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Specific to the left side expanding navigation is there a way to prevent the bottom most section from expanding by default when the page loads/reloads? And as a follow up question is there a way to open and maintain state of the expanded menus when the page reloads.

Excellent template! It’s has saved me a ton of time and looks great!



You could put the javascript in the head, as the elements open/close when the javascript has loaded, so by loading it first, it may fix that issue for you.

I’m not sure how to remember the current section on page refresh, though there are other tab scripts that can do it, and you may be able to incorporate jQuery.cookie ?


is it a complete admin panel solution , or a graphique theme for an existing admin panel?



The design/code was not built for an existing product, it was made by me to be an Admin template someone could use for their own projects (Much like most themes here’s on TF)

So I guess you could call it a complete solution, yes.

Is there a jquery function to dynamically apply the “heading selected” on the left-hand side menu for the clicked menu item?

any idea how to stick this templates footer to bottom?

Is there also a version of right to left Design ?? for rtl lang’s??

Can we have ie9 support?

Any chance of adding some jQuery for the Status bars so when you click the x the fade out?


does this template have all pages in one page (index.html), or should i make a separate file for each page?

It’s how ever you want it to be, you could make separate pages or use the same page (aJax?) – This just provides the code/html elements for you to be as creative as you want :)

Good morning,

I speak Spanish. I am very good with us the English. I want to know which file type I get to buy the template. What components are included in the package and if I buy an extended license, I use it as my frontend application for many clients?

Thank you.

Look nice. Good luck with sales.;

Looks great. Just what I need but the Live Preview doesn’t work on Chrome or Safari on my iMac