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imm123 Purchased

Hi, I asked you before… Related posts (images) doesn’t appear!

Related Posts depending on post tags and post thumbnail so make sure that you have posts in same tags and these posts have a featured image.

Hope it’s help.


imm123 Purchased

Yes it helps! Thanks.


I buy Adams retina wp theme. I install plugin all in seo pack, my problem is: Can’t change homepage title and description.

I tried to deactivate all in seo pack but nothing change. I can use other seo plugin, but nothing change.In main setting I have written title and desctiption. what can I do ? Thanks

Hi Pal,

Actually website’s title retrieved by a WordPress function so if the SEO plugin can change and overwrite the title it must done through the plugin’s code.

My own opinion that the SEO plugin using the title you entered in the plugin’s settings to enhance something in SEO but i’m not sure.

If you want to change your website’s title you must go to [WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General] and change [Site Title] and describe your website in [Tagline] it’ll help SEO plugin.

P.S. Use [Yoast SEO] plugin.

Hop it’s help .. Have a nice day :)

The description is not displayed. Even after you turn off all plug-in SEO Pack. I have set title and description in general settings. My screen

Use Yoast SEO plugin i don’t know too much about your plugin


imm123 Purchased

Why you advices revolution slder? This slider has till now a lot of issues and bugs!

The main reason is its popularity so many users asks for it .. Just for our customers we didn’t recommend any plugin .. we give you the ability to use something so It’s your call, It’s benefit for a lot customers.


imm123 Purchased

There are a lot of other useful sliders you may recommended. For dummies the rs is heavy


imm123 Purchased

Take care! Adams Theme has NO opportunity to ad your own (whatever) slider and the rev.slider has many conflicts with Adams theme!

Adams theme only display your Rev.Slider generated shortcode so if you prepare a good slider it’ll shown good.


imm123 Purchased

Rev. slider has many conflicts with your Adams Theme!

Hi. How can I set RTL as a theme style while keeping wordpress dashboard in english? Thanks

WordPress Dashboard depends on the language you had choose so you cannot do it but i’m not sure may be there’s a plugin do this job .. Ask Google or in WordPress forum.

Dear, my question was about how to set RTL for the site itself.

You said [keeping wordpress dashboard in english] .. anyway .. Just Install WordPress RTL version ..

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Settings > General
  3. Scroll down to Site Language
  4. Select your favorite language
  5. Save Changes

This is a cool theme. I have, however, found one very curious bug with it. When logged in and browsing the wordpress site with Adam’s activated, the server shows traffic from itself (its own ip address) requesting lots of images. For each page request where the user is logged in and viewing the site under Adam’s theme, many such requests originating from the server are generated.

I’ve ruled out plugins by disabling them. And this only happens when the Adam’s theme is activated. I found this after it caused high cpu usage that caused my site to be shut down.

I have version 5.7.0. Is this a known bug?

Hi Pal,

Actually if you have a Cache Plugin so since no caching for logged-in users you’ll see a lot of requests .. if you don’t have one so it’s a little bit weird .. can you take some screenshots and send it via e-mail

Thanks for your feedback

Have a nice day :)


Stratur Purchased

My site uses left and right sidebar and middle content. On mobile middle content shows first, then left sidebar. Id like to make left sidebar show first on mobile, then middle content. How to do this?

It’s impossible to do that it’s the core of the theme’s blueprint, you cannot just change a line .. Try to ask any author this and tell me the answer.

We didn’t provide individual customization or installation .. Kindly Read the Envato Support Terms


Stratur Purchased

Other question. Mobile menu – if just main menu is used, is it possible to make main menu open just 1 click, when user clicks on menu icon and main menu opens straight away, without need to click 2 times? And is it possible to change menu logo?

Thanks for your feedback we’ll make it in the next update .. But where’s the menu logo you mean icons ??

Hi there, i am trying to import widgets with “Widget Importer & Exporter” but its giving me an error “You must upload a .wie file generated by this plugin.” can you please tell me how can i imports widgets like demo site. i need home page exactly like demo site


Please upgrade your plugin to the latest version ‘cause it seems like an issue with WordPress Version 4.7.1 .. the solution is to install Disable Real MIME Check Plugin .. Solution is by the plugin’s author Steven Gliebe

Thanks for using Adams WordPress theme,

Have a nice day :)

thanks, its working now, but can you please tell how can i add widgets in main body (Middle of the home page).

To add main body boxes just follow these steps

How to create mega menu like the demo?

To create mega menu please follow these steps

You documentation is not working “How to build menus (Mega Menu and Icons) .. See the Documentation”

Watch video guide at second [00:16] you’ll notice that you should divide the column’s list like [Main Layouts, Review Types, Page Templates] and each one has it’s own items inside to declare the beginning of column so it’ll be 3 columns the other 2 columns will be empty for the background image if you don’t and image and need to use the 5 columns for sub-menu items add two parents and make sub items for each.

Hope it’s help

I created submenu but it doesn’t work :(

be sure columns=5 in megamenu’s shortcode – [adams_megamenu style=”submenu-grid” columns=”5”]

hi there, can you please help me to setup home page exactly like demo website. I import the content and widgets from importer tool but still I am unable to have home page like demo website.

please help me here.

Thanks in Advance.

Send your website’s url please

Is this theme compatible with latest version of Wordpress 4.7.2?

Yes pal, You can upgrade to the latest version.

How to change the position of the date and time on home slider?

Slider’s elements are not customizable, Unless if you aware about PHP and CSS you can modify your theme’s files .. it’s up to you.

You can modify slider code from [templates/slider-large.php] and [templates/slider-small.php]

Of course if you decide to modify it you must modify CSS and re-style it as well.

RELATED ARTICLES at the bottom showing the same link with the post link. How to solve this problem?

Since it’s the first time, I think it’s a plugins conflict, Please shoot me an email with an admin account for your website using Profile Page to help you.


an75824 Purchased

Guys do not update to Wordpress 4.7.2… The dropdown menus will not work, the ‘Add media’ button does not work and actually you can only post simple text…. nothing else.

You can simply tell us your issue and we’ll help you, Actually the demo works already on WordPress v4.7.2 Dropdown menus and Media button works fine.

Make sure that you have the theme’s latest version 5.7.0 and upgrade all plugins ‘cause it may be a plugins conflict.

Hope it’s help .. waiting you after test


an75824 Purchased

Just a more descriptive update. TinyMCE will not work at all, you won’t be able to to do anything. This theme is a total waste of time…

You can simply tell us your issue and we’ll help you, Actually the demo works already on WordPress v4.7.2 and TinyMCE works fine.

Make sure that you have the theme’s latest version 5.7.0 and upgrade all plugins ‘cause it may be a plugins conflict.

Hope it’s help .. waiting you after test


tatnewso Purchased

printing is out of alignment how to do the setting

Do you want to print your website’s page !!!? I don’t know printing settings, It’s not related to the theme.


goki_sk Purchased

9 months without new version why?