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I can’t see a “search” box on the demo, is there a “search” box present in the theme?

Of course pal there’s two search widgets one for WordPress and other for the theme, you can find it in [About Us] top menu and another widgets in the top-menu’s sidebars as well.


bsp98ht Purchased

hi, I have a problem with posts_order. i add some categories at home settings but post order not show recents but random. How to fix this?

Working properly :) Perhaps it was a conflict with plugin or cache issue but now it’s working good.

Let me know if it happens again.

Try to use this plugin Auto Post Thumbnail because the category boxes you had decide to use get ONLY the posts have featured image and it seems you didn’t add featured images for a lot of old posts so this plugin will help you to grab the first image from the post content and make it as featured image so category box will display the first image from category.


bsp98ht Purchased

Thank’s. featured image missing that’s why not show last posts


behnam4 Purchased

Hello dear, yesterday 21.02.2016 i update the theme after that the widgets SOCIAL COUNTER BOX is stop working ( Facebook page-Youtube-Google Plus-Twitter-Periscope-Pinterest-Linkedin) and i have check the URL to be sure that the problem is not with the URL´is. what shall i do?

Hey pal, Go to Options Panel (Admin Panel) and scroll to Social Counter Settings tab then add your new API for all networks had changed their APIs.

Hope it’s help, Waiting for your response.


behnam4 Purchased

Yes thank you its work now. the facebook page FANS LIKE is not showing on the box. do you have any solution for that ?

send website url please.

Hello, amazing job you have done. When preparing the next update consider this: Adams Classic Post widget when displaying posts on the “Most Views” order could have a time filter. That’s because by default you get the “all time most views” which can be not wanted.

hi . i’m persian :) I’m sorry my English is a little weak :(

all demo support rtl ??? Is One Sidebar demo fully supported RTL ?

tnx for this amazing theme :)

Of course pal :) Adams supports RTL for any layout

Thanks for your interesting.

hello there i need to upload the demo content ? how to get it

Hi pal, In the downloaded folder look for [ adams-theme > wp-sample-data ] and read the [ Read Me ] text file for instructions.

Cannot read property ‘refreshContentEditable’ of undefined. When creating a new post shows this error. I can not add text to the Content box.

I disable all add-ons. My WordPress version 4.5.2 and the problem still continues. I do not understand why.

Errors : no such method ‘instance’ for autocomplete widget instance Cannot read property ‘refreshContentEditable’ of undefined

Hi Pal, this issue reported 3 weeks ago Here and it’s related with TinyMCE plugin included in WordPress Core and Browsers so try to re-install your WordPress version from (Dashboard > Updates > Re-install Now button) .. and try again after deactivate your plugins.

P.S Do NOT use TinyMCE buttons and start to use Shortcodes Ultimate plugin that included with the theme .. You’ll find dozens options to use.

Hope it’s help .. Waiting your reply

Solved in Adams v5.6

Hi! Great theme!

Pre-sales question, is there any way to change the colors the header of each section?

Also, is there a way to make the main menu sticky? And also the sidebar the sticky parts is there a way you can customize it? Would like to set it for the ad boxes.

Hi Serpentsoft.

I got everything mostly to work.

You can check out he site at www. swimbikerun .ph

Very very nice theme and super easy to edit!

Just a few more questions.

1. Is it possible to arrange / re-order the social media icons? and center it? I placed it on my right sidebar and it’s leaning to the left. I’d like, if possible, to have the RSS icon on the right most.

2. The related posts is not showing in the new posts, but it’s showing in the older posts. Can you help me with that?

3. Is there a way to switch off the left / right previous and next post arrows below the related posts?

Thank you!

4. Also the featured image is not showing on top of the new posts? Like this one


Hi Pal, Sorry for this long vacation

  1. Unfortunately you cannot reorder social icons
  2. The related posts depends on the post’s category/tag so if the new post’s category has no posts the related posts will disappear
  3. Yes you can turn off the navigation arrows from Theme Options Panel > Article Settings tab > Article Page Structure box and turn off Next/Prev switch box.

Hope it’s help, and you can found everything in theme’s documentation.


Onexpo Purchased

After updating the theme from 2.4.0 to the current 5.6.0 version, my child template is broken. I get the error messages: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function serpentsoft_mobile_menu() PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function serpentsoft_header_page_layout() which I used in my child themes header.php. How can I fix this? btw: I cannot log into your support forum – I got no confirmation email after I registered on the 28th of June and when I now try to get a new passwort it says I should check my inbox – but there is no mail from your support site :-( Your’s Stephan Henn

Hi Pal, Sorry for all issues, we’re here to help

  1. [function: serpentsoft_mobile_menu] removed since version 5.0 and replaced with a stylish mobile menu as you see in the demo which include the Top Menu’s Sidebar so just remove it .. You can customize your mobile menu from Appearance > Theme Options > Menus Settings tab > Mobile Menu section
  2. [function: serpentsoft_header_page_layout] removed since version 5.0 because of the huge update and convert to bootstrap 3.0 so just remove it and if you need any help just ask
  3. About the support form confirmation e-mail try to check Spam folder instead of Inbox

Hope it’s help :) Any other questions feel free to ask

When will you add woocommerce support. I really love this theme but im thinking i will have to use another one soon as i want to add a store.

Actually it’ll change theme’s price with $10 more and we believe that will affect on future sales because we didn’t include it from the beginning.

Hi, Can I do 2 columns blog? instead of just one under each other.

Unfortunately the grid posts style is not available in Adams, You can found many blog styles in our blog Blackbear Theme.

The theme is good but google ads not showing in all the places like header or the meddle of the post my site

Hi Pal, Actually i saw an Ad in the footer, Google Adsense might not work for seconds and it’ll run again correctly .. Always try to use Incognito window from chrome to test your website.

Hope it’s help.

hello, presale question, its possible no logo and headerimage like now n my site i wanna a headerpicture and no logo, possible?

We can manage it for you, Hide all header or put a full-width image like yours.

Does the latest update support wordpress 4.6

Yes it’s fully compatible with WordPress 4.6