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Hey! Great theme! Love the design. I was just wondering, will this theme work with the bootstrap 3 js and css files?

Thank you!

Yes it will work but need to change all html file structures as the bootstrap 3 structures are changed.


Hi !! this is a great theme, I have purchased it. I wanted to use this design for my clients web application which is in JAVA. Is it possible for me to add this theme in my Eclipse project and use it for my existing Java web application,


Hi, our theme is made just html, css and js only. So you can use it any framework.



I would like to update fontawesome to release 3.2.1 (I need some of the new icon provided in this release), and in a near future to 4.1.

But when I update from 3.0.2 to either 3.1 or 3.2 release the sidebar menu get broken. They seems like “crushed”, they don’t have the right size.

Any idea on how to fix this ?

Thanks !

We checked fontawesome Version 4.1.0 and nothing found any issues. Can you please check fontawesome v4.1.0


It works with some css modifications, i had to copy part of the old fontawesome css class*=” icon-”


I want to purchase this theme, but there is not color option. Can you please provide other color options to suite our site.

I am looking for green kind of color. Light green color theme.

I am counting and waiting for your reply.


Hi, we have already 5 themes color. But not included green color. Its a matter of 5 minutes to create green color. After purchasing i can guide you to do that or will provide green theme css file.


I have purchased it. Can you please provide me respected css theme now?

We didn’t see your purchased badge.



We need site theme in GREEN color code => #56af45

Please provide us required background file and theme css file so we can use that color.

Also, after applying – it does not suites please suggest or apply other relative green color code. Because we are relying on GREEN only.

Seeking your kind co-operation.

Thank you. Great theme.

Hi, I just sent css file and instruction in your mail. Please check your mail.


Got it, Thanks. Now its’ easy for us to change color like you did.

Good morning,

I speak Spanish. I am very good with us the English. I want to know which file type I get to buy the template. What components are included in the package and if I buy an extended license, I use it as my frontend application for many clients?

Thank you.

We are glad to know that you are interested in our AdminLab template. This theme is made html, css and js etc. Its have huge ready components, plugins and all viewable things what you see in this demo.

And one extended license is ok in this case.


again hi.

do you have any plans to update the whole theme to bootstrap 3? when will the next update be published?

Hi, right now don’t have any plan to update bs3. But our another product have already supported latest bootstrap 3.2.0. Here it is


hi, I used the jquery 1.9 in solution.but the template not suport jquery1.9. this template used jquery1.8. in the solution used jtable where this jtable used jquery1.9 Please guide me

May be you need to use jquery migrate js.


hi, i need some help here. how do i place multiple accordion in one page correctly? i’ve change the id and data parent of each accordion but 2nd and 3rd accordion will always grab the data parent from the first accordion. guide me please. thanks

nvm, solved it. cheers~


I have purchased this theme. It works nice, thank you.

I have one issue:

I have a form which uses the built-in radio button, check boxes, etc. In this form we have a “Clear” button (input type=”reset”) as well. When I click on ‘Clear” button, it should remove all the information filled in that form. However as the form uses inbuilt radio button, check boxes, etc, it does not untick the radio button, check boxes, etc.

Can you point me in the right direction on how to achieve this.



Can I use this admin for a news and magazine site..?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. Yes you can use it as it was made just html, css and js only.


hi does it have all psd files?

Would it be possible to buy it as I like the admin one more than the flatlab?

Yes sure you can buy admin lab but we’ve no PSD’s in admin lab.


if i Purchase Flat Lab will i get free hosting and free domain from you guys? or do i have to have my own hosting and domain

Hi, Thanks for your interest. No you don’t get domain or hosting. You only get the template.


hello, there is no update to this theme in past 4 years now.. are you willing to do any update to it? all the files like jQuery and fa-icons are absolutely outdated. are you willing to provide update in the future to this theme?

we bought this theme ages ago and waiting for the latest updates. if you provide the update, we’ll surely buy this theme again.

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our theme. Unfortunately we can’t keep update admin lab. But we encourage you to visit our very popular theme FlatLab which has lots of updates and huge components rather than AdminLab. We can ensure you, if you buy FlatLab you’ll definitely love this template.