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Purchased! And i am added 5 stars for this file :)

Thank you Miroslavzv

I have a question. I have not purchased this theme yet, but for the price you can’t go wrong. However, before I do I wanted to ask; Does this theme allow you to edit your actual “launch” theme in the background?

I am not sure if I got the question, but if you want to make changes or basically develop your launch theme, this should not be a problem, if you just know how to do this. Usually, themes are developed on the localhost (on your personal machine), but you also could just create a new directory in your root, develop there and when it’s finished take it to the root. Please tell me if I missed the question.


Is that possible for me to put my LOGO ?


Hi, as you can see in the demo, the theme doesn’t provide a place for a logo itself. But if you got some html skills, it should be possible very easy.


Just some questions:


I already download your file for a twice and there is no index.HTML and the script.jss is no readable (notepad).


May I know how to change the background too? I mean into the blue (as your demo)


How to set the timer

Kindly need your advice

Many Thanks

Hi hellotiko, i advise you to use at least Notepad 2 ( or something better to edit the files. The both other questions are both answered in the documentation. It should be everything self-explanatory.

where is the index.html file in the zip??? i can’t find it! i can see index.php but not html.

the only index.html that exists is the help file.. i can’t use that for my homepage obviously

this question has been asked before, but no real answer above.

You SHOULD have this info within your “help” file then. Index.html and index.php are actually NOT the same.

again, put that info in your help file.


I said it’s “pretty much the same”, not exactly the same. In this case, it’s like the difference between a .png file without transparency and a .jpg file. It’s doing the same job.


Really nice work here. I’m interested to purchase this one.

Just wanted to ask first if the images for the slider can be changed? And if they can, do the images have to be in consistent dimension?


Images can be changed of course. But they must have a concrete width and height in pixels…

Got it. I just purchased the template and now have it live. :-)



Just wanted to confirm if the progress bar is supposed to update automatically.

Sorry for such a basic question. But I have the page up now for almost a week and was hoping the progress bar to update on its own. It hasn’t changed since I edited the percentage in the scripts.js file.

So great work, I’m going to use it on my next project. Thank you.

Thank You, I appreciate Your compliment. =)


Love this item since i bought it, the default theme mirrors the eventual site theme (which is what sold it to me!) however there seems to be a problem with the percentage slider in IE9 (does not show percentage icon). Will look to fix and post when done (unless somebody beats me to it!). :)

Thanks so much for buying the theme. I sadly did this theme when there was no IE9 , so I was not able to fix it. Would love to challenge with You, but don’t have the time. So a fix would be great :D Roaaaar!

Hi I love the countdown!

I have one question, Where can I find the text of the countdown, the days, hours and minutes translated into Dutch.

Hey, thanks for buying! Once, You can translate language in the index.php. Just seek for the strings. And for further countdown localization, please see (there is a tab: localization). The script itself is embedded in the scripts.js (it’s commented) of Adele Countdown. You also may (probably, didn’t try out) replace the english Words just be search & replace in there, too. But I’m afraid, I cannot help You with this any more, as I’m from tomorrow up on holiday ;)

Best regards, indiapart.


purchased it and I#m very happy with it. All works very well but one thing:

The progress bar isn’t updating? Is it supposed to be? When not, in my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense.

Thanks and have great holidays.


Yes, You’re right. The progress bar isn’t updating based on the time which has left. It’s described in the documentation, You can set up the process in the settings javascript file. Time process is not the same as work process. So if You did a big step with You page You have to update the process manually Yourself, yeah.

Best regards, indiapart.

Want to know if there is a fix for the progress bar before I purchase. thanks

Purchased this template, works great!! the only drawback is the progress bar not updating automatically … will this be fixed?

Huh? This is not a bug. This is intentioned…. ? Progress bar is not defined by the time which has left… You have to do this Yourself, and this makes more sense than anything else (I think I explained this in one of the above comments).

Best regards.

It obviously was not clear, or I would not have asked the question. Nonetheless, its a great template and it works beautifully.

Hi, above you mentioned the progress bar does not update itself, “you have to do this yourself”. Do you have any steps or documentation that would help? I would like the progress bar to be indicative of the time remaining…

How can I have this on my wordpress website? Is it just to upload index.html to wordpress? What else do I need?

Works and looks great, only thing is it seems to not show the progress bar in IE10…

hi, the item has been developed before the existence of IE10 and hasn’t been updated since then (to be straightward, there isn’t really much to change in HTML templates anyway). Yet, I cannot figure out why IE10 would not show the bar. Maybe we are going to have a look in the future at this, but we do not promise. Kind regards.