Discussion on AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Discussion on AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

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Cannot preview demo…..error adforest.scriptsbundle.com heeft de verbinding geweigerd.

Any succesful platforms with use of Adforest?

There are many, but can not share publicly with out customers consent If you need to view please send email at contact@scriptsbundle.com our team will send you links. Regards

I am thinking of getting the Adforest theme. but I need a few clarifications. 1. Can I add custom fields for each category or subcategory-e.g the ad fields for a motor vehicle would be different for a house for sale. 2. I am in Kenya and I would like to integrate my ads website with a mobile payment gateway called m-pesa, can you offer the integration?

Hello, 1) Yes you can add category based for fields.

2) If Woo Commerce support then you can use.


Hello. The demos are down. Thanks.

We have written WP Bakery or Elementor you can use one of them at a time. We do not have Visual Composer compatibility, Visual Composer changes its name to WP Bakery few years back. If there is written mistakenly we can remove it just let us know. Regards

We only need real information. It is different that you can create the theme with both systems, than that users can edit with either of the two.

We have given the option you choose which page builder suites you. Regards

geepk Purchased

I am getting photo upload problem in adforest theme, my website is Brandrethroad.com.pk Please take a look of post add page. How I can fix this problem?

Please communicate with support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ They will check and guide you. You can create ticket in general category if you do not want to renew your support. Regards

Demo version apps working in Wordpess cache plugins and hosting or other?

Sorry, didn’t get your query. can you please rephrase it for me? Regards

I am sorry to my English, i am using dictionary. I mean next – which cache plugin and hosting you use in demo version of apps? Its interested to me because when i am using apps its working slowly. I want to know when i will buy you site with apps, can i change hosting or cach plugin for more speedly work apps? What you think about this? You said to me that in your end apps work quickly. When i using other classified they working more faster, but demo version Adforest work slowly. I decided that i will use your plugin, because its good, but please give to me advise about speed of plugin. When i will installation apps, can you help to me with speed of apps? Thank you

Hello, You can use any cache plugin, it can be little bit improved but I can see that apps working fine with good speed at my end.


Can We add Conditional field when create ad? Like gumtree.com . Thanks

I do not know about the gumtree form fields but we have category based for fields. You can add as many you want.

Yes, you can create your own package and can make pages for monthly or yearly with out any paid plugin.


We want two types of members, one is post advertise, and the other to be a customer. advertise buy a package for an ad. Customers will receive services by paying yearly or monthly. is it possible without any paid plugins


No sorry not possible. Regards

webhold Purchased

Hi, Your demos do not work.

Hello, Check demos here https://adforest.scriptsbundle.com/demos/ regards

Helo! Pre purchase questions

1. is there more than one header template and demos?

2. Is it possible to use it to create just one virtual store? just one seller. Or also ONE restaurant with delivery system? Any recommended extra plugins? or compatible?

3. for real estate portal, is it possible to create more personalized filters? field one state, field two city, field three property type, field four how many rooms… you can get the idea. if it’s possible and or need some extra plugin too.

4. do the plans’ purchases in the theme happen automatically when they expire? and both upon expiration and hiring, does the payment take place within the site, or does it send to another page out of the site?

5. Can I configure fields for sponsored ads? type of all products advertised, a particular seller wants to pay x value to highlight x product, so that it is at the top of the search page, does it have this functionality? if so, do you have any documentation so i can see?

6. Regarding app customization, what do you customize especially for the app and what automatically pulls from the site? what level of knowledge is required for this customization? the license for the app can be used one por purchase like the theme? or the app can be use more than once?

these are some initial questions. Thank you for your time!

7. another question in the app is possible to sell products?


1. Yes

2. No

3. You can create separate custom forms fields for each categories.

4. Yes, automatic expiry option is there. But payment option is not available in the site as it’s a Classified theme.

5. You can create category based packages to make categories prices different.

6. For the customization you can contact us here at contact@scriptsbundle.com Yes, for the apps 1 license is for one domain only.

7. You can show woocommerce products in webview.



Musahi Purchased


A quick one, on the top bar menu, how can i edit the icon ie replace the icon on the location and add more icons

Kind regards,


Please create a ticket at our support desk, so we can assist you properly.



Musahi Purchased

Tickets are going unanswered…maybe cz of the holiday

Yes, Support will be normalized with a two days, hopefully. Thank you for the patience. Regards

Does the engine support multilingual plugins WPML, WP Multilang


Yes, it’s support WPML



oneyakin Purchased

hi, From My Theme, if i click next page, not showing , in search page, pls check whats problem

Hello, I am sorry didn’t get your query. Can you please send detail to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will check and guide you. Regards


oneyakin Purchased

I add custom fields for each category or subcategory-e.g the ad fields for a motor vehicle would be different for a house for sale. but not working

Hello, This article will guide yo ho you can add custom fields https://documentation.scriptsbundle.com/docs/faq/#2253 if you have any query feel free to write our support team they will check and guide you. https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ Regards

Dear Team,

I also have some follow up up question sorry for troubling you.

