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Hi DesignerThemes,

I haven’t gotten a response in the support forum yet, so I thought I’d try here: I noticed when I view the site at the tablet size, I can’t view the sub page navigation…the main navigation stacks on top of each other, so the sub pages don’t show up at all. How can I allow the sub pages to appear at this size? Please help!

Thank you, Theresa

We’ve added sub menu support for primary menu on tablets in version 1.2. Go to your ThemeForest downloads page and get the latest version. :)

Thanks I’ll try that out!

Hi again DesignerThemes – quick question: Does the credit to you in the footer required to stay on the theme after you purchase and modify it? (Theme by

Thank you, Theresa

You are free to edit the footer as you wish. :)


I just have a pre-purchase question regarding the galleries. I noticed that most (if not all) of the photos on the live preview are of landscape oriented photos. When portrait oriented photos are used in the gallery, does it create empty/blank space to the left and right of the photo, or will it have to be fairly larger than the others to span the space?

Thank you!


The gallery sliders are auto height so the height will adjust to the taller images. The portrait images would need to be as wide as the slider width to prevent white space from showing.

You can see a gallery with different sized images here…

hi i have a question before purchase, is social media widget and share, like button are included? or we have to develop them? thx

There are so many high quality social media plugins freely available that we’ve decided not to include one of our and let you, the user, decide. :)

@DesignerThemes, Im still waiting for some answer on your forum support. Any idea when can we have resolve the questions I have posted.? Tomorrow? Next Week? or?

We usually respond to forum posts within 24 hours.


Please also remember that this support is free and is not even required by Themeforest. We are doing this because we want to look after you.

Hi! I really love your theme, and in fact I’ve liked a number of your other work as well. So, good job!

I have a few pre-sale questions about customizing and other options that are mainly client requests.

1. For the blog, is a standard layout (blog image & exerpt on left with right sidebar) possible>

2. Are there unlimited portfolios? I need the option to have multiple different portfolios on a single page. If so, is there a shortcode to insert portfolio along with page text, or is it only a portfolio page format?

3. Can the portfolio be in a 4 column grid?

4. Can the portfolio have a standard height instead of the flexible/varying height currently shown on demo?

5. Can the footer widget area support widgets/ads?

I may have a few follow up questions, but thank you in advance. Good luck with your theme!

I appreciate your quick response! Are the changes that you mentioned are possible through custom CSS things that you can provide instructions for? I can edit a file if given the changed/new code.

I appreciate your quick response! Are the changes that you mentioned are possible through custom CSS things that you can provide instructions for? I can edit a file if given the changed/new code.

We like to assist our users with small css tweaks here and there that take a few minutes but these listed here would take a good deal of time. We could point you in the right direction as to where/what to edit but providing the exact code would mean we’re doing the work a developer would get paid to do.

Sorry, and I hope you understand.

very nice theme. like it

Thank you much! :)

Very nice theme.. haha Joel Houston!

Is it possible to have a home page with something else than blog?

There is a homepage widget above the posts as well as an optional homepage sidebar… But if you would like to change what is displayed where the recent posts are show in the demo then you would need to customize the loop in the home template file.

Can the slider be something else than posts? Are the menus all separate editable menus?

The slider pulls in posts based on your specific settings. To pull in pages, for example, you will need to edit the query for the slider.

Yes, all of the menus are separate menus and can be changed.

Can the slider be something else than posts? Are the menus all separate editable menus?

Can you assist me in removing the entire slider description that appears in the middle of the slider?


You can add this to your custom css box…

.featured .featured-details .post-content p { display: none; }

If you have any other questions, create a post in the forum and we’ll help you out there.



Where does the sidebar go to when its in mobile mode?

My sidebar dissappear? How can I activate it in mobile mode?


Could you post this issue in the support forum with a link to your URL ? We’ll give you a hand over there.

Nice work.

Just a few pre-purchase questions:

1. Would it be possible to get Google map at 100% slider- like screen width?

2. Would slider re-size at all screen resolutions or there would be chopping from the sides as it happens with many themes?

3. What’s the maximum image width allowed for slider images?


1) This would require some custom css but should be easy

2) Test out the responsiveness here…

3) There is no maximum but the larger the image the longer the page load for your visitors.

Hi, I have the latest posts on the homepage but the “Load More” button for the posts, when clicked, is not working. It seems it has a # – it is only reloading the page. How can I fix it? Thanks

Firstly, a huge thanks for purchasing this theme, your support is greatly appreciated!

Please post your question/topic in our dedicated support forum.

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. All support-related comments, emails or tweets will be directed to this forum.


Dnn Purchased

Very nice work!!! How translate this terms: gallery, image, photo, video ?

Our themes are 100% translation ready and come with mo/po files.

WordPress has some great documentation on how to translate themes.



Dnn Purchased

Hi again. The names of the posts types have translation in .po files? I have not found

Please start a support thread over in our forum and we’ll help you there. Thanks

1. You told me few days ago that I could change the slider in order for it to be link to a page instead of articles. If I buy this template, could you guide me into this.

2. Do you plan to do any update around the slider, like more options instead of only posts, or like dedicated content?

THX Pierre

Hi Pierre – Changing the slider to work with pages instead of posts would involve some custom coding to the home template. We can show/tell you what parts of the code needs to change but won’t be able to provide the actual code. As of right now, we do not plan to update the slider with this functionality, sorry.

hi, i just bought the theme, tried to install but failed. Got this message

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

please advise asap

Looks like you’re probably trying to install the entire themename-package zip. Install the actual theme which is the inside the “theme” folder.

Check out the “documentation” folder too… it walks you through the install as well as theme setup and usage.


oh, thanks…

If I start with default theme configuration can i later change to customize it?