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Do you have a version using Material Design? https://material.angularjs.org/

Hello, No unfortunately I cant say that I do. (mas obrigado pela dica)

Olá jota!

Olha, comprei seu template e agora gostaria de implementá-lo na minha aplicação.

Acontece que quando extraio os arquivos e abro o index.html, ele parece que carrega o layout mas depois entra numa tela em branco. Gostaria de saber se você pode me ajudar com isso…


Pelo que vejo faltam permissoes na pasta scripts e styles. Confira que estao la realmente os ficheiros que diz 404. Se estiverem é falta de permissoes. Se nao estiverem entao o problema é outro

Perfeito, amigo! Agora funcionou. Quando passei os arquivos para o visual studio, nem todos foram.

Muito obrigado!

Hi there,

I just bought your dashboard and it looks wonderful.

I’m a Wordpress guy, and though I’d be able to look at this and figure some things out quite easily, but it’s a little daunting. Perhaps a nudge in the right direction will help me out.

Let’s say I wanted to build my own dashboard, and edit items on the left hand side, like not have all those tabs there…where would I begin?


I would say start by learning the basics of AngularJS. At the beginning might be a little scary but you will see its potential and I am sure you will like it. After that you will see each little part of HTML /JS has its own controller with the tag on the html “ng-controller”. That points to a specific controller inside controllers.js.You can think of it as more or less a javascript function specific to that HTML. You will then be able to start changing and adapting one by one easily.


Now something advanced…

How about pulling in something like this?

select ae.Name , MONTH as MonthNo, SUM as amount from CpSm_Posting p inner join CpSm_Subcontract s on p.SubContractId=s.Oid inner join cpcore_contract c on s.ContractId=c.Oid inner join cpcore_contractsalespersont t on c.oid=t.contractid inner join CpCore_Person AE on t.PersonId = ae.Oid where p.StartsOn>= DATEADD ) and p.StartsOn <= GETDATE and c.StatusId=4 group by ae.Name, MONTH order by name, monthno

This will give revenue by month by salesperson for the last 12 months (if they didn’t have revenue in the month, the month is omitted, for example:

Nick Lynn, 4, 5000 Nick Lynn, 5, 8000 Nick Lynn, 7, 20000

Any guidance or some coed you can give me and letting me know where it goes so I can hit the ground running?

The idea is to be populating the graphs with database queries…

I can pay you for your time.


Firstly that depends on what kind of chart you want to work with. For each chart you should look into the data that it uses (in the controllers.js file) and ideally you would have a backend (php or any other language) returning this json object.

lets take an example what you have there. a possible output of this json would be for example for a morris line chart :

returned_output = [{ year: “2008”, a: 20, b: 16, c: 12 }, { year: “2009”, a: 10, b: 22, c: 30 }, { year: “2010”, a: 5, b: 14, c: 20 }, { year: “2011”, a: 5, b: 12, c: 19 }, { year: “2012”, a: 20, b: 19, c: 13 }, { year: “2013”, a: 28, b: 22, c: 20 }]

a,b,c are your persons (sales persons) the value are the incomes and month (in this case its year but it could be anything (month for example) are the period you want.

Can I see the documentation before buy it?

Sure. I will send you the documentation. also if there is anything you need i do provide support for the theme.

Send me a private message so I can reply to your email with attachment ;)

Hello, my boss buy this license because i love this template. Its working very well, but now i want to use the charts and other functionalitys but i got this error:

ReferenceError: Gauge is not defined

Im using a version of this template in my project MEAN Stack, so i merge the index and the elements like main.css, nav, header, the estructure of the html, dependencies, etc. But i dont find in the code a list of the <scrip type=text/javascript” src=””></script> to add the exact same to my project. Im doing this with the bower,json and add this to my project.



Please post the comment or send private message with account that has purchased the template and I will answer right away. Also send me a link to where the issue happens so I can take a look.

Best regards, Joao Garin

Maybe the list you are looking for is in bower.json and gruntfile.js (they are being loaded most of them with bower and some belong to the angular app.

Olá, Como faço para utilizar o tema em uma aplicação ASP.NET MVC? Existe algum guia?

Ola, O template vem com documentação em como integrar. A maneira mais simples é via webservices que consigam respnder via json. A documentacao nao assume qualquer tipo de aplicação (PHP, .NET, JAVA) todas elas podem ser integradas desde que consigam disponibilizar servicos via json

Hello, i like it very much, i would like to know if there is a php mysql that you can advise me to integrate in your admin template? Thanks Regards tanzj


I think there are several good solutions for that. My personal favourite is Drupal. you can build services and expose them to the front end and then via angular services call those to get the data. it works with php and mysql. but this theme is only front end so its completely up to you what backend solution you chose to go with it.

Thanks a lot, i bought it! Regards tanzj


Is it easy to integrate into an Ionic app? (v3)


Sorry I have no experience with ionic so I dont really know. But do remind that this is angularjs (version 1).