template, but some knwoledges of html is required in order to follow the instructions on the documentation. i am sorry only blue

Is this template compatible with Shopify?

hi, no i am sorry

Hello, i got this message when uploading to install the theme. “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.” What is required to install into my new wordpress website? much appreciated

Hi, i am sorry but Activity is an html site template as clearly described in the item page. all the best

Do you have plans to make this for wordpress?

Hi, no i am sorry. There is another auhtor that convert it into wordpress https://themeforest.net/item/activity-calories-calculators-and-sport-activity-wordpress-theme/15778493

all the best

Dear Ansonika, can we insert your plugin into a app like html?

Hi Ansinoka, just downloaded your plugin, but uploading error…... Could you please help us on this?

Dear Asonika, we are still waiting for your response… we have got 6 months support paid for.

Support is managed in 24/48 hours GTM1 business days as clearly described in the services terms.

Uploading error? what do you mean? Note that Activity it is an html site template and the calculator is a js widget that ca ben applied to html site templates as clearly described in the item page:

“ACTIVITY is an HTML site template suitable for small fitness center, trainers and sport activity. The main features of the item are the 4 Calories Calculators provided; the item comes with a Widget Version of the calculators that you can include in your existing HTML web site.”