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Thank You Louiejie :)

Hello, I’ve changed the URLs of images on “images.js” but it does not show the images…. still blank.

Hi Rozenx, thanks for purchase.

what you’ve set the countdown? in some cases, the buyer has not set a countdown. to set the countdown, there are instructions in the documentation. or tell me the link to your website.

Thank You

hi 3 questions. 1-in your template there is no folder twitter. 2-subscribe > where I supposed to put the compagny mail to receive the subscription ? 3-I don(t use flick can I put a Facebook template and how ?

Hi ycorp, thanks for purchase.

1 you can follow the steps here
2 just replace the process.php file with your script.
3 just delete this line <ul id="cbox" class="flickr-thumbs" /> and replace with facebook widget script.

thank you.

Hi, I have no technical skills on Website, but I can see that you have it written out for the instruction. However, how do I get it live to my website, is there any vdo that I can learn on how to get it up live? I use GoDaddy.

Please email me, much appreciate for your advice

Cheers RJ

Hi rjrojvira, thanks for purchase.
to upload the files you can contact GoDaddy.
make sure you uploading all files in a folder,
for example in a folder “adam-dark-left”, upload all files in the folder and drop it into the public_html on your server.
after all that is done, do that exist in the documentation.

Thank You

I have been trying to get support for about a week now and an getting pretty frustrated. I like the theme, and have tried to implement it – but I need to be able to have a long business name where the logo goes but I cannot position it correctly. I want to make the content box which I have on the right just be much wider. I have posted on your themeforest page (but it seems to have been deleted) – and sent 2 emails to you – can you please help. Cheers – Tony

where you sent me images?

did u receive my email?

problem solved :)
thank you