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great theme! We love it. Is it possible to manage Google Fonts or other?

Thank you.

We’ve decided not to build google fonts functionality into our themes but you can easily use a google font with a little custom css. We can show you how to do that in the forum…



mkl Purchased

Purchased, using and loving this theme. Clean, understated and stylish – just what the doctor ordered.

Great to hear and thanks for the support! :)

If you need anything just hit us up in the support forum…


Can use another language for example Norwegian?

Working? -> æ ø and å?

Thank you.

Yes, all of our themes are translation ready to any language.

Nice theme design. Some questions please… Thanks 1. Are they any other layout options for the home page? I would like to have an “about us” section, scrollable “blog” section, scrollable “showcase” section, etc. 2. Is there any other blog layouts other than the masonry layout? 3. On the showcase page, is there any type of pagination? The total of all my items will be over 30. 4. Can additional fields be added (drop-down selection) to the Contacts page? 5. Any Page Builder options? Can 3rd party widgets be added? 6. Any page templates for About Us, Services, etc. If not, any new features coming out soon?

1) The homepage has an optional top widget area as well as a sidebar

4) Yes

The rest are all no’s. We did not intend this theme to be a theme builder type of theme.

Cheers! :)

This is beautifully made, I just got a question. Can I advertise on this?

like Advertisement banners, anywhere on the site?

Sure. You can enable our custom ad widgets or install any of the freely available ad management plugins. The theme has many widget areas that you can use to display the ads throughout your site.

Cheers :)

I just bought the theme.

Where do I put the widgets if I want them in the footer area?

How do I change the background color/fonts/colors in general?

Do regular plugins work on this site?

What if I wanted the sidebar widget area on the left instead of right/vice versa?

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! We like to answer all customer support questions in our support forum so that others can benefit from them as well. If you’d like to start a new thread over there, one of us will take a look at your issue.

Also, how do I add the slider to the blog/category page?

I would like this page as the homepage.

Thanks Faith

Hi, I am very interested in your theme, my question is: Does the slide only works with feature image of post or can I manage the slider images choosing permanent ones? Thanks!

The slider pulls in posts but you can choose what categories or tags and how many. Here are the slider options…


Nice looking theme… I have a question about it. Does it allow you to create new sidebar spaces? For instance, most themes come with widget area for blog, contact and default page… would I be able to add another sidebar and make custom sidebars for each page?

There are specific sidebar widget areas for the homepage, blog/post pages and standard pages… as well as a global sidebar if you want them all to be the same.

If you want to have specific sidebars for each page then you would need to use a plugin. There are many free ones out there that will work for this.


They make widgets for that?! You just blew my mind. THANKS !


Love the ‘featured image animate’ / mouse over thing. But how come it only works after clicking on ‘load more’ or creating a separate blog? I really would like to have it on the homepage right away, without the slider, but that doesn’t work. Is that possible (with some simple coding)?

Post your issue in our support forum and we’ll take care of you there.


Hi, I purchased this theme yesterday.

As a few others have noted, I have also been unable to use my purchase code to create a support forum account on your site.

I’m definitely using the right code, as you have clear instructions as to where it is.

I receive the error – “No valid purchase codes where found.”

Could you help me out with creating a support account please?

Thanks, Mark.

Hmm, sorry you’re having problems registering for support.

If you’re still unable to register, could you please email us from our profile page ( with your ThemeForest username and email and I’ll manually create an account for you.

I’m having trouble with the video embedding. I use the “Insert Video (URL)” option at the bottom, but if I give it a direct link such as an *.mp4 or *.flv it will not load it…is there a way around this to make it work?

The video embed url option is to display videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion,, Flickr, Viddler and Hulu. It is an easy way to embed videos instead of using and customizing the embed code provided by them.

Self-hosted videos are an entirely different thing and are a real pine in the butt because of the lack of browser support. There are plugins out there that you could use but it still involves converting your videos to special web-friendly file formats.

Hope that helps. Cheers!


Cant you help me install this theme? I already installed it and this message appear: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/k2077824/public_html/wp-content/themes/adapt/engine/engine.php on line 22”

Looks like you need to upgrade your WordPress to the latest version!


Hello, I am really interested in your theme, but have a couple of questions before buying:

1) I’d like to have a main blog area with posts (which I would designate using a category) and then a sidebar widget which displays posts of another category. Instead of a recent posts widget, I’m hoping that this could be a widget showing only certain types of blog posts, and that these could use the toggle function to display full blog posts in the sidebar. These would not have images, just text. Is this possible?

2) Is is possible to use a full page background image with this theme?

Thanks! J


1) Yes, kinda. You can customize the blog loop to pull from only a specific category but it would require a modification to the template file. For the sidebar widget, we have a custom widget that you can enable for featured posts where you can select categories/tags and display options.

2) Yes, with the custom css option.


Was just curious if there were any plans to include pages in the slider for the next version?

No plans for that right now… you’re actually the first that has asked about it. Sorry

Oh yeah, hadn’t seen those. We’ll look into this and see if we can add it as an option.

Is it possible to keep the sidebars on the homepage and archive pages in the mobile version? I have some content there I don’t want to be simply unavailable for smaller devices. It looks like it’s there in the CSS but then overridden with display: none farther down. Thanks!

Yes, that’s a simple change.

Hi, I’m super interested in this theme. I see that there are two menus. There is the 1) main top-bar navigation and then the 2) navigation built around the centered logo. Is there anyway to change the 2nd navigation/menu-items page by page? My thought is that I would want the 2nd menu items to represent the drop-down sub-navigation (2nd tier) of whatever top-bar navigation menu item I am currently on. Example: the first item is “Blog”, the sub-items under that is “image post”, “gallery post”... etc. If I were to click on “Blog” or one of it’s sub-menu items, I would want the lower (2nd) menu items (around the centered logo) to change and represent the sub-items of “Blog”.

I hope I was clear enough… :/

Even if I were unable to have them recognize each other and I (the user) had to create it seperately – as long as I could set different menus for different pages – that would work… in essence…

A little long-winded… but thank you in advance, for your response :) ...

I totally follow your question but unfortunately that’s not possible without a lot of custom code. Also, it might confuse your visitors if the menu keeps changing from page to page.

Hi – Great theme. Two questions I haven’t seen here in the comments.

1. Can I change the slider to more of a traditional slide-in&out or fade in&out transition, rather than the alternating rectangles?

2. Is there a way to include either the title of previous and following posts below an entry, next post type navigation in full-width or sidebar post views.

Thanks… if the answer is a simple yes or a simple change, I’ll purchase as soon as I hear back.


Hi Sean,

1) Yes, there are many transition available for the slider including simple slide and fade.

2) Sure, that would require a small modification to the template file but we can help you out in the forum.


Is there going to be a fix for the fullwidth comment box bug?

Actually installed this for testing now, a very well thought out theme indeed :)

Yes, of course. If there isn’t one already, please create a bug ticket for it in the forum and we’ll make sure to get it into the next update.