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themestockyard does not currently provide support for this item.

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the live preview link is no working at the moment…

You’re awesome :)

Thanks so much for letting us know!!!

- Jarrod

your theme options’ typography options dont work.
I changed some font size and family but I cant see these.
can you help me?

Hi there – happy to help!

We’re aware that the “Body – Plain Text”, “Copyright”, and “Sidebar Widget Headings” font options aren’t working correctly after one of the previous updates, and we’ll be submitting a fix by the end of the day. Terribly sorry about that!

All other options are working well on our end, but please let us know if there are other options that you’re having trouble with.

I’ll leave another comment when the update/fix has been submitted and approved by Themeforest :)


As promised, Addison v1.3.5 was submitted yesterday and approved by Themeforest about an hour ago :)

Be sure to let me know if you encounter any other issues.



How can I add columns to the menu ? Can I also add images?


I know how to add a background image. I wondered how can I add an image to the body or make it transparent.

Hi there, Fabcita!

Question 1:
We used the ubermenu plugin (sold separately) to create the ones in our demo.

Question 2:
Can you show me an example on another website? Thanks


Oops! I meant to provide a link to the UberMenu plugin. Click here…

I have a question about the Author name on the blog post. My client only has one “author” for all of the posts. We don’t wan the Author name and links to appear on the blog. I’m using a child them and I tried to put a copy of the “includes” folder in my child theme’s folder and edit the code there. But it didn’t work. Can you walk me through the proper way of stripping out this content? We want to keep only the Date, but not the author. Thanks!

I forgot to tell you that the update was submitted and approved yesterday!

Along with several other minor bug fixes, this update now “includes” those loop files in a way that is more compatible with child themes. However… we also wrapped all meta info with html (and added unique class names) that can be easily target with custom CSS rules. To hide all instances of author names, you can add the following code to the “Custom CSS” field:

.slide-meta-item-author { display: none; }
.title-bar-meta-time { margin-left: 0 !important; padding-left: 0 !important; }
.title-bar-meta-time::before { content: "" !important; }

You can get to the “Custom CSS” field by going to Theme Options > General Settings.

Hope that helps! Thanks again for bringing the child theme compatibility issue to our attention :)


Awesome Jarrod. I had already grabbed the updated, and cheated the code in my child them. But using your CSS classes is a much more elegant solution. Thanks for this, it’s a big help! We launched the site last night with your theme and everyone is raving about it. Thanks!

Excellent! So happy to hear that it’s working for you :)

And thanks so much for the rating! It means a lot :)


How can I change the arrow icon for the top sliding bar to another icon?

Hi there!

The theme file that you’ll need to edit is top.php. On line 19, look for this code:

<i class="icon-chevron-down"></i>

Change the icon-chevron-down to any of the options listed on this page.

You’ll probably want to do the same for line 20 by changing the icon-chevron-up to an icon of your choosing.

That’s it!


Hi, Does it have the PSD files in the package? IF not can you provide them please?


So sorry! Somehow we missed your first comment.

So, unfortunately we sort’ve designed this one on the fly. In Illustrator, we quickly mocked up a logo, briefly laid out the main menu and most of the top area, then designed how the slider should look. From there we worked almost entirely from imagination and instinct.

If we get some time over this coming weekend, we’ll flesh out the original design in Illustrator (and perhaps convert it to a layered PSD), but we’re also wrapping up a couple of new themes so I can’t make any promises just yet.

That’s probably not the answer you’re looking for…

Anyway, thanks for your interest! And again, so sorry for the late reply.


HI, the boxed content background color is not changing for me. I read that this was fixed but I don’t see that on my end. I just purchase the product today.

Hi there, roxieft! We’ll go ahead and reply to thread you created in our forums :)



I really like this theme, but before I buy it. I have 2 questions.

1. I see the “themestockyard does not currently provide support for this item.” But on the item detail that said customers get free and unlimited access to your support forum, so that means do I get any support if I have any problem with the theme?

2. About the carousel slider, Is it possible to adjust the height?

Thx in advance

Hi there!

1. While we will continue to answer questions from those who have purchased the Addison theme, we’re unlikely to submit additional updates to Addison in the future.

2. Yep :)


Hi Jarrod, we’re having a crazy issue with Chrome. In Firefox and IE everything is fine, but in Chrome my photo galleries do not display. Look at this page, at the bottom in FF and Chrome and you’ll see what I mean. http://www.heartwoodcenter.com/event-spaces/skylight-room-rental

The two pics drop out. Is there a fix?

