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Discussion on Acumen - The Highly Extensible Magento Theme

Discussion on Acumen - The Highly Extensible Magento Theme

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......i’m sorry but if wait again….here is time to work for magento 3.0 )))

( about your release for M2 )

I don’t have anything to share specifically about Magento 2 now, but here is the first public demo for Acumen 1.5 which is a complete rewrite for Magento 1.


If you have an active Acumen 1 license, when I’m products for Magento 2 are available (in progress) you will be able to transition your license to use the same product for Magento 2 for free.

I understand it’s a big commitment to change themes, and I want to give customers the best upgrade path possible by taking away the concern about buying multiple themes and upgrading Magento.

I will be selling outside ThemeForest and charging for updates to make this sustainable, but ultimately I think it’s in the best interest of those using a theme to build a Magento store because it’s far worse for the theme to be abandoned than maintained for a small fee.

ok, but prefer the exist release of acumen for M1, thank you, not link you post. i only ask you about acumen for magento 2 ...and sorry i understand in your reply/proclame at work for acumen for M2.

This has the feeling of being dead in the water guys, great product but sometimes people have too much going on and move on. Lets just let this one go and stop kicking the can down the road to nowhere

Far from dead, here’s a demo link:


This is Acumen 1.5 (previously I called this Acumen 2) for Magento 1. There are 6 sites using this code in production now as beta testers. There are a couple things I’d still like to improve before full release, but it’s mostly ready.

I’m working on Magento 2, and my plan is to make that product (actually Acumen 2) available to anyone with a valid Acumen 1 license. I will be selling via my own website going forward and charging for updates (which ThemeForest doesn’t allow) because that’s the only way to make a complex product like this sustainable.

— — — — — — — — — —

I bought a house in April and then became un-engaged over May/June. Both of those took a lot of time and energy away from making products. I still work full-time doing client work, and products are done in my free time.

I made a lot of progress over the last year though. My GitHub chart is all product work (not client projects), so aside from Christmas and April-July distractions I’ve worked on Acumen every week except one.


— — — — — — — — — —

Apologies for the slow responses lately, but Acumen is definitely not abandoned. I have hundreds of hours invested in building it and making sure there is a stable and no-nonsense way to begin using Magento 2 when that code is ready.

The feedback I’ve gotten from beta testers has been excellent and encouraging that they wouldn’t consider using another theme as a starting point anymore. I’m excited to make this available to more people as soon as I can.

I understand, thanks for writing back. There is still much interest. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Have you thought about hiring somebody to help you on this ?

I have! Not on the Magento side, but to build the tools to sell independently of Envato I hired two Laravel developers in 2015 and 2016 to help build parts of that application so I could focus on the products.

It has definitely been time consuming even with the extra help to get all the pieces in place. I’m working on documentation for Acumen 1.5 which is unfortunately difficult to have anyone else do.

Ah, good to see the progress. Any idea when it will be released?

I’ve been distributing beta releases to a handful of new buyers that reached out, or anyone who purchased an Acumen license via ThemeForest within the last 12 months and wanted to update.

Before Acumen 1.5.0 is officially released I’m still making changes so bear in mind that doing development on a pre-release may involve some extra work. I’m mostly past that point now though.

If you bought Acumen over 12 months ago, and want to use the beta release ASAP the best course is to buy a new license and contact me so I can send you the updates directly.

After I lock down the 1.5.0 release itself, I need to do some work to get the GravDept Shop running on my own site. I know some people would rather not wait for that so buying through ThemeForest is the best option because I have license importing integrated from ThemeForest to the GravDept Shop. That way you won’t miss anything going forward when the GravDept Shop is completed.

Any news?

Let me guess… The new Acumen has not been released yet? The author has been saying ‘soon’ for years now.

Move on folks, nothing to see here.

There have been 15 alpha/beta releases, and I have 12 customers who are using the new theme and providing feedback. It’s my decision what is ready for release and what needs more work to be a product I’m proud of and ready to support.

If you want to be childish and spend your days snarking at me — go ahead. It’s a waste of your life. I’ve spent part of mine working on this product, but it’s not the only thing that matters to me.

I’m fine with taking my time and building a good product. I’m fine with you not liking it.

Hi Brendan Seasons greetings. I am not sure what to do, I have magento version 1 with your old theme. I use a custom mobile theme with it for now since i don’t have the beta.

I am Looking at version 2 of magento as future path. I like this theme but not sure what best course of action is.

I would like to install and try the new beta theme out and get rid of this mobile theme i have installed if possible

Cheers D

Hi, I’m back from taking some time off for the holidays. I’ll leave a reply on your newer comment.

Hello, Is there a fix for magento with formkey validation ? I can’t get checkout past the shipping step. Do you have any update for this ? thanks


How do i get the latest version and is it ready for magento ? Pay the 250 ?

Hi, I’m back from taking some time off for the holidays. Sorry for the delays, let me try to answer:

The current version of Acumen 1.4.1 is a bit behind on Magento patches. I intend to go back and keep this maintained as it’s not much work. I haven’t done that yet because I’m more focused on releasing the revamped Acumen.

The forthcoming Acumen 1.5 (which was in alpha then beta last year) has been maintained with each Magento patch as it was released. This is normally how I work, and as you can see Acumen’s 8 year history Magento compatibility updates are almost always released from 1–14 days after Magento releases them.

Acumen 1.5 is stable on Magento, and being used by a dozen alpha/beta customers. The arrangement I’ve offered to them to get early access to the code is buying a license via ThemeForest. With the understanding that going forward the license needs to be renewed annually for access to updates, and after release the price will be increasing for future buyers so consider the current pricing a discount.

At this time I’m working on documentation, so you will need some familiarity with Magento themes and running Gulp commands to customize. I have some basic docs written for beta customers, but it’s not recommended for non-technical users to begin on the beta release as the level of detail assumes some technical background.

I am willing to pay the $250 for sure. I have been thinking of moving to Magento 2 though because it is the future. What are your thoughts on version 2 of magento and acumen ?

can you make me the * favour to FIX the price to normal price of 40USD??!!!

Sure thing, but first please phone up Elon and tell him what price a Tesla Roadster should be. Something normal like $20,000.

In all seriousness, after the beta the price of Acumen is going up. You might not be the right buyer for this product if it doesn’t make sense why that’s happening.

Hi Author,

I am planning to purchase theme for my business but wanted to know whether the theme supports Application development i.e. SOAP and REST API code is being configured or not? Could you please help us to know the same.

Thanks and Regards, Aquaspade

Magento 1 has both SOAP and REST APIs:

http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/m1x/api/soap/introduction.html http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/m1x/api/rest/introduction.html

Check out those docs and see if it’s right for you. Note: the Acumen theme doesn’t really use either of these. It’s built on top of the core Magento application which uses them obviously.

Hello, how can I download and install Acumen 1.5? I need this because Acumen first release is not mobile friendly. Thanks.

Acumen 1.5 hasn’t been released yet. I sent previews to a small number of previous buyers (15 alpha and 2 beta releases) during development to gather feedback, and I’m in the final stages of documentation now.

really George?? (299usd) ????????????????..........

There’s no George here and that is the price. If you’re not interested in the product you should move along and do something productive with your time. After all the petty comments you’ve written, it’s just sad that you think what you’re doing matters.

dg9ban Purchased

Great Theme – I like it.

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