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This Theme looks amazing, very fresh and professional. Good luck dude!

Thanks, Vicky.

Very good =) I like the staff layout alot! Good one, hope that people will see the beauty in this theme! =)

Thank you.

Yes, lovely theme I will purchase it shortly!


Excellent theme. I would love to convert this to Drupal. Cheers

Thank you.

Yo-ho-ho = it looks really great !

Thank you.

Theme, but if you want to buy

1-google chorme and firefox browsers Language Selection button does not work

2 – including PHP files?

What versions your browsers have? Because, on my desktop all is ok.

PHP files are not included.

Windows XP chorme versions 29.0.1547.66 m firefox version : 23.0.1 php dosyalar?n? gönderebilir misin

Can you send php files

php files, send us’m going to buy now

Hi, this is a HTML template. What exactly php files do you need?

newsletters and contact form php files

HTML 5 AJAX Contact Form added to the template. I’ll inform you when it’ll be approved. Newsletters will be a little later.

Done. Contact form is approved.

Newsletters subscription is added to the template and approved.

Hi there.Nice template, i have purchased it a few days ago. How do i get the contact form ajax doc?

Cheers Dermot

Hello, thanks for your purchase. You need to purchase HTML5 AJAX Contact Form at first here http://codecanyon.net/item/html-5-ajax-contact-form/122299?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=jigowatt

Documentation is in the pack.

Strange why you didnt add it to the end product. Was there a reason? Is it possible to keep sections of the accordion open and some closed?

I’ve added toggle block on elements.html page. Check it.

Hi There, the menu for this template does not seem to work with Internet Explorer 8. I have tried uploading the original template and testing it and getting the same outcome. Can you help please?

Replace js and css files. And try to place including of script js/modernizr.js into the head section.

Hi. Sorry but that still has not fixed the problem.

Hi. Please, send me your URL to solarman.awm@gmail.com I’ll check it.

Hello, great theme you have there! Can you fix links to the portfolio pages, to make them link to images lets say a person wants to view images in a preview window? i can see here you have chosen to leave out popular photo gallery plugins. i think it will be awesome if u could work on this as well especially for the projects pages and portfolio pages

Sure. Thanks for your suggestion.

as engmasu said if you can fix links to images would be great. I would like to see how it works before purchasing it..

Finally purchased it..Great work


Fine image preview changes SUONO, wont it be great if u can also include options for, image title and next/previous/close controls in the lightbox? i think this would make the theme even better! Thank u

Thanks, I’ll check it.

Well, it’s just a skin for a lightbox. You can choose another with image title, close and navigation buttons.


In Chrome browser: “Language Selection” and “Search” button doesn’t work.

Any new version with this fix?

Google Chrome version: 30.0.1599.69 m

URL: http://rivathemes.com/html/adagency/index.html

Hello, thanks for your attention. In the preview it is OK. This issue appears because there is a settings block with cog icon in the right top of the window. It has bigger z-index property than search button. There is no problem with it in the final archive.

That’s it. Thanks for your attention.

I’ll purchase your template, now !!


Hi Suono, I want to purchase your awesome theme but before it please clarify my queries: 1) What kind of support will I get after purchasing? I mean will you help me in developing my complete site as I’m new learner. 2) Also is it possible for you to provide me support through skype or team viewer in case I need help. 3) This will be my first purchase from themeforest so please tell me in what type I will be getting your template( eg. will it contain links in the templates after which I have to manually change and give them my local pc paths?). 4) Is it possible for you to integrate the gallery from your Magnis template into AdAgency template? As the only thing which I don’t like is the Adagency gallery structure. 5) Also tell me is your template is SEO friendly? 6) Last but not least before purchasing can you video chat on skype with me to clarify any other doubts? 7) Also let me know do you charge if any changes you make to your template as per my choice?

Please reply soon. I cant wait to buy this template. :)

Hello. Thanks for your comment. The support terms you can find here: http://themeforest.net/item/adagency-html-template-/5551520/support The template created with seo in mind. WBR.

I read your support terms but it does not clarify my queries. So request you to please reply to all my queries.

Hello, Quick question about the “Our Team” section before I purchase. Does the “Our Team” thumbnail and description area paginate when more than four team members are added to the page? Are there slider controls? At first glance at your html it would appear that there is not. Is this just a preview version without the above mentioned functionality?

Sweet! Thank you. I will purchase your template immediately after your update. You ROCK!

Hello. Pls, check this page: http://rivathemes.com/html/magnis/elements.html “our team” section on the bottom of the page.

Hello, please, download the latest version of the template.