Oh dear… I feel ridiculous. I should’ve scrolled down a bit :(

Okay, this should fix the problem:

.gallery-item .gallery-icon a { display: block; }

So sorry about my confusion!


Aha! That fixed it! Thanks for much for your quick support, you’re the best. And no reason to feel ridiculous, I’m just glad it was such an easy fix. Thanks again, Dave

No problem :)

Hi Guys,

I have an issue with the cart.

Some Woo products won’t show any detail, when I look at these products my WP admin bar at the top of the page is gone and I am not logged in.

other products work fine and my admin bar is fine,

If I scroll over the cart it shows me my order (admin bar in place)

If I go to the cart, I get a blank page and I’m logged out again?

I’m using Addison v1.5.1 with a completely blank child theme

Thanks Chris

hello…is anybody listening?

Hi there! So sorry for the late reply, not sure how we missed this one.

Although we no longer officially support the Addison theme, we were asked a very similar question in our support forum and we gave some instructions for how to fix the problem.

If you’re unable to login to our forum, I have also created an HTML page that is accessible to anyone.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you run into any issues…


Hi, Jarrod! Sorry, but I can’t log into your Support Forum. After making changes described in the previous post (from urbangriller), everything worked just fine until I had to create products with variations. All the products from this type won’t show any detail and description. And like urbangriller “when I look at these products my WP admin bar at the top of the page is gone and I am not logged in.” Any advice, pls?


Hi there, Emil!

Glad to see that you were able to get into the forum! I went ahead and replied there :)


hey, i cant change the colour in the theme options. every colour i save are not work. only default (megenta) :/

Hi there! Hope all is well :)

Everything works fine on our end (using WP 4.5). All we had to do was change the colors via the Theme Options, visit our homepage, then reload the page.

If that’s not working, you can also Enable Inline CSS by going to Theme Options > General Settings.


that works. thanks. can you please update the theme and include the new revolution slider? thanks!

I love this template, so user-friendly, thank you.

I am having one issue since handing it over to my client. They’re not savvy at finding pictures at an exact height and width that fill the homepage blog slider properly. Or I should say some of them aren’t, as there are multiple admins for this organization. Is there a way to make the images fill the height it is set at?

http://www.valleyofbloomington.org — I’ve fixed most of them (and I’m trying to get them away from using really wide images too, as it annoys Firefox for sure), but left the latest one at the size they found.

Thank you for your help! Anni

So sorry about the late reply – we’re vacationing in California for a few more days (until Monday, May 30, 2016).

By default, the Addison theme will attempt to enlarge any images that aren’t large enough to use in the slider, however, since the Jetpack Photon plugin is in use, that is being hindered. As I understand it, the Jetpack Photon plugin is fantastic for hosting images (and thereby speeding up your site a bit), and can be trusted when resizing images to a smaller size, but will often fail at resizing an image to a larger size.

I’d recommend asking each user to insure that their images are at least 400 pixels in height (since that is the height of the slider). Since some of them aren’t as tech savvy as others, it may be best to ask them to always upload images by going to Media > Add New and then clicking on the uploaded image (the Dimensions will be shown in the popup), if they are ever unsure.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any follow-up questions and we’ll respond when we return from our vacation.



I’m trying to use the portfolio with pagination on the home page and it won’t allow it to scroll through the options anymore. Can you let me know what I’m doing wrong please? http://ecofluent.org

So we had a few spare minutes and made a quick and dirty plugin. It’s probably not as feature-filled as you’d like/need, but it should (hopefully) get the job done.

You can download the plugin here.

Note: This plugin will only work for Addison portfolio instances under the following conditions:

  1. The portfolio is using the pagination option
  2. The portfolio does not require use of the “filter links”
  3. The portfolio is showing all posts (from all categories; no post IDs are being excluded; etc)
  4. Your website is using “pretty permalinks” (website_domain/blah/blah rather than website_domain/?p=123)

Install/activate the plugin and portfolio instances that match those conditions will automagically play with this plugin.

Final note: We were feeling charitable today, but there will be no more updates for this theme. This isn’t an attempt to be unfriendly; we simply have other obligations that require our time.

As for removing the theme (since support is no longer provided) – we’ve considered doing this, but wanted to leave it up just in case users needed a quick and easy way to download another copy. But we hear you: our policy on this may change in the very near future.

Let me know if you have any questions…


It works! It works! It works! Thank you sooooo much!

You’re welcome :)

perfect theme. hope you never delete this. thanks

Many thanks, Red Baron!!! :)