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Hi Linh !

I still waiting for the answers for my question emails from 10 Oct and updated email from 12 Oct. and 17 Oct. and reminder from today ? What’s the holdup ?

Regards, Thor

Hi, I am not able to edit anything at my admin panel. Can you please check what is the issue?

Our developer have replied your email.

can you please tell is your theme compatible to 2.2.0?

Hi, Monday next week, we will update a patch for magento 2.2.0.

Hi can you confirm if you have updated the patch for magento 2.2.0?

Hi, we have updated patch for magento 2.2.0.

Hi, I have sent an email, can you please check and revert? it is really urgent for me.

Hi. I have added a link to static block under my website’s slider. now the section is not coming right. can you please check it?


On June 13th I bought from you the Magento Shop Adella. My colleagues didnt find the version 13 light. At June 13th the version 13 light was available. Please help me with the above mentioned version


Hi, please download latest version of the theme and update for your site

Hi, how can I use banner slider module from this theme on a luma theme? I’m using 2.1.9 v of magento.


The banner slider work with our theme only, it cannot work on luma theme.

I discovered important errors in the template (with magento 2.2.0 if you put the web in developer mode break the pages of categories and products), I opened a ticket more than a week ago, they still have not given me solution.

I am a developer magento and I have indicated to them where the fault is, and that is that they use “ifconfig” tags in the blocks, and they are prohibited for magento 2.2.0, and even so, every day I find in the mail a response to the ticket without satisfactory help.

I need a solution, I have paid enough money for this template and for its support, and I would not like to have to fix it myself.

Hi, we just received your ticket 15 minutes ago. Our developer have fixed your issue and will reply your ticket in some minutes.

Hi, I have sent you an email and my email id is onlinemarketingmngr{at} and I am having issues with newsletter form. Can you please check and fix the error?

I have just replied to your email can you please check?

Is there any update regarding my issue?

I am still waiting for the update

Hi Linh,

Unfortunately we have found now a code problem in your theme and try to contact urgently you since 16.01.18

We run the latest version Adella 1.0.3 theme on Magento and find out, that when select any product custom option the base product price it not updating.

Please reply to our email as soon as possible.

Best regards Thor

Hi, I will ask he reply you soon.

Dear Linh Dang,

We have send you our admin logins as you requested 3 days ago.

Please kindly update us and let us know when the errors (Custom Options Price Not Updating On Product Page) will be fixed.

Best regards, Thor

Our developer have replied you.

Hi.. I have just submitted a ticket and the ticket number is #1508139. The checkout form on my website is not loading.. can you please check this on urgent basis.


When is het next update for Adella planned for M1.9x? I see the last update is 2017 – in the meantime there is a new iPhone etc ….

Hi, our theme is responsive base on bootstrap so it working well on any device. And our theme compatible with magento 1.9.x, including latest version of magento.

OK thanks. May I report some small issues then?

1. Gtmetrux reports some small issues that can be fixed. Like missing image dimensions. Also you dont use sprites?

request => fix what is possible go for optimal score

2. I see W3C hass some serious errors – will this be fixed? with the end goal 0 errors, and 0 warnings? (width css issue/missing; faulty CSS; wrong coding)

request => fix w3c errors, quick win. Contains some real errors.

3. Did you conduct a full test? and fix and improve all that is possible?

request => fix what is possible go for optimal score

4. Also we are advised to go for maximum score here:

request => fix what is possible go for optimal score

(we dont like it either – but hey! this is extremely important for Google and searhc nowadays)

I really hope you can do something about this. And would love to get started with Adella.

Hi.. I have installed your updated theme but I am having the same issue which I faced when I installed it for the first time. the issue is Error filtering template: Invalid attribute name: featured_product can you tell me how to remove this error?

Hi, please go to admin, create an attribute with attribute code is featured_product and “Catalog Input Type for Store Owner” is “Yes/No”

Hi.. Thanks for your help.. its working now

Hello! Is your theme support magento I’ve just tried to install your theme but I have some serious issue on backend. I’m not able to edit a product from it. In frontend side, the footer doesn’t appear and products aren’t showed. I followed every single line of your documentation but, nothing seems to work fine. Thanks in advance!

Hi, please create a support ticket on our support system, our developer will check for you.

Is there a way to increase slider speed of your theme’s slider?

When you insert a slider to your homepage, you can set “Auto Play Speed” for it.

and how to do that?

Hello, before buying this theme, I need to know if I can add some digital products in this theme? And the costumer would download them from the site. It might be a dumb question but I really don’t know if that is possible. Best regards

Hi, Thank for your comment. Our theme support for any product type that magento support.

Dear Linh Dang

The newest Magento 1 patch SUPEE-10752 has failed to apply.

I have send you an email with the error output report and waiting for your reply.

Best regards, Thor

Hello Linh Dang,

3 days ago, I sent you an email, because the latest Magento 1 patch SUPEE-10752 could not be applied. We have send you an error report and ask for an answer.

About 7 months ago, we ask you to update Magento 1.9.3 because “the custom option price is not updated”, but you have not done so until now.

The custom option is a Magento base functionality and should work properly with the Adella theme.

Please send us the files so that we can apply them ourselves and fix the problem.

We are also interested in purchasing your “Claue Theme”, but states, that the article is no longer available.

Should we look now for another source to buy our website templates ?

Awaiting your reply.

Best regards, Thor

Hello Linh

1 week ago, I sent you an email because the latest Magento 1 patch SUPEE-10752 could not be applied.

To support you we also have sent you an error report and ask for an answer but didn’t get a reply from you yet.

In September 2017, we had a problem with Magento 1.9.3 base function “custom option price is not updating”. You have fixed it, but for some reason the problem came back.

There is no actual update from you, on Theme forest for Adella which we can use, and therefore I ask you several times in the comment section and by email, to send us the file location info and the code to fix this problem.

I think, it is your responsibility, that the custom option, which is a Magento base functionality, works properly with the Adella theme at all the time.

Please send us the files so that we can apply them ourselves and fix the problem.

We are also interested in purchasing your “Claue Theme”, but worry about your way of responding time to questions and more importantly, the amount of errors in your theme when downloading.

Awaiting your reply.

Best regards, Thor

Hi Linh,

We would like to inform you that we have found another mega error in your Adella theme on our test site.

This time it is “Use categories path for product URLs” which is not functional and it is again also Magento default function.

I think we prove our self to be very passion, but it seams you don’t care and this is now not O.K.

Usually, I thought you and Envato-Market are checking theme to make sure there are no errors, before it can be offered for sale ??

I have sent you an email and awaiting your reply very soon, together with suggestion on how to fix this problem with your Adella theme once and for all.

Regards, Thor

Hi, Linh have replied your email, please check.


THOR-CAD Purchased

Dear Linh,

We have sent you an email 2 days ago and 1 yesterday with new errors.

Please confirm back and let us know when we can have them fixed.

Regards, Thor


THOR-CAD Purchased

Hi Linh,

Sorry, but we really in a hurry now and our error list is getting longer and longer.

Can you confirm back to me, when we can have fixed them, please !

Regards, Thor