Discussion on AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Discussion on AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

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1) Could you advice in which backend file/where exactly to fix the “phone” field in registration via email? Now, while registering by email, in the phone field you can insert any random numbers in any format. However, it should only allow the phone format. We cannot wait for the update. If you direct, we will fix it.

2) The featured ads expiry timing can only be a “single timing” set in Featured Ad Expiry in theme options, isn’t it? Different packages with different timing created in products never follow Featured ad expiry timing that are set in products. Only one package with one timing works, which is set in Featured Ad Expiry in theme options.

Appreciate the quickest reply. Thanks.

Hello, would you give us an option to be able to move our license from one domain to another without involving your support. I worked on a website on a development environment and would like to move it to production. I de-registered the license on the development environment but I can’t register it on production. Your support is slow in responding to my ticket #3125703

Hi, So your issue was you have deactivated on dev domain but still could not activate it on productions website right but it was active of dev server and we have deactivate it for you. What message did you get on dev server while de registering? can you please send us detail at support forum so that we can look deeply in it. Thanks

The support for this theme is incredibly frustrating. I am not sure what is going on but I cannot seem to find the theme settings or see if there’s a problem with my license and install. I go to open a ticket as recommended by theme page but I have to purchase support. I have tried to open a general ticket to no avail. It’s impossible to reach anyone but over here I guess. I have spent 2 hours now with trying to get this theme setup, this is my last try! I would like to know why I can’t see my theme settings? It doesn’t seem like my license is activating or is being used on another website, where can I disable and enable? If this is the actual problem! Let me know how I can get a ticket open. Thanks.

DEMENTE87 Purchased

Hello, my support has expired and I am not here to ask for support, but to inform you of a problem.

There is an error between the Elementor-adforest plugins and the Elementor plugin, the error came to my wordpress email https://prnt.sc/u4DCdthMSwgE and the cause is https://prnt.sc/eg7t0_5o5W0J and now my website is go this way https://prnt.sc/o8SMtbc6sV1a , I hope they fix it later since it’s your mistake

Hi, we need to look into this what causes the issue of you do not send us the detail we will not be able to resolve and provide you the solution instantly. So please cooperate with us. Please note, it doesn’t mean I am asking you to update support I have already requested you twice you can create ticket in general category that will not ask you to update support. I hope you understand. Regards

DEMENTE87 Purchased

I’ve been talking to a support agent for 10 minutes so calm down I’m cooperating man I want to solve this as much as you do, greetings y thanks

We are here o help you out that is why ask you to communicate. If possible share your private ticket id so that I can follow up. Regards


safahaty Purchased

I am facing issue with theme its very slow when iam trying to brows anything in theme while www.doukany.com working fine in the same hosting .

Hello, Please create a ticket and send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will be guiding you. Regards

eh perdido el acceso total a mi proyecto wordpress mi vps fue suspendida por falta de pago con la intencion de esperar mas actualizaciones y mas novedades del tema adforest a modo de prueba. la pregunta es puedo usar mi licencia de tema en un nuevo dominio como nuevo proyecto?

Yes, you can use it on any other domain and activate it and if you got error you can communicate with support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will check and guide you. Regards


troia Purchased

Hello, this is urgent! I just purchased your theme yesterday and tried to import it to a new Wordpress site that I created and it failed to import. Then I tried it in another website (another server) and it failed too. I tried to import some other themes to these websites and they worked with no issues. Your theme has a problem with its files or something, it doesn’t import properly, can you please fix it? (Your main theme doesn’t import, your child theme imports with no issues)

Hi, We need to look into this and what error you got while installing theme. Please send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ They will guide you. Regards

how to remove Breadcrumbs from theme?

Hello, Please create a ticket and send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will be guiding you. Regards

Pre-sale questions:

Just looking for answer from the Themes developer or those who have used Classified or Vendor Theme from this Author. I kind of like these THEMES especially for their iOs and Android Apps availability.

1) Do these Themes support Category specific search filter features? For instance, when someone is searching for Real Estate Category on my site, the REAL STATE search result page should have filters that can narrow search results by the BED/BATH SIZE, LOT SIZE, HOME SIZE etc… And same goes, for instance, for Job Category where the JOBS Category search result page has only job related filters like FULL TIME, PART TIME, SALARY RANGE etc… without intermingling with REAL ESTATE filter. These could be on a sidebar or at the top of search result page.

2) Can these Themes support both CLASSIFIED AD users and VENDOR users on a single Theme? The theme developer responded to similar questions in the past with video response, but the video clip only shows how VENDORS can register/sign-in, but it does not explain how a CLASSIFIED AD user can register/sign-in onto the same Theme. Here is the screen cast from the Theme author. https://www.screencast.com/t/WMz3Yr6lkhkl My main question is if I have several users, some of who are VENDORS and others who are just individuals with single item (no catalogue of product inventories) and need just CLASSIFIED AD, can both type of users utilize one THEME?

