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Nice work!

Welcome to Themeforest!

Thank you! :)

How do I login to view?

Just type anything in both inputs

looks nice, too bad there are not many designed pages..like tables, profile page, etc…can you build more?

Uhm… I’m sorry – I missclicked “report” on your comment instead of reply. I wanted to tell you that I’m currently working on minor update with a few new widgets, so I may create and include new profile page. Btw, there is page with table example – it’s called “Users”

Hi. Good work! But you can add more screenshots for best sales ;)

Thank you for your suggestion! I’m new author here and I still have some things to fix on this template, so any advices are welcome :)

Good work, but can you add/change your static tables into dynamic like datatables?

Thank you! There’ll be new update soon with some new features. Stay tuned ;)

Awesome Work! I bought it and works great integrating with my asp.net application. Just one question? Where can I get more of those button icons? Please let me know.


Thank you! I’m using normal 24×24 white ui icons with applied layer style. There are new icons in the update, that I plan to upload this weekend. I may include a psd with all icons, so anyone who wants to create new, will be able to copy the style I use.

GREAT ! Thanks!

Hi nad compliment, but I have problem with IE 8 , table look bad, anyone? Thanks G

Hey, can you send me a screenshot of the tables? The only difference I see is that tables are not with rounded corners on IE8 , because of the border-radius support


Nice work :)! Just a suggestion, when you close/open tab, it’s pretty annoying, when you get scrolled back to top of the page, everything else seems cool :)!

Great job :)!

Thank you!

It looks great! Welcome to TF (I’m new too).
However, I see that on the statistics page, all text shadows are the same color as the font instead of black, which makes the text look blurry and messy. I took a screenshot.
On the other pages it looks good. You probably forgot to close a tag.
Anyway, keep up the good work, and I wish you many sales!

Hey, what browser do you use?

Chrome… But it shows up OK now, it must have not loaded properly. Sorry, I think the problem was on my side.

this is very nice work. Can you tell me what these programs are for? Are they parts that can be used in other files and forms? sorry for the stupidity but its the only way i learn these things :-)

This is a front-end template for web app

Hesitant to buy this as it shows: http://yuliyan.info/admin_cp/demo/cp_main.html?input=admin&password=admin in the URL bar…

Not the best for a making a web app secure…

Hi, could I know what is the font of the logo, please ? Thank you

Arial Rounded


Very nice theme. If it had elFinder it would be even more cool :)

dear yuliyan,

could you add the 30 days calendar with connecting to mysql? and also add upload button in form

i hope you can do this, i will buy it

Jaa Prohotellin CMS vai ? :D

Hi! How I do same logo to text “anonymous”? :)

Nice job good luck;


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