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Nice one mannat. good luck with sales.

Thanks mate. :)

Beautifully, clean and well executed, good luck my friend :)

Thanks mate, glad you like. ;)

Nice theme Bro, good luck :)

Thanks mate :)

Thanks mate :)

I’ve been waiting for something for a corporate website that has flair yet not overpowered by design elements not appreciated when trying to convey your products and services. This looks great and thank you!!!!

Thanks for a valuable comment. :)

Awesome man i like it very much and i would like to you follow and waiting for new… keep it up and great work.. :)

Thanks mate, We try our best to do in our themes. :)

Nice design and concept, was wondering if there’s any icons such as social provided in PSD?

The theme support iconic font which include all type of social media icons. You can find full icons list here :)

Ah okay, in that case is there a template icon I can use in the PSD, and I assume I just replace the font character with what I want? That would help heaps! Thanks :)

Yes, you have to just replace the font class with whatever you have to use. You can also just copy and paste in PSD file to use any one of these. For more please use contact form from my profile page. :)

Thanks louiejie :)

Very nice theme, nice clean layout, beautifully designed, one question is this a html theme or a wordpress theme?

This is HTML theme, but soon we are going to launch its WordPress version also. Follow us for latest items updates. :)


Great theme.

I switched the compressed JS file with the uncrompressed JS file but it the nothing worked.

I can see that the custom_umcompressed.js file has everything commented out. with // at the beginning of every line.

I wish to change some parameters in the JS (like changing to auto scroll carousel etc.).

Please fix

Please contact us from our profile page for support. :)

Thanks for showing interest and buying our theme. Please rate our theme if you download .

Hello Buyers

For any technical and quick support, please use the contact form of our profile page. The support is only provided through form not by commenting here.

Best Regards
Mannat Studio Team

Hi, I just want to ask if this theme have a vesion of Drupal? Thanks

This is just HTML, will convert if we got more request from people. :)

hi i changed colors and fonts in style.css and they don’t show on my website….

Please can you me the details and live URL from my profile page contact form. So that I can have a look at the issues. :)

What happened to the WordPress version?

It will come soon, follow me for the item updates. :)

Any updates? I thought the WP version was published here months ago, then it disappeared suddenly.

After 21st of this month it will be ready for sale. :)

Just wanted to say my site isn’t live yet, however a beautiful theme and i couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

The level of service has also been first class.

I will post again on completion with a link to the finished site.

Thankyou Mannat Studios!

Thanks for your kind words. :)

Hello! Very nice template. I just finished the work for my client that unfortunately still has Mac with SnowLeopard (10.6.8) which is stuck on Safari 5.1.10 and the template is all broken on that version.

I let you here links to screenshot. Could you look at it? I think there is still quiet a lot of people on Snow Leopard out there..


We are working on several projects and their updates. So some time according to the importance of bugs we are finishing on their priority.

Or if you can’t hold them, so I suggest you to do it on your own. I can give you guidance on this how to solve this bug.

Hope you can understand.

Mannat Studio

You can tell me how to fix it, and if I can’t I’ll wait then. Thanks

Mail me about this. :)

Hi I really like the look and feel of this site, is there any way you could add the other color skins to the live preview? Also will this be compatible with IE 11? Thanks.

Thanks for interest in our theme, here is the link where you can see the other color variations for this theme. The same is provided in HTML too. :)

I love the theme but is there any way to try out the mobile version before purchase?

Here is an article on mobile testing You can check our demo here.

Mannat Studio


I am interested in the html theme, just can you confirm that on purchase the zip file will include the revolution slider too, or I have to purchase revolutions slider separately.


I am not purchasing the wordpress theme I am talking about the html template, so just confirm that the html template will not include the slider as such but you will send me the revolution slider script which will have to be added by me.

Please contact me from my profile page contact form. Let me answer you there :)

ok will do now B-)

Hi Mannat Studio.

I purchased the Adila theme and am disappointed that the theme will not allow me to select a custom color. This is very important, as my clients branding has a specific color scheme and I need to match the website with their color scheme. I tried looking for the default colors via FTP, but I could not find them in order to replace them with the custom colors. If you could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


Hello there, our theme is packed with a different set of color skins provided in our color skins folde. From there you can make your own branding color with just a few color codes of change.

Let me know if you need any assistance in changing.

Mannat Studio

Well, I’ve tried but I’ve given up. I thought the “Color Customizer” was where you did it, but it’s not. As for the color skins folder, are you talking about the folder with the file “skin-1.css” in it?

I can’t see that you have purchased my item. Send me a message from my profile page contact form. :)