1) Can we add more custom fields based on category? For example, for pets, if I want to add color (X number of colors), Breed (X number of breeds) Gender etc.

2) Will custom fields be validate based on their type For example mobile number (0123 1234567) instead of (+00123 1234567)

3) On Ad Detailed Page can we add a section of relevant Ads or Most Viewed Ads?

4) Can I change the term Ad to any desired term – that’s because I want to use it for pets and want to say Sell your Pets rather than Submit your ad.

5) Can I prompt users to login first to view the contact number ?

6) Can I make 10 Rows of Latest Ads on home page and then a button underneath saying load more?

7) Can I make more tags like “Sold” to put on the pets which are sold?

8) Will the listing be removed? like I put a pet for sale will it remain there even after 1 year or will it be deleted automatically?

9) How does featured ad work? will featured add go on top in respective category or at top in all ads?

10) Can we add more custom fields on signup page? such as Type “Individual” or “Broker” ?

11) Can we remove email address and instead ask for mobile number to send OTP to verify the user?

12) Can we add new currency and remove all other currencies?

13) is there any more different layout of Ad Detailed Page?

14) Is it possible to display category wise ads like Category A then two rows then Underneath Category B and its ads and underneath category C and so on?

15) Is there any option for Ad going live after approval or direct without approval set by admin?

16) Is there any admin panel for this?

17) Is it possible to add new categories such as Pets (Cats, Dogs, Birds, Reptiles etc) and then set their attributes.

18) the most important question for me is if I want submitting ads to be completely free in any category in the site without payment at all, but it can’t be more than a set number of ads for a example 5 per account per month and after the user reach that limit he must buy subscription to get more ads or wait till the month end and the 5 ads expires then he can post new ones is that possible and if not is there a work around for it such as customization ?

19) can I allow only registration through phone number ?

20) dose it fully support elementor pro ?

21) what is the support normal response time ? and i am partly afraid of the bad reviews about the support, the seo optimization and the claims that the theme is heavy to be honest with you but i still have faith that’s why i am asking.

22) dose fully support RTL.

23) if I want to just translate the front end demo content to RTL language Arabic do I have to translate the strings too? what i mean is that i don’t want to translate the backend of the theme such as the setting i just need the category and the front end content in Arabic is that achievable without translating the strings ?

Looking forward to hear from you .

Thanks in advance for your time.


1) Yes you can add custom fields.

2) Only validation as required or not required.

3) Related ads only

4) Not really but you can translate it using any translation plugin.

5) Yes,

6) You can add as many ads as you want but load more button will take you to the search page not load ads over the homepage.

7) No sorry,

8) Its under admin control what he wants with the listings.

9) Yes, featured ads show always on the top on the search page.

10) No.

11) Mobile number verification is only available with OTP

12) Yes, you can add/Remove currencies.

13) Yes, there are many and listing over the demo page.

14) No sorry,

15) Both admin approval or auto approval available admin can decide what he wants to allow.

16) Yes, definitely, its a WordPress Theme.

17) Yes

18) Yes, you can set limit for account but not on monthly bases and then can charge subscription

19) Yes, Using OTP

20) .Yes, but details pages and search are not editable using elementor, we have our own options.

21) 12 to 24 hours response time mentioned over support forum. I think you just read on or two bad reviews and forget to read other hundreds of 5 star reviews. We can not make happy everyone, people ask for their own custom request to be implement for them free else get 1 star review.

22) Yes RTL even Multi lingual supported.

23) You can only translate front end.

24) No paid plugin required to run this theme only if you need extra functionality that is paid like extra plugins to enhance functionality.


20) can you tell me what are these options please ? and thank you for the fast response, really promising

Hello, Here are the detail page mentioned over demo https://jmp.sh/FPQ3FNJ



omarijbara Purchased

Many thanks, already fixed!

Nice to hear that. Have a great weekend.


mr12ka4 Purchased

Importing Content is not working …........ error (0)

Hello, It seems like you have already imported the content. Please send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ They will check and guide you. Regards


mr12ka4 Purchased

can we set default template for all categories from category templates

Yes, you can ally same category templates to all categories. Regards

hi, I would like to know if you planning to solve the problem of the site being slow on mobile ? I tried testing your demo on different sites and it give really low scores why is that ? https://imgur.com/a/UpQhpof

Hello, You can improve site loading speed using any cache plugins and image optimization plugins. Regards

but what is concerning me is that is your demo site test and it doesn’t even have that many images it should be way faster than this score ?

This is a test domain and userss have upload thousands of images and other data. Regards

Hello, is there any predefined template for the multivendor site (https://adforest-multivendor.scriptsbundle.com/#)

Yes, This is our demo site, what you are looking for can you please explain? Thank you.

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