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Very nice theme! :) Before buying:

Is it possible to:

1. get rid of the logo header with the menu items left and right (in other word: get rid of the gray header of the demo and showing only the dark gray menu bar and the big slider)?

2. show only pictures ins the slider… without any text and graphic overlay?

Thanks :)

Sure. If you want to. You’ll just need to add this to the custom css box:

.featured .featured-details, #header { display: none; }

Thank you very much! :)

How do I add extra fields to the contact form?

Please post your question in our dedicated support forum and a developer will help you out.

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. – DT Team

Interesting bug… just updated my Wordpress to 3.6 and now the colorbox is opening when you hit the site:

Please advise?

- sam

Really sorry about this. It seems there was a conflict with an older version of the Colorbox jQuery plugin and WP v3.6.

To fix, simply replace the old version with the new one. Open up this file… /js/jquery.colorbox.js and delete all of the code and then paste in all of this…

That should fix it. Let us know in the forums if any of you are still experiencing issues.

Hi, I am considering buying your theme, however, I have a demo site that I need to replicate exactly and was wondering if your theme can allow for this or not.
Here is the demo,
To sum it up: Home Page:
1. A full-width posts slider that pulls posts automatically for latest posts for which I can specify the height.
2. Below that goes a calendar that I will be creating using

So, please, let me know if that setup is possible with your theme and if you foresee any problems before I purchase it so I don’t face any afterwards.

Many thanks,

I’m not able to give access to the demo site. Maybe you could check with the plugin’s support to see if you can display the calendar in a widget area.

I understand that of course.

Just checked and the plugin has shortcodes, will shortcodes work in the widget area?

Also, do I have the option of removing the posts beneath it or do I have to keep them?

Thanks again,

You can use shortcodes in a text widget. Removing the posts from the homepage would require editing the template directly.

I purchased your theme,, after updating the wordpress it shows a window on every page which does not load, check this out, I hope you can give me a hand what’s wrong.

Sorry, didn’t notice that solution was given, thanks it works.

How do I change the opacity of the homepage featured posts slider box that contains post title?

You can add this css and edit the “0.3” part:

.featured .featured-details {
    background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.3);

I’m thinking in buy this theme. Can you tell me the logo width/height recommend?

The logo space has a width of 260px at any height.

Awesome! I see a new update was released… can you tell me what’s in it?


Here’s the changelog

We’ve added auto updates to this version but here’s info on how to update your theme this time…

Hello I am very interested in buying this theme but I have a couple of questions.

1.The blog boxes on the homepage, can they all be the same size? Or does it depend on the size of the picture that you are putting in them? I would like everything uniform.

2. Can you take the add comments/date out?

Thank you, this seems perfect otherwise.

Thanks Jenny

Thank you..Purchased!

I had a couple of issues that I posted on Thanks

Hello, I had posted some questions more than 2 days ago on and I not yet received an answer so I am posting them here. I really need to know the answer to these issues.

1. I wanted the slider on top to show 1 image and not be a post box on the home page. So basically I do not want the slider images as posts in the Homepage. (I already removed all the wording on the slider)

2. I need all the boxes on the homepage to be the same exact size and uniform.

3. I have the slider only on 1 “number of posts, but it stills try to transition though to other posts and ends up being blank.

4. How would I add an image for the footer.

PLease help jen

5 Stars!!!

Response given via your support ticket.

Thanks for the rating Jenny!

Now answer from support more than 3 days!

Hello, I use Adapt theme. I found soliution about portfolio here:

But i couldnt find settings as it was shown in screenshot:

After I set “Showcase” template to pages, my pages use the same Groups and show the same content. How to show difference Groups for those pages?

We’ve responded to your support ticket. Thanks

Please help Asap as I left a message in support with a slider glitch. So sorry..

I’ve answered your support ticket.

I like this theme, congratulations!

Before buying:

Is this theme compatible with WPML?

Yes, all of our themes are multilingual ready. Thanks

Hi! Awesome theme! Only a problem. When the page is resized (screen 1035px or less) the logo is under the menu. So it’s not possible to click on it.

Yep, you’re right. Little CSS bug. Fixed now, thanks.

Hello. Would it be difficult to use comment_form() in comments.php?

Thanks in advance

You would need to open up comments.php and replace the entire #respond section of code with <?php comment_form(); ?>

Hello! Is it possible to include the portfolio taxonomy sorter on the homepage above the masonry portfolio section (as it appears on the showcase page)? Thanks!

You would need to set your portfolio page as the homepage.

Go to Administration > Settings > Reading and set Front page to your portfolio page.

Great looking theme! I have a question before I purchase. The top widet area that is on the demo’s homepage, can that be included in all pages, or just the homepage? The most important pages for my use would be the homepage and blog category pages.


Great, thanks so much for the quick reply. I will be making the purchase and woking on it today.

I put my questions on the support forum about a month ago and have not heard anything. Should I be putting my questions here?

Sorry about the delay. Answered in forum.


in localhost is everything ok, but when I put in online test server, I’m getting this error when enter in the showcase page template :

PHP Warning: getimagesize(e:\\home\\designlandia1\\Web) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in E:\home\designlandia1\Web\site\labs\linamiranda\wp-content\themes\adapt\engine\functions\image-resize.php on line 77

what should I do ? It’s permission ? my folders are 755 and archives 644 permissions. But my server is Windows.

Please help.

What version of Adapt are you using?

Version 2.0

I just updated my Wordpress to 3.6 and now an colorbox that was not showing up before is opening when you hit the site:

I saw an answer bellow that I should change the plugin, but I could not find the file to change. Could you help me!!! My version is 1.5.

To fix, simply replace the old version with the new one. Open up this file… /js/jquery.colorbox.js and delete all of the code and then paste in all of this…

That should fix it. Let us know in the forums if any of you are still experiencing issues.

This issue has been resolved a long time ago. You can download the updated theme with the fix from your ThemeForest account here…

Here’s info on how to update your theme…

Hi, thanks again for the great theme. I liked it so much I purchased again for another site.

For some reason on my new site, the blog posts are displaying in 1 column, rather than 3. As you can see, I have made some CSS changes, but I dont think I changed anything that should affect the column layout.



Glad you liked it so much. :)

About the layout… I don’t think this is an issue with the theme. All I can suggest is to try removing the custom css that you’ve added and deactivating your plugins one by one to see if one is causing the error.

Thanks, it ended up being something I did in the CSS. My fault