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HI Serpetsoft.

I purchased your theme and I’m currently having problems with it.

My website is www.swimbikerun .ph

The middle area looks like a normal blog with paginated numbers below.

I have added sections theme options / home settings / homepage builder but none of those is showing.

I also tried under reading / static page / selecting various options but it’s not working. It’s currently set to your latest posts for some reason.

Can you help me please. Thank you.


Pre Purchase question: will that work on current Word press version 4.8? Will I be able to use plugins like Yoast SEO, akismet, insert header footer and so on with it? What about the plugin update of this theme?

The Adams WordPress theme is fully compatible with WordPress v4.8 and the plugins mentioned above, What is header footer??


Amidjos Purchased

i recently used your theme to change my website, but features images on all posts are not showing. I have to go to thousands of articles to edit the header under the post options. Please is there any way to show automatically feature image in new posts ?

Yes of course, There’s a plugin called Auto Post Thumbnail which will help you to generate a thumbnail image for old posts using the first image inside the post.

Hope it’s help, Waiting your test.

Hi. Is there a way to add sections to the page like visual composer?

Home page builder under home settings is good and all but it is kinda limiting.

I also want to be able to add sections on my site. With the current I can’t even add a page break.

Hi Serpentsoft!

There seems to be a reoccuring problem with the theme.

Every once in a while all the settings turn back to default.

This is the second time this has happened.

The page becomes a blog and all the home settings under page builder that I made got deleted.

Even the advertisement in the Header Advertisement got erased.

How can I fix and prevent this from happening again?

Actually it’s my first time to hear about this issue, But I’m pretty sure it’s not belong to the theme or you hit Restore Settings button in theme’s options page, otherwise I was able to discover it from other clients .. It’s very weird but I’ll contact you if I discover it.

In the meantime you can use Import/Export tab from the left pane to save your settings in your local drive and if it happened again import it to save your time.

Hi guys.

Managed to make my theme back to where it once was. Backup it up too using the backup option.

Question, is there a way at least for the posts in the homepage builder / category style / horizontal to scroll?

Right now, even if I set it to 12 articles, you’ll have to click the left and right buttons. Some users never notice those buttons and only see the latest 5 posts.

Also same concern for the vertical. I have a lot of posts for each category but they can only see 3.

Same concerns with the mobile section.

Please how do i update from version 3.0.0 to the current version.

Hi Pal,

Envato makes an useful plugin for upgrading themes called WP Envato Market you can download the zip file from Here, Then do the following steps…

  1. Upload envato-market to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Click the ‘Envato Market’ menu in WordPress and connect to the API.
  4. You’ll see a link to show you how to Generate a Personal Token
  5. Save Changes
  6. Now you should see the new Adams version in your dashboard, Click to upgrade theme.
  7. After upgrading download the new version from your themeforest’s download page to see the new documentation and learn how to deal with new icons added in version 5.0

Hope it’s help, Anything else?? .. We’re here to help.

Have a nice day.

Ok, Thanks for your response, im gonna try it out..and would give u an update

Main Menu and Top Menu have disapeared and advice? it was working fine earlier this week.

Even when I try to make a new menu it doesn’t show up on the site. It’s very strange.

Sure so weird, but it might be plugins conflict try to deactivate the latest plugin you install in the last week

Yup, I did that. Still nada. Any suggestions on how to get the menus back?

Resizing logo on top left. I recently changed web hosts and my logo at the top left shrunk. I can’t figure out how to change the dimensions. The image I uploaded is a lot bigger than what is showing.

Your logo is 700×200 pixels and it appears correctly as I see.

Hi guys

Is there any way for some of the categories in home page builder / home settings to auto scroll?

Like the gear review section even if you put in 4 or 8 posts to show only 2 shows up and there’s no way for the users to see the post other than the small left and right icons.

Is there a way also to integrate visual composer? It’s easier