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Is it possible to have more than one “Showcase” section? Showing different arrays of information rather than the same filters etc.

Sure. You can do that by using Showcase sub-groups and then linking directly to the parent group.

If you need any help with it just create a post about it in the forum.

Hi. What’s the container space width?

The main container width is 940px.

Merci beaucoup, super template et très simple d’utilisation!

Je vous remercie! Nous apprécions votre soutien. ;)

Awesome theme! One question…

Is it possible to not have sidebars on the blog page and just have the blog posts full width? Is this very complicated?

Thanks for your time!

This is pretty simple tweak. If you decide to purchase, we’ll help you out with it in the forum. Cheers!

Hello Friends Awesome Beautiful theme.

Two questions.

1. In slider I can featured pages instead posts

2. Below the slider I can show a showcase or portfolio instead posts

No sorry, both would require some modifications to the theme. This theme was built for a standard magazine/blog site primarily focusing on posts.

Hello, I just installed the theme with the zipped file. I then active and I have this message:Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /homez.548/maurewin/www/mandala/wp-content/themes/adapt/engine/engine.php on line 22 I no longer have access to Wordpress blog from? Have you an explanation?

Responded to forum post.

can this theme be customized with custom CSS ?

Yes, we have added an option to easily add your own custom CSS .


I have purschased this theme and i have a few problems that i cannot solve.

1) How can i remove the related projects from the showcase page?

2) How can i have different page templates to choose from when creating a post? I want this because i do not want to have a sidebar in my posts page. I was able to remove the sidebar by removing the code from the editor but now my post pages are not centered.

3) How can i change the background color of the website?

Firstly, a huge thanks for purchasing this theme, your support is greatly appreciated!

Please post your question/topic in our dedicated support forum.

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. All support-related comments, emails or tweets will be directed to this forum.

Hi, this template dont work in explorer 7. Please help me.

Sorry but we only support ie8 and higher.

Hey DT, just wanted to let you know there is a preview issue with the “Fullwidth” pages Comment section. Not sure if your theme file has this problem, but worth a check.

Cheers, and beautiful theme! Might need to grab this one soon.


Thanks for the heads-up Mike. We took care of this.

Hi DT,

Cool theme, posted (2) issues on your forum, social media icons and footer.php, look forward to your response…

Mez Media

Presale question if you have a minute. I’m trying to determine how customizable the home page is. I understand that it will show the posts and that is nonnegotiable, but how versatile is the widget area? Does it allow for just one widget across, or multiples? And if so how many – do the widths adjust automagically or does it hold X # and then repeat the row? Thank you in advance for your response!

The homepage widget area is a single section that will span the entire width of the post columns. There is, however, an optional homepage sidebar that will take up one row of posts and then will make that widget area span only 2 rows.

The theme is responsive… so the widget area, along with everything else, will adjust to the width of the browser.

Thank you for the response!

Hi! On the homepage, you put a button “load more” to show other projects. I do not know php well, you know what I need to change to make it appear that 8?

Please post your issues/questions in our support forum and we’ll help you out there.


Hi DT, before purchasing this theme I was wonder in the top area where I guess the featured post would go with the huge photos, . . . . can that slider be changed to do different things? For example show thumbnails of post before clicking into them?

Not really. The homepage slider pulls in certain posts that you set and uses the featured image as the full-width image. Also, you can easily change the slider width to standard instead of 100% if you like.

Hi, I have purchased the Adapt template. I’m wondering for posts that do not have words, is there a way to remove the spinning circle. It looks like something is loading but never does and is kind of distracting. Thank you.

Not sure what you’re referring to. Could you provide a link?

Here is a link to my website Here is a link to the Adapt preview page which shows a similar spinning circle at the top, where a photo might be:

Thank you.

Ah, yes. We’ll be pushing a fix for that in the next update. :)

You can easily fix it by adding the below line of CSS …

.featured-image { min-height: 0; }

Is there a way to change the font in the Adapt template?

You can easily do that from the custom css option.

Great looking theme. Just one quick pre-purchase question: is it possible to have a more standard looking blog view? ie. Not in a list, not a grid?


That is not an built-in option but can be accomplished rather easily by someone that is comfortable editing one line of the blog template file and adding some custom css. :)


Is it possible to use different fonts?


You can do yourself via the custom css option or install a plugin specifically for that purpose. Thanks

Is the homepage area below the slider can be replaced with a page or 3 column widgets?

You could replace it with a page. Also, there is an optional homepage sidebar that can be enabled.

How about 2 column of 2 different blog categories?

or 3 column widgets?

Nope, that would require some custom work. :)

Can the slider width be changed to smaller width?


Yes, the slider can easily be changed to span the same width as the main content.