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Hey man. Love the template.

Could you fill me in on fixing the IE8 issues discussed above.

“Hi There, the menu for this template does not seem to work with Internet Explorer 8. I have tried uploading the original template and testing it and getting the same outcome. Can you help please?”

Much appreciated, Travis

You’ll get a reminder.

Hello, please, download the latest version of the template. It has full IE8 support.

Thanks! :)

Today I noticed this template was last updated November 22. But, I can’t seem to find the Change Log to see what has been changed or updated. Can you help me with that? Anyone?

Hello, sorry for Change Log. Last update adds IE8 support. P.S. Change Log is added.

Thanks for the update.

Where do I download the updated I.E. support files?

Hello, just go to your Downloads page and get the latest version of the template. Updated files: all html files, css/style.css, css/ie-8-style.css

In general, changes are only in the head section of html files.

Excellent design and superb customer service! Thank you for all the support and rapid response!

Thank you, James.

hello bought adagency layout’m unable to configure the slide LayerSlider pingendo’m using to edit the layout, I have no experience, need help to get everything ready, this is the field I installed layout, www.trazme.com

What program that I set up and edit the slide?

grateful for the attention

Hello, thanks for purchase the template. When you purchased Layer Slider you get documentation with all options and setups. Please, check it.


Firstly I wanted to thank you for the template. Really nice design and layout. I wanted to however address the issue of a ‘blanking’ of screen that happens every so often once the flexislider rotates through the frames. This is in reference to ’.slider1’ It usually towards the end of the rotation. This is a glitch that I am picking up time and time again in Chrome.

Please can someone help me ASAP. I am doing this for a client and I need an answer soon.

my personal mail is dean@giveitaface.co.za

Kind Regards,



I have encountered two other issues in the template. I have noticed that the Nav completely disappears on the Ipad when viewed in Portrait format. I have tried to look for where to rectify this in the Responsive.css but I cannot find the solution??

The other issue I have encountered is a distortion/squashing of the image/s on the template under the heading ‘OUR PROJECTS’ in the landscape format for Mobile phones. Not sure if it has anything to do with auto-sizing option. Please can you assist on these issues ASAP.

How do you change the initial location of the Google map on the contact page?

found it in the header information.


If I wanted to change the color to 990000 or CC0000 or FF0000

What file would I need to alter. or can I do a search for F36548 and just change that code on all pages.

Hello, by default ./css/color-01.css file is used. Here you can search and replace the color you want. Thanks.

Hi RivaThemes

I have a question about Newsletters and Contact Form code, in my website doesn´t work, I mean when you write full information in contact form you think everything is allright, but never your mail arrives to your acount mail and newsletter when you click on suscribe me! shows this text: OOps! Error occured. What can i do? Thanks


Hello, thanks for yout purchase, Hust wait a little and you’ll get new update with new newsletters and contact form scripts.

Hello, thank you for the very nice template! I have 2 little problems for change in this template. First I need a third level for the navigation. Sorry I have try it, but I don’t know the solution. I am in this a beginner. The second disire is that the flexslider change the pictures more slowly and fade. Thank you very much for the support. Many greetings. Sil

sorry where i find the answer?

sorry i don’t find your answers …?