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Hi, is any option to “hide” menu. I would like to have it visible after scroll is any simple way for that?

Hello Kaaple

Yes, there is such option in the panel. Open “Adamant Options > Layout > Header > Dropping header mode (Enable)”

With Regards Daniel

Hello, how are you; i’m interesting in adamant theme but i have a few questions: it is possible to change or let in blank the background of information contact section? can i create a gallery where if the person click on photo that photo opens with a big size? the theme don’t have a single page option? if yes, could send me a demo or image of that? thanks, have a nice day :)

Hello Cleverk and thank you! :)

A1. Yes of course you can change the background in all content blocks.
A2. Yes
A3. Yes you can create another pages like this one: http://adamant.theme2.apollo13.eu/shortcodes/

With Regards Daniel

Hi, i just bought the theme, and will ask here cause i don’t want to open a topic on forum (do you don’t have a ticket system or something like that?) Where i choose the video file that will be played on background? can i use a external link like vimeo, youtube or host the video in other server? i want to set the menu on the top of video just like in this page rcview.com.br, how i do this? in this page also the logo don’t appears, how i can hide the logo? thanks, i’m very satisfied with the theme until now, the tutorials are very clear and the import of demo archive works like a charm :)

Hello Cleverk and thank you!

We use forum because other customers have the opportunity to find a solution to their problems. Remember that we’re not able to solve every problem here in the comments.

A.1) You can only use the hosted video file. Video background is supported by the Revolution slider so you have to edit the slides. http://goo.gl/L5wujp
A.2) http://goo.gl/CLm0Sg – You must drag&drop this geen ROW on the top of the page.
A.3) I see the logo on this page: rcview.com.br. But if you still want to hide the logo you can use on easy trick: http://goo.gl/wGr82N

With Regards Daniel

Hi, i did all that i wanted, and the theme is working great now, i just have one problem: i can’t format the text on “text block”, i write some text with no formatting at all and the first two lines became bold, and the others became smaller; i sent my domain adress to you via email form here on themeforest, can you check and see what’s happening? thanks

Hello Cleverk

Its great to read that eveyrthing is going well :) . If you want to change this paragraph you must edit this font in the admin panel. Go to the “Adamant Options > Layout > Typography” and edit this font: “Font settings for first paragraph of content block” (screen: http://goo.gl/U0t0fz)

With Regards Daniel

can we add different menu on different pages? like i made a menu 1& 2 .i want to add it on home page then on about us i want to add menu 2. can i do this?

Hello Missteague

Sorry but it is not possible.

With Regards Daniel

Hello again Missteague

However, we managed to find a solution for that: https://wordpress.org/plugins/menu-swapper/ .

With Regards Daniel

Hi, I checked on forum and tried to register (but the capcha didnt load)- I have a critical issue with Google-fonts being in China. Ideally I would like to use current fonts but from http://www.youziku.com/ (they have raleway as well as others). Worst comes to worst entirely disable google-fonts.

Loading google-fonts prevents site from loading properly or at all from china. Im pretty sure there is a simple fix but I havent found it yet with Adamant. I tried plugins but they are overrun by theme code, i tried html but same response. That’s what i am trying to use http://www.youziku.com/webfont/Details?fontID=46818

Any ideas ? that would be a life saver

Hello Soundlesscloud

Please send me the PM. Ill create an account on the forum for you.

With Regards Daniel

I have all of my pages built, but when i add the “shop” page and add anything relating to a cart it overrides the home page. I have my home page set to static and linking to “home” yet it still overrides all settings.

Hello! Please visit our support forum and create a new thread. Our expert try to help You. Best Regards Daniel

Hi I´m trying everything to change the menu background color and the font color and nothing works, please help!


Hello Danysruiz

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

With Regards Daniel

Is this theme accessible ready?

Sorry it has not been tested in this way. So i can only say it is not accessible.

hi there, a couple of queries regarding this theme before purchase…

a) is it fairly easy to turn off some of the CSS animations that occur when you scroll down the page i.e. the way some of the content slides in etc.

b) on the portfolio (“Works”) section is it possible to specify how many projects are shown at initial pageload – the demo has one row – 4 images – can this be increased to 2 or 3 rows rather than relying on the user clicking the ‘load more’ button?

c) could you provide a direct link to the changelog file for adamant please?


Hello Tallhat

a) Yes, you can disable these animation easily. Tak a look on this example: https://goo.gl/k3hhYq
b) Yes, you can add more work there or all works if you want.
c) Link to the changelog: http://www.apollo13.eu/changelog/adamant/index.html

With Regards Daniel

I’ve placed in my clients email in every possible section within wordpress and still when I send an email through the contact form at the bottom it doesn’t go to him. Am I missing something?


Check this place: https://goo.gl/EEhhu1 because this form is generated by external plugin (Contact Form 7). I hope it helps.

With Regards Daniel

hi, i b i’m building a one page design site and i have a problem on my navigation menu. I already read all the documentation and i didn’t find an answer, i followed all the instuction in your documentation for building the menu with the navigations anchor and it’s built successfuly the navigation bar but when i click on one of the links (contact for example) nothing happen, no scrolling effect. I just have ”#contact” added at the end of the url.

Thank you for your time

Hello Evocitycar

Have you read the instruction from the documentation: http://www.apollo13.eu/docs/adamant/#!/one_page_design_page and still not works? Please visit our support forum. Our Expert will help you with this.

With Regards Daniel

hi, can I have your parallax with a fixed image, is there an option?

Hello Johnsn

Please write more details because im not sure what you mean.

With Regards Daniel

I just updated to wordpress 4.5 and the visual composer backend ending tool is not working? I can’t do any updating to my one page website. Please advise urgently.

Hello Tangoalpha

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

With Regards Daniel

Stretch row don´t work, i make the changes that you propose in the forum but nothing chancge..


We can’t find your thread on our support forum so please send a link to this thread.

With Regards Daniel

Hi I am very interested in your Theme. But before buying. I need to know if: It can be integrated with Woocomerce. Hosting minimum requirements to run well. Thank you very much!

Hello Jmf2

Im sorry but is not compatible with the Woocommerce.

With Regards Daniel

Hello, can you let me know where did you purchase this background photo?

Really like your taste of art :)



Hello and thank you Mofoster

This is not a picture but timelapse video ;) https://videohive.net/item/night-city-time-lapse/3760836

With Regards Daniel

Hi there, love the theme. Just one thing. How do you add a Next or Previous arrows navigation to works page? Refer to image: http://imgur.com/MDNQFWI

Hello rpangemanan and thank you

If it does not appear please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem.

With Regards Daniel


We’re looking for a theme with a good one page portfolio. So we can add a lot of pictures AND videos to each case study. And a lot of descriptions, etc. Is it possible in your theme?


Hello Aoui

Yes, you can add a lot of pictures to each work and you can add video to each works but you cant add a lot of pictures and videos in the same time.

Please remember that this theme is no longer supported. We recommend you to use our other latest themes like Fatmoon or Starter.

With Regards Daniel