3) Do these THEMES support WordPress multisite integrations?

4) Are there 3rd party Plugin(s) I am forced to buy or subscribe once I purchase this platform? This is excluding iOs & Android subscription to host on Apple or Google Play Store.

Thank you, Chal


1) Hi, Yes category-based form fields are available on the Search and ad post page.

2) Yes, you can use it as a classified and Multi-vendor option at the same time.

3) Yes, you can use multisite as well.

4) That can be for extra functionality like bulk import WPML etc. No extra payment for normal usage.


Hi, are the android and ios apps to be purchased separately or part of the deal?

It’s separately available l.

can I have the links to the apps?

Where can I purchase the full package for IOS, Android and wordpress + if I purchase the IOS and Android, you guys will be able to list my application in the appstore and google play?

Please confirm and if there is a link I can purchase all the package at once.

You have to purchase them separately from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. There isn’t bundle offer available.

We can setup and list apps on Play store but that will be charged separately


May I know how much is the extra charges If I want to list them both for App store and Google Play?

hi pls replay ticket 3132411

Hi, Team is on their desk and you will be getting response soon. Regards

​On my website when user posts the Ad. and upload few images for that Ad, by default 1st image is set as thumbnail image in the Ad listing.

1) How can user select or change which image he wants to set as the thumbnail image for Ad listing?

2) If admin / shop manager logs-in to /wp-admin dashboard and if this admin / shop manager changes the featured image of any Ad., that newly set featured image does not reflect in the Ads on the frontend Ad listing. Ad listing on frontend still shows the original thumbnail which was uploaded by the user even if admin has changed the featured image of that Ad. Is this the bug? How to make it work? (Usecase: Sometimes users upload wrong image with the Ad. So admin or shop manager would need to change that thumbnail image but changing featured image from backend is not reflecting in frontend)

3) When any user uploads the Ad. and if that user profile does not have any profile photo or logo, one default person image is displayed. From where can I set what default image should be used?



1) User can change rearrange it by visiting ad detail page and the first image will become the featured.

2) Yes, this should be done from admin side as well please send details how you are doing it to our support team they will check and guide you.

3) You can change it from theme option user default image.



Messtoo Purchased

How can I upload the directory listing?

Please share details with our support team they will check and provide you the solution. Thanks

Hello, I have purchased the adforest theme and apps from here and today I got a charged $19 from freemius*adforest SMS. I didn’t authorize this. Can you Explain to me how this happened?

I just wrote them but its weird how they were able to charge my account in your name

Sorry about that, I ordered it last year and forgot about it. I apologize again.

Its okay. Have a good day


AntonG76 Purchased

Hi, will a credit system be added? Registered users can purchase credits and use them toward premium features like Bump up, Highlight, etc.

Also, can advertisers place a link to their website?

Is Adforest compatible with Dokan plugin?

Is it possible to have both a multivendor marketplace and classified ads at the same time?

You can use multi vendor and classified at the same time and other things are not available. Regards

Hello, I am considering purchasing your theme and I need some information for it. Thank you in advance for your information.

1- Does WPBakery Page Builder come in the theme?

2- Is it suitable to work with a monthly or annual subscription system?

3- Can you do customization when necessary?

4- Is it possible to make changes to the requested information on the profile pages?

5- Is it possible to change the information on the ad page?

6- Is it possible to charge separately for Featured on the Homepage or Category pages?

8- Can non-members be prevented from seeing their details?

9- Do the counter records on the main page work quite automatically?

10- Can the contents of the packages be customized?

11- Is it possible to login or verify with the mobile phone sms verification code?

12- Is the Turkish translation ready?


1) Yes,

2) You can use woo commerce Subscription plugin and that is paid one.

3) Yes, we can do

4) You will have to customize it.

5) You will have to customize it.

6) No all things are included in package

8) Yes,

9) Yes,

10) You can only customize number of records

11) Yes, Mobile number verification and OTP is available with Twillio and Firebase.

12) Yes, you can use any language.



vigyapan Purchased

Please check ticket : Private Ticket #3130454

Team will get back to you soon. Regards


vigyapan Purchased

Regarding :

AdForest – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

We have following issues :

1. Fatal error after updating theme to latest version in category pages

2. live chat not working (Wizz Chat)

3. ​We created different categories , but ad style is coming correct at one place ( https://checkcode.xyz/project/adforest/ad_category/autos-cars/ ) but not coming correct at another place (https://checkcode.xyz/project/adforest/ad_category/jobs/​)​ . Please tell us how to correct ad style in all categories.

4. We want to filter categories in place of ads in search bar.

You Can create ticket in general category that will not ask you for purchase code


vigyapan Purchased


Team will get back to you soon. Regards


ammadeyy Purchased

example package price $10 total ads 30

does that mean, that package can post total 30 ads OR 30 ads per month?

Total 30 ads and the the package last for the number of days you have selected while creating package. Regards


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