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Nice theme. i believe it will be successful on sales :) good luck with sales!

Thanks bro… we hope. :)


Amazing Design – realy well done guys!

I have 2 Questions before purchasing:

1. Is it possible to have a sidebar on the Homepage/indexpage?

2. Is it possible to get the slider on the Homepage width a fixed width. (or to set the width of the sidbar to the maximal width that the entery Site have too?) Because i dont like the resizing of the images on bigger screens to the fullwidth – it really looks boring then sometimes.

3. Are there any options for the slider? For Example – Something to handle the slideeffects or the way how the text will diplay on the slider?

Best regards and very thx for this great theme – i think this will be popular!!


Hi Mark, thanks!

1) Yes indeed. We’ve added a homepage sidebar widget area. So, you just need to add widgets to it and you’ll have a homepage sidebar.

2) Yes, with a small tweak you can easily change to set width.

3) Here are the homepage slider options… – You can also easily change the slider transitions/effects from within the js file. The default is random.

so beautiful. good luck with your sales..

Thanks Mark!

I’m glad that my first post is on your amazing work :) really like the idea and creativity which you have in details. that hover effect is very nice! good luck ;)

And what an awesome first post it is. ;)

Thank you!

very, very classy. the menu layout is excellent!

Thank you very, very much sir.

Awesome! Very nice theme :) How about fonts? Easy to upload?

There are many great free plugins available to upload your own fonts or to use Google Webfonts. We try to keep our themes lightweight and fast by leaving out features that aren’t used by many users and that you can quickly add yourself with a free plugin. :)

Another nice one ;)

Is there an option for static content on the homepage?

Sure, you can set the homepage to any page or add content to the layout.

Nice one! Good luck! :)

Thanks… hoping one day we’ll be in the big leagues with GoodLayers. ;)

Hey :)

This theme is amazing. Gonna rate it 5 stars but before I just have a few questions

1) Any idea why my articles are not organized like in the demo ? Here is a screenshot of my homepage articles : It looks broken. Is it because there is no featured image ?

2) How to display the images on the slideshow ? I put featured images in my articles but there is only the text showing up in the slideshow.

3) Is it possible to make the slideshow not clickable ? By that I mean just use it as a slide show, without a direct link to the article it refers to.

4) Last :) In the bottom of my page there is the “Load more” button for articles. But when I click on it nothing happend. I go back to the top of the page and other articles don’t load. Moreover, slides don’t switch. It always stays on the same one.

Thanks a lot

Firstly, a huge thanks for purchasing this theme, your support is greatly appreciated!

So that other users can benefit from our responses, we kindly ask that you post any support inquiries in our dedicated support forum ( All support-related comments, emails or tweets will be directed to this forum.

excellent work! very cool 8)

Strategic naming. ;)

nice theme,

few questions:

1. Can we have the logo on the left instead of being in the center? 2. can we change the color of header and footer or add custom image to header and footer. 3. how many columns can be added in footer and can we place widgets in the footer. 4. does the template comes with shortcodes uploader?



Hi Kash,

1) Yes, with some custom CSS . 2) Yes, with some custom CSS . 3) The footer is just a menu location. Widgets/areas can be added quite easily though. 4) Not sure what a shortcodes uploader is but check out this page about the shortcodes and editor styles…


Is possible enter videos on the slider

Not right now but it wouldn’t be much to add that option. We’ll consider adding it to the next update if others request it as well.

gr8 work…

I’d really like to purchase this theme but I need “news magazine” functionality. I like the example showcase in the demo and it is close to this functionality but not quite up to what I need – I like what you did with your insomnia theme. . I also noticed a lack of social widgets.

We’ll consider adding this in to the next update.

Cheers :)

Your support site does not recognize my purchase code for some reason. Are you aware of any issues with that?

I just had a quick question about firefox browser issues.

Great theme!! I’ll be giving it 5 stars shortly.

Hmm, sorry you’re having problems registering for support.

If you’re still unable to register, could you please email us from our profile page ( with your ThemeForest username and email and I’ll manually create an account for you.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

3) The footer is just a menu location. Widgets/areas can be added quite easily though.

What i mean to ask here was that you added menu items in the footer. Can we add RECENT POST , RECENT COMMENTS , RECENT PAGES or things like that in the FOOTER or would it only support MENU ITEMS .?

Also, would you be able to help in making the LOGO to appear on the left instead of in the center and adding custom image in the header and footer area?

Yes, right now the footer only supports menus.

Yes, we can help you out with some CSS tweaks in the forum.

Hi there. Love your theme and I’m currently considering purchasing it. There are no reviews yet, so I thought I’d ask a couple of questions regarding customization.

What is the maximum logo width allowed?

And – apologies if the question seems stupid – does the theme have two separate menus (the grey bar above the site + left and right of the logo) or simply one (next to the logo)?

Thanks in advance,


1) The logo area has a max-width of 260px but that can be easily tweaked with a little custom CSS .

2) The theme actually has 5 menus. The top bar, left of logo, right of logo, footer, and a mobile menu.

Cheers :)

Thank you for the prompt reply – I really appreciate.

Regarding the second point, can the top bar be turned off? So that the mobile menu ends up replicating what’s left and right of the logo?


If a menu isn’t used it isn’t displayed so yes, just don’t use the top menu to turn it off.

The mobile menu is it’s own menu… we found that many users don’t want the exact same menu for mobile view as they have for the full site.