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Here’s another request for 4.2 support – I was forced to upgrade by my Web Host due to the vulnerabilities in the previous version. Now I find that Adapt isn’t rendering correctly – the Homeslider no longer functions, and half of my showcase posts are missing.

Our demo site is running v2.2 of the theme on WP 4.2 and everything is looking good.

You can check to see if there is a newer version available by going to Appearance ? Themes with the theme activated. If there is a newer version you will see an Update Available notice bar over the theme screenshot. You can click that link to auto-update the theme.

Has anyone figured out how to change the transitions for the slider on the main page? I left a question to support about a week ago and got no response.

I’m using version 2.2 of the theme. It does not show that there are any updates available.

The v2.3 update was in January. If you’re not seeing an update notice for v2.3 try quickly activating a different theme and then reactivating Adapt. You should see the notice then.

Got it, thank you. That’s very strange…I just purchased this theme last week, but the version that downloaded was v2.2.

loading all the posts on the home page? theme adapt

show date in the post?

Hi! How can I remove the “read more”, title, mensage and the silver box from the Slide? I want to use only slide without informations on it :) thanks

Hi, how can I get v2.3? The one purchased here is v2.2. I’m not getting any update notice and deactivating & reactivating the theme did not work. Also, when viewed on mobile, the right sidebar disappears completely. Feature request: can you make the sidebar stay on screen for mobile phones? Thanks.

Hi there,

I’m currently working on the Adapt theme, and am very happy until now. I have a question: for the HOME page I am using the ‘homepage’ template. I can add some footer info, but I can’t seem to add or find a sidebar function. I really would like to have a sidebar on this page… how can I arrange this?



Could anyone provide me with an answer to my quest? Please? :)

Recently purchased the template. All looking nice and interesting in the beginning… but encountered some bugs, which I can’t seem to fix. Support seems to be dead. So would advice to skip to another template if I were you.

You guys really need to updated version of this theme for new Wordpress if you still want to sell this as of today. It’s so buggy with current WP version

The theme is not working with wordpress 4.5 I can not save anything.

I just bought this theme and tried to install it and I’m having a ton of issues importing the demo data. I sent a message to support and still haven’t heard from anyone. The theme won’t import demo data and none of the buttons are working on the theme setup page. Can someone please respond to my request so that I can get this theme working?

The theme is not working with wordpress 4.5 I not save anything from theme option.The theme won’t import demo data and none of the buttons are working on the theme setup page. Please give solution as soon as possible.



The theme is not working with wordpress 4.5+ and now I have to use 4.4 and it works fine, but still it’s not the solution!! I sent a message through the support as suggested, but no replies and I waited for a week for nothing. I hope there’s gonna be a new version of Adapt soon.

a quick fix to remove the errors… search the theme for $this->WP_Widget and replace with parent::__construct

Also, in engine/js/admin.js replace [rel=#home-tab] with [rel=home-tab]

I’m not sure if this causes errors anywhere else but it seems to do the job for me so far.

The theme was abandoned with several errors.

Having some issues as well. Themeforest needs to pull this theme since it seems as though the developers are gone.

Hello. I have a question about the portfolio: Is it available as a separate plugin? Or could you recommend a plugin that has a similar filterable portfolio? Thank you

Hello. Before to udpate my server with php 5.6, i’ve tested my WordPress with the plugin PHP Compatibility Checker. It seems Adapt is not… adapted ;)

Can you make an update for fix the probleme ?

Here the message of PHP CC : FILE: /htdocs/wp-content/themes/adapt/engine/widgets/widget-twittertweets.php


83 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is deprecated since PHP 5.5

Thanks for attention

Hi, we use the Adapt theme and the client would like to add a full-screen slider below the navigation and above the homepage’s content. They want it to stretch the full width of the window, not just the fixed width for the site like it currently is. Is this possible? Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

we are using the adapt wordpress theme to set up a new homepage. still on a local server not published, yet. Anyway: I have a question. Is it possible, to put a portfolio category after a portfolio category? I am thinking about some kind of sub-categories…

E.g. when I have a Highlight linking to a portfolio category but it shouldn’t show items there but link to former sub-categories which then show the basic items… Is there a possibility to do that?

hi there one page navigation like possible with this theme or not thanks